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It was only a matter of time before HoYoverse, the developer formerly known as MiHoYo, would begin to seriously capitalize on the gargantuan success of its flagship title, Genshin Impact. And to the joy of fans the world over, the HoYoverse projects are starting to come in thick and fast, with the latest having just been unveiled as Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ).


Despite what the abbreviated name would have you believe however, ZZZ looks to be anything but dull. A dramatic teaser released last weekend didn’t reveal much, but from what we can see so far, we’re in for a wild sci-fi romp. 


The official Twitter account for ZZZ has been sitting dormant for a while now, but on 8th May finally tweeted


‘News Flash – Dear citizens, a sub-Hollow disaster has occurred in the district you are traveling to. We are playing a special entertainment channel for you to enjoy while you wait…welcome to ____!’


Following the link to the ‘special entertainment channel’ takes users to a website that features a room occupied by an old school TV, a calendar, and a digital clock that goes backwards. 


Hoyoverse projects


Flipping the top dial on the TV plays an extremely cryptic recorded message that seems to be enlisting your help as ‘a professional’. It is also interspersed with not-so-reassuring words such as ‘doomsday’, ‘curses’, ‘disaster’ and ‘lies’. It’s difficult to tell, but the gruff voice and evil laugh have us believing that this is not a savory character.


Switching the second dial reveals a breaking news story that displays the ‘sub-Hollow’ mentioned in the Tweet above. It states that a ‘level 2 control zone’ has been implemented as citizens are being evacuated. 


Aside from that, however, there isn’t much left to go on in terms of revealing information. Although we can be 99% certain that this will be another anime-style game in the same vein as the other HoYoverse projects. 


But for now, there’s one other piece of pertinent information that we should all pay attention to. And that’s the circled date of May 13 on the website’s calendar. This is no doubt a date that will unveil a lot more information about ZZZ, so we’ll keep a keen eye on what HoYoverse company has up its sleeve in the next few days. 


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