Disney Mirrorverse Release Date

We knew Disney were professional dream-fulfillers but that doesn’t mean they can’t still surprise us. We talked about the upcoming Disney Mirrorverse in our most anticipated 2022 app games article. Because what’s not to love about a fighting game incorporating Disney heroes? The only problem was that we were all left on tenterhooks as we awaited confirmation of a Disney Mirrorverse release date. Now that, along with Sully’s warm and fuzzy persona, has changed.


In Disney Mirrorverse, players wield the powers of Disney heroes and villains alike in high-octane action combat. But so as not to fully besmirch the sickly sweet image of its most famous characters, Disney Mirrorverse takes place in an alternate universe with ‘mirror images’ of Disney superstars like Belle, Sully and Maleficent.


Team-based action combat will see three Disney heroes duke it out with inter-dimensional baddies, with players wielding the unique skills of each hero to turn the tide of battle. For instance, Belle wields a spell-slinging staff whilst Rapunzel smacks enemies with her trusty frying pan. And those are two of the more boring options.


Disney mirrorverse


Kabam Entertainment are past masters at this genre, boasting the fan-favorite Marvel Contest of Champions as part of their back catalogue. So we know we’re in good hands with this highly leftfield take on the beloved Disneyverse.


And their marketing strategy for this title is clear – simply show Sully in his yellow power armour or the gloriously bearded Genie and wait for the fans to come flocking. And now that flock can now pre-register ahead of the Disney Mirrorverse release date this summer.


Pre-registration milestone rewards have been introduced to help drum up the enthusiasm even more. These include the following:


  • 50k: 500 Gold
  • 100k: Major Energy Recharge
  • 250k: 50 Orbs
  • 500k: T1 Diamond
  • 1m: Stellar Crystal


We don’t know what a Stellar Crystal is, of course, but it sounds like something we want. Pre-registration will also net everybody an exclusive avatar: a golden Mickey Mouse for iOS users or a Stellar Mirror for Android.


To join the fray and contribute to these milestones, simply head to the App Store or Google Play to pre-register now.