World War is probably one of the most used concepts in video games, especially when it comes to genres like action and shooter games. Some developers will showcase their unique interpretations and will put players into an action-packed adventure. In 2014, Ubisoft, a game development company that is best known for titles like Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil launched a unique game entitled Valiant Hearts: The Great War. While most war-related video games will take you to some epic shooting experience, Valiant Hearts takes you in an entirely different direction.

It should be noted that Valiant Hearts is not a shooting game of some sort, it is a puzzle game! The game takes you back to the events during the First World War. It features four different characters with four different stories to follow. While the stories are fictional, the game is still inspired by real events. In fact, completing each chapter of the game will reveal some real details about the tragic world war. Valiant Hearts: The Great War, despite the apparent simplicity, was a well-acclaimed video game and was praised by critics for its highly compelling plot, impressive 2d visuals, and beautiful score. The game was made available for consoles and Microsoft Windows.

Surprisingly, after 9 years, Ubisoft is bringing Valiant Hearts back. This time, however, the game is exclusively optimized for mobile devices, allowing mobile users to experience the epic game that its predecessor managed to provide. Entitled “Valiant Hearts: Coming Home”, the game managed to capture the same level of experience. It features the same signature theme and videos. It is also important to note that Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is a direct sequel that follows the events after the first game.

This means that we are about to meet some familiar characters from the first game including Freddie, an American who volunteered to join the French army after his wife was killed in a German bombing and Anna, a Belgian veterinary student who doubles as a battlefield nurse. The new game also introduces a new set of characters with equally fascinating storylines. These include Freddie’s younger brother James, George, a Fighter pilot, and Ernst, a German sailor.

The mechanics of the game are generally simple and manageable. Similar to its predecessor, the player will be asked to interact with the surroundings to discover and complete new tasks. It features three chapters that are divided into 19 scenes. Despite being a war-related game, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home will not take you to a bloody battlefield but instead dwells more on the characters’ backstories. This will highlight various topics including racism, love, and heroism. The well-crafted plot is also accompanied by a well-fitting score which sets you in an eerie and enigmatic mood.

Valiant Hearts

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Valiant Hearts is a kind of game that is played in a strictly linear progression. It means that there is only one particular solution for each scene in order to progress. However, the game comes with hidden items that you must skillfully locate on the map. Interestingly, if you have completed a scene and failed to find the hidden item, you are free to play the same level again which also gives Valiant of Hearts impressive replay value. Players can access all the collectibles from the main menu. Currently, there are over 50 objects to collect, 5 diaries to discover, and 45 Facts to learn. Each fact comes with a real picture and details about the first world war.

Valiant Hearts


A game doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly complicated. Sometimes, all it takes is a beautifully crafted storyline to catch your attention and keep you playing. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home quickly standouts by focusing on providing characters with heartwarming stories that are merely inspired by real events. Appearance-wise, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is an absolute visual delight that treats you with beautifully designed characters and unique 2D graphics. It is also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music that matches well with the game’s eerie, sad, and enigmatic theme.

Since the game only has 19 scenes and 3 chapters to explore, the game is notably short and quick to master. Other than that, the game is truly fascinating as it manages to capture the success and the heartwarming story brought by its predecessor. Will the characters finally get the happy ending they deserve, or they will just end up with a tragic fate? This is all up to you to find out! Feel free to explore Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and see what else this wonderful game has to offer. Have fun!

Download: Valiant Hearts: Coming Home: Android / iOS