Halo Among Us Collaboration

In a move that we’re pretty sure nobody expected, the latest Among Us collaboration will incorporate Halo’s own Master Chief John-117 into the game. A pretty far cry from the high-octane sci-fi shooter for which the iconic video game character is known. Though we guess he does have a knack for getting lost in space.


The news came as part of a Twitter teaser courtesy of Among Us. The tweet reads ‘watch out @Halo the impostor is coming for u…very soon,’ and depicts the unmistakable armor of Master Chief as a crew member aboard the Skeld. The player is also called Spartan117 and is standing alongside a pet 343 Guilty Spark from the first Halo game. Cute.


This latest Among Us collaboration was further confirmed by the responses of the official Halo, Xbox and Xbox Game Pass accounts as they engaged in a classic bout of witty Twitter banter between industry top dogs. Among Us recently joined the echelons of the Xbox Game pass (and Xbox in general) with full cross-play functionality. Though whether this interaction suggests that Master Chief will be omitted from every other platform remains to be seen. We certainly hope not.





Though we are woefully unaware of details, we can be sure that Master Chief will be added purely as a cosmetic, as further implied by the Guilty Spark pet. No new maps or game modes were teased. We can also expect that this new skin will follow the typical model with a price tag of $1.99.


The announcement comes as Halo is riding a new wave of popularity following their wildly successful launch of Halo Infinite late last year. Plus, Halo is officially coming to our TV screens with the upcoming release of ‘Halo’ on Paramount+. Yes, that is another TV streaming platform that has got its mitts on a huge IP.


This latest collaboration follows a slew of others including recent ones with KPop Superstars BTS and acclaimed series Arcane (itself based off the hugely popular League of Legends). And each one is a testament to the social deduction game’s ability and efforts to remain under the spotlight following its rise to fame during international lockdowns.