What do you get if you merge Hot Wheels with the Toy Story series? Although Mattel already came up with a decent Hot Wheels app game to showcase their extensive collection of toy cars, Toy Rider: All Star Racing by Omnaya Studio will give you an entirely different vibe. The studio has some interesting projects under its name including a number of decent 3D and pixel-art style games for Steam. This India-based indie game studio is seemingly planning to release bigger titles soon on all different gaming platforms including “The Curse of Solomon Cross”, “Recurring Revenge”, and “Adventure of ZOZO” to name a few. Toy Rider is one of their current flagship titles that are exclusively available for both Android and iOS devices.


Toy Rider


A Colorful Toy Racing Adventure

The mechanics for Toy Rider: All Star Racing are generally simple and easily manageable. It works similarly to your typical racing game that is optimized for the mobile platform. You are provided with tap-based buttons that allow you to maneuver your chosen vehicle. There is a button that allows you to accelerate, to drive in reverse, and a pair of additional buttons to move your car left or right. Like any other racing game, the main objective for Toy Rider is to outrace all your opponents and be the first one to finish all the laps. Take note that you will not earn any rewards if you failed to make it on top.

What really separates Toy Rider from other racing games is the number of ways players can do to maximize their chances of winning. The game is not just about speed but also requires proper balancing, perfect timing, and proper use of powerups. Currently, the game offers 16 different levels to explore and a number of special stages that require a special type of vehicle. Each level will be rated based on your performance and position (one to three stars) and the fact that you can go back to previous levels using different cars provided Toy Rider an impressive replay value.


Toy Rider


Visually Stunning Stages and Collection of Cars

Toy Rider is an absolute visual delight that takes you to a nice collection of colorful maps. It takes you to a miniature home environment that quickly reminds us of the Toy Story franchise. Imagine driving around the kitchen filled with gigantic utensils and cookware. Some themes include Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, and even a series of beautifully-crafted outdoor Beach tracks to explore. The stunning visuals are also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effects that makes this game even more engaging to play with.

Another great thing about Toy Rider is the huge collection of vehicles that you can use and unlock. Currently, the game offers more than a hundred unique cars. You can unlock these cars in many ways. Most of which can be bought from the shop using Gold Coins (the virtual currency of the game) or through Gems (premium currency). Some can also be unlocked by completing certain stages or from bonus chests and daily rewards.

The cars will also vary in terms of their types. The variety includes Casual cars, Sports vehicles, Construction trucks, Civil cars, Battle cars, Monster Trucks, F1 cars, Antique, Sweet, and guess what, even planes! Each vehicle will also vary in terms of its given attributes such as Speed, Acceleration, Weight, Grip, and Dumper. The attributes will greatly affect your progress and performance so make sure you choose wisely. Some levels also require a specific type of vehicle.


Toy Rider


Take Advantage of the Power-Ups

Another unique element in this game is the powerup which you can use effectively to maximize your chances of winning. Currently, there are 10 different powerups that you can obtain either by purchasing them from the in-game shop or by collecting them from the race track itself. These powerups will be scattered randomly on the map and you can use them immediately by tapping the designated button. Purchasing them from the shop will provide you with a great advantage to win but you must learn to use them properly, otherwise, you might just end up wasting the items.

Some of the powerups include Nitros that can boost your speed temporarily, Fireball and IceBall that can stop succeeding vehicles for a short time, the ability to summon bulls and horses, and even a police car to capture other racers. If lucky enough, you can also obtain a powerup that can transform your vehicle into a military tank and destroy everything along the way. There are also some pop-culture references including John Wick who you can summon to help you win the race. To top it all off, these powerups can be upgraded to increase their effectiveness.

If there is one thing that is currently missing in this game, it is the multiplayer element. The ability to compete with other players in real-time could have been an excellent addition for Toy Rider that could make this game more enjoyable. Other than that, this game is absolutely well-polished. It is also interesting to note that Toy Rider works perfectly even without an Internet connection. This allows you to play the game anytime and anywhere you want regardless of the network condition. Overall, this game truly has a huge potential. It is enjoyable, it has a great replay value, and it offers tons of beautiful vehicles to unlock and explore. If you are up for a colorful racing adventure, feel free to explore Toy Rider: All Star Racing and see what exactly this colorful app game has to offer.


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