The highly anticipated Tower of Fantasy game is finally available worldwide. Developed by Hotta Studio, Tower of Fantasy is an open-world RPG that comes with a unique gacha system and MMO elements. The game takes you to the vast world of Aida which was once nearly destroyed by a major catastrophe which resulted in a creation of a mysterious but potent radioactive energy called Omnium. The catalytic event mutated the ecology of Aida resulting in dangerous forces that could ruin the world once more. In this game, you play the role of a wanderer with a wiped-out memory. You will embark on an epic and action-packed adventure with a mission not just to restore your lost memory but also to unleash the mystery that has been hidden in this fantasy world.

The game welcomes players with an impressive cinematic that features a male and a female character as they were chased down by a group of mutated beasts. Here, you will be asked to select your preferred main character before prompting you to the actual storyline. Apparently, your memory has been wiped out and you were rescued by Shirli and Zeke and brought to the so-called Astra Shelter. This is where your journey begins! Gameplay-wise, Tower of Fantasy feels like a slight merge between the Genshin Impact and the Horizon video game franchise.


Tower of Fantasy


Rich Character Customization

Tower of Fantasy features impressive character designs where most of which are futuristic-inspired. As soon as you picked your main character, it will soon prompt you to detailed character customization which allows you to give your character its own identity. While the game offers a great number of good-looking presets, you can still customize your character according to your own preferences. The “character setting” takes you to four layers of customization including the Default, Appearance, Hair, and Facial Features.  The Appearance page allows you to pick your preferred based suit, accessory, and customize your body shape (height and built). Hair, as the term suggests, gives you detailed customization of your character’s hair features while Facial Features allow you to customize your character’s face, eyes, nose, mouth, and facial markings. Take note that this customization is only applicable to your main character and will not be applied to any active Simulacra.


Tower of Fantasy


The Gameplay

The mechanics for Tower of Fantasy are generally simple yet surprisingly tricky. This console-grade RPG is wonderfully optimized for mobile devices that allow you to control your character smoothly using the virtual joypad. There will be tap-based buttons that are dedicated to different weapons and specific actions. Similar to games like Genshin Impact and Ni No Kuni, the game takes you to an immersive 3D Anime-style world that you can freely explore. You can interact with almost any object in the game. Take note that Tower of Fantasy is not the kind of MMORPG that comes with auto pathfinding or auto quest system. A large percentage of your world exploration should be done manually similar to most console RPGs.

Considering that the game takes you to a futuristic world with a bunch of mutated and corrupted machines, this game will definitely give you some Horizon video game vibes. The game also comes with a unique and well-polished hack-and-slash combat system. Your character can equip a maximum of three weapons in the battle. You can switch from one weapon to another during combat which also allows you to come up with an effective strategy. It comes with a unique cooldown-based skill that allows your inactive weapons to recharge and allows you to throw a powerful attack once the weapon is reactivated. The only thing you cannot do during the battle is to switch from one Simulacra to another, a process that should be done before engaging in any combat.

Remaining faithful to its RPG root, Tower of Fantasy is a slow-paced RPG that will rely mainly on quest completion in order to progress. It features a highly compelling plot that is absolutely worth exploring. MMO element of Tower of Fantasy can be experienced within its “shared world” elements. Here, the players can interact with other online players in real-time as long as they are on the same server. It highlights a 4-player party system that allows you to team up with other 3 players and explore the vast world of Aida and defeat various bosses together. There will be multiplayer-specific missions that require you to build or join an existing party to complete. The PvP elements, on the other hand, can be experienced by joining duels in open-world combat or by entering the arena mode via Apex League. This features a leaderboard system that allows you to earn valuable rewards.


tower of fantasy


Unique Weapons and Simulacra Gacha System

One of the most interesting features of Tower of Fantasy lies in its unique gacha system. Unlike your typical gacha RPG where you collect multiple characters of different rarity and deploy them on the battlefield, Tower of Fantasy’s gacha system allows you to obtain either a weapon or a simulacra. There is a great number of weapons in the game and they will vary in terms of their types and rarities. All of which can be upgraded to boost their attributes and to make them more efficient in the battle.

Simulacra, on the other hand, are weapon characters. Each Simulacra comes with its own traits and abilities. Instead of deploying these characters to the battlefield, you will equip them. Once you summon a Simulacra, your main character will assume its form, abilities, and personality. You can only equip one Simulacra at a time and you cannot switch to another form once engaged in a battle. Players can obtain new weapons and Simulacra in Special Orders. The x1 and x10 orders will require certain types of “nucleuses” depending on the type of banner you want to summon them from.

These Simulacra will be brought to life by various voice actors. Tower of Fantasy may not be as established as Genshin Impact at this moment but this game certainly has great potential. It comes with well-polished gameplay, impressive character designs, and a very compelling plot to explore. To top it all off, the game comes with a unique gacha and weapon system that quickly separates Tower of Fantasy from other mobile RPGs. Just take note that this console-grade app game is graphically demanding and CPU intensive so lower-end smartphones might experience some crash errors from time to time.

Other than that, Tower of Fantasy offers a great RPG experience and something that you can confidently add to your device. Good luck and have fun!


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