Merge Puzzle is increasingly becoming popular these days, providing gamers a great new way to enjoy tile-matching puzzles. Unlike the classic match 3 puzzles, merge puzzles are relatively more challenging and trickier. As the term suggests, the main objective of this game is to merge two or more identical objects to form a new one. Most of the merge puzzles today do not come with limits and the process of merging often runs endlessly. The best part about merge puzzles is the theme. There is a great number of merge puzzle app games today that feature a great variety of themes from fantasy to mystery. Today, we are listing down ten of the most unique merge puzzle app games that you should definitely play on your device.


Merge Mansion

First on our list is an app game that you have probably discovered from a unique advertisement campaign. The ad surprisingly features Kathy Bates who plays the role of Ursula, a mysterious grandma that hides a lot of secrets from her past. Her granddaughter Maddie will soon unfold the mystery of the mansion and the story behind her grandma’s adventurous past. The mechanics for Merge Mansion is simple, you will be asked to collect various objects to explore the garden and the mansion. To do so, you have to play the puzzle and merge identical objects until you have unlocked the required item.


The game’s graphics will somehow remind you of Gardenscapes. Aside from its main campaign, Merge Mansion also features special events that allow you to earn additional rewards and other special items. To top it all, the game remains faithful to its theme and will slowly reveal interesting stories behind the mansion that is absolutely worth exploring. If you are up for a mystery and if you enjoy tricky merge puzzles, Merge Mansion is definitely a perfect fit for you.

Download Merge Mansion: Android/ iOS


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Merge Magic

Merge Magic, as the title suggests, is all about fantasy, magical creatures, and mythical idols. Developed by Gram Games, the team behind the well-acclaimed Merge Dragons, the game will take you on a magical puzzle adventure. It follows the story of a magical world that was cursed by an evil witch. To save the kingdom from catastrophe, you need to find magical eggs and magical idols to remove the curse and bring your world back to its former glory. Generally, the main objective of this game is to clear all the levels. To do so, you have to list the curse by unlocking the mythical idol or by collecting a certain magical item.


You can move all the items freely on the given map and you need to merge three or more identical objects to unlock a new item. From time to time, you will also unlock magical creatures from the eggs you hatch and they will accompany and help you remove the curses to clear the levels much easier. The game also allows you to build a personalized garden, unlock new quests, and participate in seasonal events to earn great rewards.

Download Merge Magic: Android/ iOS


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Merge Dragons

Possibly one of the most successful and most popular merge puzzle app games on this list is Gram Games’ very own Merge Dragons! The undeniable success of this app game eventually resulted in Zynga’s Acquisition in 2018. Interestingly, the concept that was used for Merge Magic is basically the same as Merge Dragons. This will take you to a magical world of Dragonia and your goal is to heal the land from evil curses made by dark creatures known as Zomblins. The best element of this game is the evolution and you can literally see how those adorable little dragons evolve into magical beastly creatures.


Similar to Merge Magic, your main objective for Merge Dragons is to clear all levels by unlocking the magical Gaia statues. You need to match three or more identical objects to turn them into a new item. You can also match eggs to hatch dragons and merge them with others to unleash their ultimate form. The game comes with more than 500 items to unlock with over 900 quests to explore which gives this game impressive longevity and decent replay value.

Download Merge Dragons: Android/ iOS


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Mergical by Betta Games is another unique merge puzzle app game. The game takes you to a magical “mergical” island where you can build your own place according to your personal preferences. The island was once a prosperous and beautiful city until the evil wizard cast a spell and cover the entire place with thick clouds. You accidentally arrived on this island and using the power of music and with the help of little companions, you will attempt to free the cursed island and bring it back to its former glory.


One of the unique elements of this game is the companion system. You will be encouraged to unlock and upgrade your little companions who can help you rebuild the city. Each companion comes with a unique set of abilities that you can use to make your island more prosperous and colorful. Similar to a classic merge puzzle, your goal is to match three or more identical items to form a new one. It also features multiple campaigns that you can freely explore to collect more rewards. You can also unlock different buildings and upgrade them to make them more productive and to help you gather resources quickly and more efficiently.

Download Mergical: Android/ iOS


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Merge Gardens

From the same team behind Idle Farming Empire and Farm Master comes a merge puzzle app game that is absolutely unique in many ways. For instance, the game is an impressive mix between a classic match 3 and a merge puzzle. The game follows a story of a young girl who visited her grandma’s almost forgotten countryside mansion only to discover a mysterious garden hiding behind it. The goal is to restore the derelict garden back to its former glory. As you play this game, you will switch between match 3 puzzles and merge puzzles alternately.


The match 3 puzzle is generally done to collect additional resources that you will be needing to progress while the merge puzzle allows you to decorate and expand the garden. You can also customize your garden according to your preferences. As you progress, you will be able to unlock magical items and other adorable companions that can help you transform the abandoned garden into a colorful paradise. If you love match 3 and merge puzzles, this game will give you the best of both worlds.

Download Merge Gardens: Android/ iOS


Merge Puzzle



Big Fish is already known for its awesome and well-acclaimed collection of casual, tile-matching, and hidden object games. Seeing their own take to merge puzzle is not really surprising at all. EverMerge takes you to a Fairy tale-inspired world. The game begins when you accidentally woke up Sleeping Beauty and found out that the fantasy land has been cursed. A mysterious fog covered the entire kingdom and it is all up to you to save them. As you progress, you will encounter all familiar fairytale characters and you will be able to unlock and explore mysterious lands.


The mechanics for EverMerge are generally simple and works the same as typical merge puzzles. However, the game is incorporated with other unique elements that make it quite distinctive from the rest. For instance, the game comes with a grinding system that allows you to mine to gather additional resources. It also comes with a quest system that requires you to complete various objectives to progress. There is also a crafting system that allows you to build new items (particularly recipes) to serve customers and earn rewards in return. Not to mention the fact that EverMerge is an absolute visual delight that treats you with amazing and colorful visuals.

Download EverMerge: Android/ iOS


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Merge Elves

Merge Elves is another unique merge puzzle app game that takes you to another magical world. The game follows a story about betrayal. It all started when a witch fell in love with a human and eventually got betrayed. The human soon married a princess who gave birth to an adorable child. The witch, however, stole the baby on its third birthday and took it away to a mysterious fairy garden and that’s where your journey will take place. As the title suggests, the game features adorable elves that will accompany you in your mission. Each elf is unique and you are encouraged to unlock their varieties to unlock specific land.


Currently, on Early Access, Merge Elves surely embarks you on a fascinating magical adventure. The mechanics are very much the same as the typical merge puzzle but are also incorporated with unique features that make the game absolutely worth exploring. Like any merge puzzles, you will be asked to match and merge three or more identical objects to form a new one. You can merge eggs to hatch new elves and you can merge elves to upgrade them into a more powerful form. Interestingly, it also comes with multiplayer elements by accessing the Event Island. This allows you to interact with other real-time online players and join its growing online community.

Download Merge Elves: Android/ iOS


Merge Puzzle


Merge Cats

Not to be mistaken with the Crypto game, Merge Cats by Other Kind Games will put adorable felines into the spotlight. All the cats were cursed by the villainous Squids and turned into so-called “Clews”. In order to free them from the curse, you have to match three or more identical clews. Similar cats can also be merged so they can evolve into their ultimate form. The mechanics for Merge Cats are basically the same as other merge puzzles. It is done and played on a level-by-level basis where each level can be cleared by unlocking the Golden Cat Statue.


Some levels, however, are notably tricky and challenging that require players to establish an effective strategy to maximize their chances of winning. Some challenges also require players to complete the level within the given set of time. You can also visit your camp that houses all the cats you collected. The more cats you have, the more areas you can explore. If you are an absolute cat-person, this game is definitely something you should not miss!

Download Merge Cats: Android


Merge Puzzle


Sea Merge

Although I personally think that they should aptly name this game “SubMerge”, the concept behind Sea Merge is pretty obvious. Developed and published by Roden Mobile KFT, Sea Merge will take you on an underwater adventure. Evil Octopuses attempted to conquer the underwater world and trapped everyone in a fish egg. Luckily, you found Kosh, the last fish who managed to survive the underwater catastrophe. The goal is to help Kosh save his friends, defeat the evil octopuses, and bring the kingdom back to its former glory.


Done and played in a classic merge puzzle fashion, you will be asked to match and merge three or more identical objects on the map to form a new item. A level is cleared when you managed to collect a specific item or unlock the mermaid statue. As you progress, you will be able to free and unlock a wide variety of fishes who can help you lift the curse left by the evil octopuses. The game also features an aquarium that houses all the fishes you collected from the puzzle. Imagine this game as a perfect merge between “Finding Nemo” and “The Little Mermaid”, an absolute underwater galore!

Download Sea Merge: Android / iOS


Merge Puzzle


Merge Farm

Merge Farm by Zynga will take your classic farming app game to an all-new level of fun and excitement. As soon as you start the game, it prompts you to a simple 3×3 farm plot. You can grow crops by buying them in the marketplace and you can harvest them by hovering your basket on your grown crops. Players can also merge two or more identical crops to form a bigger and more productive harvest. Buyers will also arrive on your farm to buy your goods. You can sell them your crops and earn gold coins in return. The gold coins, on the other hand, can be used to purchase new seeds or to expand your farm size.


Things will get more exciting as you unlock and expand new areas of your farm. Eventually, you can unlock more machines to generate more crops and serve your customers more efficiently. You can also take advantage of the reward videos to expedite the growing time and also to double the harvest. The longer you play the game, the more challenging it becomes. The demand of your buyers will increase exponentially which forces you to harvest more. If you enjoy farm management app games, this merge puzzle is definitely the app game for you!

Download Merge Farm: Android/ iOS