Role-playing games drastically evolved over time. From the classic roguelike dungeon-crawling adventure to massively multiplayer online battle, the way we play RPGs is constantly changing. While the origin of MMORPGs can be traced back to the late 80s, the genre became more popular in the early 2000s when video games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, and Star Wars Galaxies were introduced to a wider audience. Now that everyone is highly engaged with their smartphones, developers took advantage of this and build RPGs that are wonderfully optimized for mobile devices.

What really makes the Top 10 MMORPGs special aside from their epic and mostly fantasy-themed plots is the ability of the players to select classes or choose a job according to their preferences. These characters will vary not just in terms of their looks but also in their extensive skillsets and abilities. Character creation is an integral part of most RPGs. This feature allows them to personalize their own experience by giving their character its own identity through customization and applying cosmetic items. Whether it’s hairstyle, body figure, or even accessories, these elements will surely make your gaming experience more authentic and more engaging. Especially with MMORPG, where you play along with other online players, customization will make your character stand out!

Today, we are listing the Top 10 MMORPGs with the best Character Customization. Enjoy!





From the same team behind ZENONIA and Cartoon Wars series comes another epic MMORPG. A decent MMORPG requires a decent plot, graphics, and gameplay. Interestingly, Talion managed to capture all these amazing elements and executed them all in a very impressive manner. It all started with an epic war that took place more than 200 years ago. Aradune, a great demon, attempted to destroy the world but was successfully stopped by the goddess named Planerin by sacrificing herself. However, her lover Bezeniel was overcome by uncontrollable rage after losing Planerin which resulted in another chaos. To stop the rage, the guardian dragon Arslune was summoned and they both fell into an everlasting sleep deep within the earth.

In this game, you will be asked to select your preferred faction. You can choose between Aegis and Bident. Once done, you will be asked to select one of the four gender-locked characters. From here, you can customize your character’s looks in the very detailed way possible. You can customize their faces, hairstyle, hair colors, and height. skin tone, makeup, and even facial features. Customization for Talion is done in 3D and you freely move the character and get a 360 view while applying the changes. This is just the beginning! The game itself takes you to an immersive 3D world to explore!


Download Talion: Android / iOS




Sword Art Online Integral Factor

There is a great collection of Sword Art Online games on the market today and deserves to be a part of our Top 10 MMORPGS list. However, the Sword Art Online Integral Factor provides the best gaming experience of them all. Unlike its predecessors, Sword Art Online Integral Factor finally allows players to create their own character instead of focusing on one main character for the entire course of the game. It features SAO’s signature anime-inspired characters in a nice 3D environment. Although the game will no longer focus on the main character, the game remains faithful to its original material. It will still take you to the same world that SAO took place in both Anime and Manga. The game will take place in the year 2022 when over 10,000 users were trapped in a newly launched Virtual Reality MMO game (Sword Art Online). Your goal is to find your way out by successfully clearing all the 100 Floors of the Aincrad.

Of course, the game starts with nice character creation. These are not gender-locked characters so you are free to choose whether you want to create a male or a female hero. In addition to that, each gender comes with different voices that you can choose during the character creation (you can also preview all the voices while customizing). You can also select your preferred hairstyle, hair color, facial shape, eye color, skin tone, height, and even add face paint to make your character more distinctive. Once done, just tap on the Complete button and you are good to go!


Download Sword Art Online Integral Factor Android / iOS




Black Desert Mobile

Based on the PC game of the same name that is considered one of the so-called “Big Five” of today’s MMORPGs. Black Desert Mobile takes you on an epic journey! Originally released for PC by Pearl Abyss in 2015, the mobile version was globally released last 2019. It managed to capture all the impressive elements of the PC version except for the fact that it is now optimized for mobile devices which includes the introduction of touch screen controls through tap-based buttons. Other than that, players will be treated with amazing visuals similar to its PC counterpart.

The character creation for Black Desert Mobile is top-notch. It doesn’t just feature a nice 3D environment but it is also accompanied by impressive and visually-striking cinematics every time you switch from one character to another. Black Desert Mobile offers 6 gender-locked characters including warrior, ranger, witch, giant, Valkyrie, and Sorcerers. After picking your preferred class, you will be prompted to detailed customization. Here, you can select your preferred avatar, and apply your initial choice of outfit before diving into much-detailed character customization. Players can choose their preferred face style, skin color, and a great number of cosmetic retouches to provide your character its own identity before engaging in an epic adventure.


Download Black Desert Mobile: Android /iOS




Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

One of the newest MMORPGs today! Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is the latest addition to the Ni No Kuni game series. Developed by Netmarble, Ni No Kuni is very much identical to Sword Art Online. It is basically a game within a game. It follows the story of a beta tester for a fictional virtual reality game called Ni No Kuni. Unfortunately, the game crashes which brings your character on an all-new journey. The game currently offers five classes to choose from. These include the Destroyer, Engineer, Roque, Swordsman, and Witch. All of which, however, are gender-locked characters.

Ni No Kuni is an absolute visual delight that treats you with amazing anime-style visuals. During the character selection, players can view the details about the characters as well as a cinematic presentation of their skills. Once picked, you will be prompted to detailed customization that allows you to change your avatar’s hairstyle, hair color, facial features, and eye colors (you can even set different colors for each eye). You can also customize the body type either through pre-defined body builds or through advanced customization. You will conclude the customization by personalizing the default costume.


Download Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds: Android / iOS




Perfect World Mobile

Perfect World started as a PC game and is one of the well-established MMORPGs in history (and it is not a bold claim at all). The game is one of the decent open-world games that takes you to an immersive 3D environment. Although the game is optimized for mobile, Perfect World Mobile managed to capture everything marvelous from its predecessor. It provides the same level of gaming experience and it delivers the same stunning visuals.  The mobile version also features the same set of PC-exclusive characters. As you start the game, you will be asked to select your preferred faction. You can choose between Untamed, Winged Elf, and Humans. Each of which comes with three different classes.

Interestingly, the game will present each character in a beautiful cinematic that will also showcase their unique skills. Untamed Faction includes Assassin, Vulpine, and Barbarian while Winged Elf includes Cleric, Archer, and Occultist. The Human faction, on the other hand, includes Wizard, Blade Master, and Soul Hunter. It is also important to mention that classes are a mixture of gender-locked and none gender-locked characters. After selecting your preferred class, you will be prompted into detailed character customization. You will be asked to select a Preset avatar and then proceed with a detailed character transformation. Players can pick their desired head features, hairstyles, body types, and makeup, and you can even customize your own Beast transformation (if applicable to your class).


Download Perfect World Mobile: Android / iOS




Toram Online

Asobimo is not really new in MMORPGs. This Japan-based developer has released a great number of MMORPG titles including Avavel, Iruna, and Stellacept to name a few. Toram Online is one of their flagship games that takes you on another remarkable fantasy adventure. Much like a typical MMORPG, your main objective here is to take control of your hero, explore the immersive virtual world, accept missions, and become the best of them all. The game begins with character creation. Toram Online doesn’t have a class system but your character will vary depending on the weapon it wields. The customization has four phases which start by selecting your preferred gender, height, skin color, and body build.

Once done, you will be asked to customize other details including facial features, eyes, emotions, hairstyle, hair color, and more. The customization will conclude by selecting your preferred weapon. Currently, there are four weapons to choose from; Sword, Bow, Knuckle, and Staff. Each will vary in terms of its level of usage difficulty. Once done, you are good to go and you can now start your journey as a rookie adventurer. Toram Online is generally a visual delight that allows you to explore the beautiful and immersive 3D virtual world.


Download Toram Online: Android / iOS




Avatar: Reckoning

Still in its Early Access Phase, Avatar: Reckoning is an upcoming mobile game that is affiliated with the Avatar Franchise and will possibly launch globally alongside the Avatar sequel movie which will be released by the end of this year. The game is currently under development by Archosaur Games, the same team behind Dragon Raja, World of Kings, and The New World. Avatar: Reckoning will bring the players back to the amazing world of Pandora.

They will get a chance to explore some of the never-before-seen places of this world where they will meet new Na’vi clans fighting to defend their home, battle powerful RDA troops seeking to exploit the resources of the moon, and encounter spectacular alien creatures. We tested the game in its Early Access phase and we were greeted with amazing visuals. It also comes with beautiful character creation at the very beginning. You can select between a male and female Avatar and dive into more detailed customization. There is a great number of Face templates to choose from. You can also customize facial details, makeup, and body texture according to your preferences.


Download Avatar: Reckoning: Site




Order & Chaos 2

Gameloft is a giant game developing company that handles many successful game titles including the well-acclaimed Asphalt series, Modern Combat, and Dungeon Hunter to name a few. Order & Chaos is one of their successful franchises. Following the success of its predecessor, Order & Chaos 2 takes you on yet another epic journey. The game will take place after the events of the first Order & Chaos Online. It follows the story of the powerful Hammer of Khalin that was used to destroy the so-called Primal Heart, the source of all evil and abominations. However, right after destroying the Heart, it resulted in a cataclysmic event, transforming the world into chaos. Your goal is to solve the mystery and bring the world back to its former glory.

Before the adventure starts, you will be asked to create your character. The players will choose among the five different races including Human, Elf, Mendel, Orc, and Kratan. All of which (except Kratan) are not gender locked and you can choose between a Male or Female avatar. Once you picked your race, you will be asked to choose a class or job. You can be a Warrior, a ranger, a mage, a Blood Knight, or a Monk. Each will vary depending on its given attributes. The character creation will conclude with a more detailed personalization. You can choose your preferred hairstyle, facial features, piercing style, hair color, and skin tone.


Download Order & Chaos 2: Android / iOS




Alchemia Story

Also created by Asobimo, Alchemia Story takes you to yet another awe-inspiring MMORPG tale. The game notably adapts the signature design of Asobimo. It features the same anime-style 3d Visuals similar to games like Toram and Avavel. As the title suggests, the game takes you to the virtual world of Alchemia where you play the role of a chosen hero and embarks on an epic fantasy adventure. What really makes Alchemia Story a standout is the comprehensive character creation. You start the customization by selecting your preferred character gender. Each gender has three bases to choose from.

Once done, you will be asked to select your preferred customization mode; Easy or Detail. Easy mode allows you to pick simple and pre-defined features for your character while Detail mode will take you to more advanced customization. Here, you can customize your character’s age by adjusting the Age slider. Doing so will drastically change the height and the weight of your avatar. This will proceed to Face and Hair Customization which gives you a great number of styles to choose from. You can also customize the hair and eye colors, skin tones, shading, nose shapes, and all other facial details (eyes, eyebrows, mouth, etc.). Once the character is created, you will be prompted immediately to Alchemia where your magical journey will take place.


Download Alchemia Story: Android / iOS




A3: Still Alive

Similar to Ni No Kuni, A3: Still Alive is also a product of Netmarble, the same company behind the critically acclaimed Lineage II and Marvel Future Fight. The game, however, is a fast-paced MMORPG and if you want to dwell on the actual plot, you have to discover them through main quests. The game will take you to a dark-world fantasy. It follows the story of Prophet Radienne whose epic sacrifice transported all her apostles back to the past. To survive, they need to engage themselves in a battle royale on a battlefield that is shaped by the dark God’s machinations. The goal is to obtain Hayrens’ Power by being the sole survivor of the battle.

A3: Still Alive offers a set of colorful and uniquely designed characters that are seemingly influenced by Netmarble’s Lineage series. The game begins by allowing the player to select their preferred character which is referred to her as “profession”. Currently, there are six professions to choose from; Berserker, Templar, Wizard, Assassin, Archer, and Scholar. All of which are gender-locked. After picking your character, it will prompt you to detailed character creation. It features an “Eye contact” system where your avatar is constantly looking at you while you customize them. Here, you can customize their hairstyle, hair color, facial details, and outfits. You can also zoom in or out of the avatar to get a closer or whole view of your character.


Download A3: Still Alive: Android / iOS


Hope you enjoyed our list of Top 10 MMORPGs with Best Character Customization. Which one is your favorite?