Developed by Re-Logic, Terraria is one of the most successful video games in history. This is not a bold claim at all! In fact, Terraria is currently the 9th best-selling game of all time with over 44 million copies sold worldwide up to this date. The game was first launched as a PC game in 2011 and was eventually ported to many different platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, and even mobile devices like Android and iOS. Interestingly, the premise of Terraria is simple yet surprisingly tricky at the same time. This retro-inspired open-world app game merges elements from Minecraft and classic 2D platformers like Metroid.

In the entire course of the game, players will be asked to craft various items, build structures, explore the huge procedurally generated world, mine and gather resources, and survive. Although Terraria is an open-world game where players can explore and do anything they wish to, players still have the option to dwell in the game’s main plot by defeating bosses that are randomly scattered across the huge map. There is a wide variety of bosses in this game, some of which can be encountered in specific areas while others must be summoned using certain items.

It should be noted that bosses are utilizing several combat mechanics. Unlike RPGs, the combat system for Terraria is not turn-based and most of them can be defeated by figuring out the right pattern or tactics. Some require proper timing and execution of attacks to defeat them successfully. There is a great number of bosses in this game and facing them is inevitable. Defeating a boss is usually instrumental in advancing the game in some way or another.


Here are the 10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria (along with useful tips to defeat them).


10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria


Queen Bee

Queen Bee is one of the pre-Hard Mode bosses and among the first bosses that you will encounter in the game. There are two possible ways to summon the Queen Bee. First is by destroying her Larva that can be found within the Bee Hive located in the Underground Jungle. You can also summon her using the Abeemination which can be obtained anywhere in the Jungle Biome. Although defeating the Queen Bee will not affect how the Terraria Story will progress but it drops valuable exclusive loots like Bee Wax that you can use to craft weapons like Beenade or Beekeepers.

Queen Bee has three notable attack patterns. One of which is her ability to fly above the ground while spawning bees to attack players. She can also shoot stingers from afar and she can also dash through players to stun them temporarily. Depending on your character’s class, you can use pre-hard mode weapons like Demon Bow (Range), Space Gun (Mage), Imp Staff (Summoner), or Chakram (Melee) to defeat the Queen Bee. Tips: You can equip your character with Beezoar (an item that can be looted from Hornets) to resist poison coming from the Queen Bee.


10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria


Wall of Flesh

Wall of Flesh, as the name suggests, is a towering wall that spans the entire screen height. It is considered the final boss of the pre-hard mode because once you defeat the Wall of Flesh, it will irreversibly enable the Hard mode that will release more powerful bosses around the world. This boss can be summoned by throwing the Guide Voodoo Doll into the pool of Lava while it is alive. Unlike other bosses that move aggressively, the Wall of Flesh only moves in one pre-defined pattern. It only sweeps across the map and players must prevent the monster to reach the other end. However, the speed of its movement will drastically increase as its HP gets lower.

While the movement of this particular boss is limited, it can shoot lasers from its eyes and summon leeches from its mouth to attack the players. To top it all off, the Wall of Flesh has two notable debuffs. One of which is the so-called “Horrified” which prevents players from fleeing the battle and “The Tongue” which could result in instant death. Tips: Use the Beenade weapon (crafted using Bee Wax from Queen Bee) to effectively defeat the Wall of Flesh. This long-range weapon can launch multiple bee projectiles in one hit.


10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria


Queen Slime

The Queen Slime is more like the Hard mode counterpart of King Slime. She is one of the first bosses that you can summon after defeating the Wall of Flesh. You can summon the Queen Slime by obtaining the Gelatin Crystal and consuming it only in the Hallow biome. Although defeating the Queen Slime will not affect the overall progression of the game and is also completely optional, several useful items can be looted from her including the Blade Staff weapon and Gelatinous Pillion mount to name a few.

Defeating the Queen Slime is quite a trick. She can summon minions or several types of slimes to attack the players and she can launch bubble-like projectiles that spread across the battlefield. When she transforms into her second form, she gains the ability to fly and pass-through blocks with a drastic increase in her damage rate. Tips: Equip your character with Wings or use flying mounts during the Queen Slime’s first form but remain close to the ground during its second transformation to effectively avoid overwhelming projectiles and minions.


10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria


The Twins

The Twins are one of the early hard mode bosses that you will encounter and are also one of the trickiest bosses to defeat. As the name connotes, Twins are a pair of mechanical eyes that are separately known as Retinazer and Spazmatism. Both have different attack patterns or fighting styles. For instance, Retinazer can shoot lasers from afar while Spazmatism usually performs melee attacks and throws cursed flames at the player. Summoning The Twins is quite a trick. You need a Mechanical Eye and you must only summon them at night.

When they reach 40% HP, they will transform into their second and most powerful forms. Retinazer’s second form features a laser cannon that shoots extremely fast while Spazmatism’s second form will feature sharp teeth that can deal bigger damage to the player. Take note that you should defeat them before the night ends, otherwise, they will flee or despawn. Tips: It is more effective to focus on one eye until it is completely defeated before dealing with the other one.


10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria



Plantera is another hard-mode boss that can be found in the Underground Jungle. This monstrous plant can be summoned not by a single item but by destroying Plantera’s Bulb. The tricky part is that the bulb only appears after defeating the three mechanical bosses (Destroyer, Skeletron Prime, and the Twins). Only then, the player can destroy the bulb and summon Plantera. Similar to most bosses, Plantera has two forms. Each comes with different behavior or attack patterns. Her first form focuses on long-range attacks and tries to distance herself away from the players.

Once the boss sustained too much damage, it will drastically transform into its second form. This time, Plantera moves more aggressively and it sprouts eight deadly tentacles that will attack players to deal more damage. It is important to note that you must fight Plantera within the Underground Jungle. Moving outside the biome will only activate her enraged behavior which quickly doubles her damage and defense. Tips: The best way to defeat Plantera is to move around her while constantly attacking her using semi-range Hard mode weapons like Death Sickle (Melee), Megashark (Ranged), and Sky Fracture (Mage), or Blade Staff (Summoner).


10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria


Ice Queen

Unlike the aforementioned bosses, Ice Queen is considered an Event boss. She is part of the event called Frost Moon, a Christmas-themed event that can be summoned using the item called the Naughty Present. Although it is Christmas-themed, the event can be summoned anytime the player wishes to. Ice Queen is one of the final bosses in this particular event and is notably one of the hardest to defeat. Her behavior is characterized by extremely fast movement and evasive maneuvers while constantly attacking players from afar.

She has the ability to shoot frost waves and frost shards in all different directions. While she may not have a second form, her speed and acceleration will drastically improve once she sustained too much damage to her health. She also has the ability to slow down players through Chilled Debuff. Tips: Ice Queen is more vulnerable during her Ice Twirl Attack. This is the only time that she stays in one spot which makes it easier for players to attack.


10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria



Contrary to its not-so-scary name, Betsy is actually a challenging hard-mode boss that only appears during the final wave of the Old One Army, a crossover event between Terraria and Dungeon Defenders. Like a typical dragon creature, Betsy has the ability to fly and shoot powerful fireballs against players. She is also accompanied by a pair of Etherian Wyverns which makes her even harder to defeat. As part of Old One Army’s Event, the main goal is to protect the Eternia Crystal from the waves of enemies.

Betsy will particularly appear when the player reaches the 7th or final wave. Take note that Betsy will spawn alongside a new wave of enemies during the Tier 3 of the event. Defeating Betsy will drop powerful weapons like Betsy’s Wrath, Flying Dragon, and Aerial Bane to name a few. Tips: During the final wave attack, focusing on Betsy more than the rest of the mobs will give you a higher chance of winning the battle.


10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria


Duke Fishron

Duke Fishron is a hard-mode boss that can be summoned by using a Truffle Worm as bait for fishing in the Ocean Biome. Interestingly, he can be summoned right after the Hard mode is activated, however, Duke Fishron is notably tricky to defeat due to its high durability and high damage rate. This is why most players will wait until they defeated the Golem so they are prepared enough to fight against Duke Fishron. It is also important to note that defeating this boss is completely optional and will not affect the game progression. However, several important weapons and items can be looted from him.

Duke Fishron has multiple attack patterns that will vary depending on its current form. He can launch bubbles or tornadoes to attack players from a distance. He can also move highly aggressively during the battle which makes him even harder to beat. If you’re playing the game in Expert or Master Mode, Duke Fishron even has the ability to turn himself invisible and teleport behind players. Tips: You can equip your character with a Master Ninja Gear to help him gain the ability to dash and a chance to automatically dodge the enemy’s attack. This can be an effective accessory to combat Duke Fishron’s agile behavior and attack patterns.


10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria


Empress of Light

Similar to Duke Fishron, defeating the Empress of Light is completely optional as it will not affect the game’s main progression. However, this powerful boss can drop one of the rarest weapons in the game – the Terraprisma. Empress of Light can be summoned by killing the Prismatic Lacewing, a rare critter that spawns at night in the Hallow biome. It is important to note that Empress of Light is considered to be one of the hardest bosses to beat in the game due to her aggressive attack patterns that require the player to establish a very effective strategy to win.

Empress of Light has a wide range of attacks and most of which are executed in the most aggressive manner. She can launch prismatic bolts and deadly rays of light that shoot in all different directions. It can also launch a swarm of swords that automatically shoot towards the player’s current location. When summoned during the day, Empress of Light will enter an enraged mode that drastically improves her damage that can possibly kill the player in one hit. Tips: If you want to obtain Terraprisma, you must summon the Empress of Light by day. You must evade all her attacks at all costs to successfully survive the intense battle and obtain the sought-after weapon.


10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria


Moon Lord

Last but definitely not the least is the Moon Lord, the final boss of Terraria. This boss can be summoned by destroying the four Celestial Pillars that only appear when the Lunatic Cultist was defeated. You can also summon the Moon Lord by crafting the Celestial Sigil using a number of Lunar Fragments. Moon Lord is a gigantic boss that resembles H.P Lovecraft’s Cthulhu with notable human-like features. His hands can spawn explosive eyeballs and spheres that move and shoot in different directions that players must effectively evade to prevent massive damage to their health.

Of all his attacks, the one that players must be extremely cautious about is the Phantasmal Deathray. This devastating laser beam attack emerges from the eye socketed inside the Moon Lord’s forehead. The attack reaches beyond the edges of the targeted player’s screen and will sweep the area, covering most of the screen in its path. The boss will be defeated once the Core is destroyed. Tips: It is possible to avoid the Phantasmal Deathray by staying close to the Moon Lord’s head, and moving up and around the central eye as it fires the ray.

How about you? Which of the Terraria Bosses is your ultimate favorite and which one gives you the hardest battle? Take note that Terraria is a premium app game that is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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We hope our tips on 10 Hardest Bosses to Beat in Terraria helps you defeat them!