In the ever-expanding universe of mobile gaming, Gacha RPGs have carved out a niche that millions of players worldwide find irresistibly captivating. The blend of role-playing elements, strategic gameplay, stunning graphics, and the enticing luck-based summoning system keeps players coming back for more. For the uninitiated, “gacha” comes from a Japanese word for capsule-toy vending machines – a fitting metaphor for the randomized loot drops in these games. Whether you’re a veteran player looking for a new adventure or a curious newcomer ready to dive into this thrilling genre, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 Gacha RPGs that you can enjoy on your mobile device. Each game offers a unique experience that caters to different tastes, so buckle up and get ready to discover your next Gacha RPGs gaming obsession!


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1. Genshin Impact

Developed by miHoYo, Genshin Impact on one of the most popular Gacha RPGs and offers an open world teeming with action, adventure, and a beautifully constructed universe. Set in the fantasy world of Teyvat, which consists of seven distinct regions each inspired by a different culture, it captivates players with its rich storytelling and breathtaking graphics.

The gacha system in Genshin Impact revolves around “Wishes”. Players spend a type of currency to make these wishes and receive random rewards, the rarest of which are extremely powerful characters and weapons. While the game is free-to-play, the gacha element provides excitement as you never know what your next Wish might yield.


Download Genshin Impact: iOS / Android


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2. Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile RPG based on the Fate/stay night visual novel game and franchise by Type-Moon. The narrative is heavily based on time travel, where players assume the role of a “Master” and work with “Servants” to prevent the extinction of humankind.

The game uses a gacha system to summon these Servants and Craft Essences which boost their abilities. Each Servant belongs to a class that operates on a rock-paper-scissors mechanic, making the strategy for assembling a team more engaging and complex. The depth of storytelling and the system complexity make Fate/Grand Order an irresistible game for Gacha RPG lovers.


Download Fate/Grand Order: iOS / Android


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3. Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is an action RPG made by Nintendo and Cygames. Its unique combat system, engaging story, and charming characters make this game an excellent pick for Gacha fans. The game provides a real-time action interface where players can use swipe controls to attack or dodge enemies.

The game’s summoning system involves a currency known as Wyrmite, which players can use to summon characters, dragons, or special accessories called Wyrmprints. The co-op gameplay feature adds another layer of fun, where up to four players can team up to tackle more challenging missions.


Download Dragalia Lost:  Android


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4. Epic Seven

Epic Seven stands out in the crowd of gacha RPGs with its anime-style artwork and dynamic, turn-based combat. Its appealing aesthetic goes hand in hand with a rich narrative, which tells an epic tale across seven worlds.

The gacha system in Epic Seven is about summoning heroes and artifacts. A unique aspect of this game is its animation for summoning which involves a novel-like page turning effect, adding a bit of suspense for what the player will receive. The game is well-regarded for its fair rates, with generous resources given to players to summon new characters and items.


Download Epic Seven: iOS / Android


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5. Fire Emblem Heroes

As Nintendo’s hit strategy-RPG series’ first venture into mobile gaming, Fire Emblem Heroes brings the tactical gameplay fans love into the palm of your hand. This game lets players strategize on an 8×6 grid battlefield with their favorite characters from the Fire Emblem series.

Fire Emblem Heroes uses a gacha system known as “Summoning” where players can recruit new heroes to their team. The different rarities, abilities, and types of heroes make this game highly replayable, with the meta always evolving.


Download Fire Emblem Heroes: iOS / Android


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6. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross combines the world and characters of the popular anime with a card-based RPG system. It distinguishes

itself with high-quality 3D visuals and cinematic gameplay.

The gacha element comes in with the “Draw” feature, allowing players to recruit new heroes to their roster. Each hero has unique abilities, which when combined strategically, can overcome various challenges. With numerous events and updates, there’s always something new for players to explore.


Download The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross: iOS / Android 


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7. Azur Lane

Azur Lane is a unique mix of RPG, strategy, and shooter elements, with a main campaign and a variety of additional modes to keep players engaged. You control a customizable fleet of ship-girls, female characters personified as World War II naval warships.

The gacha system, known as “Construction”, allows you to build new ships to add to your fleet. The rarity system and variety of characters ensure that every construction feels rewarding. With a large community and regular events, Azur Lane offers an engaging and social gaming experience.


Download Azur Lane: iOS / Android


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8. Another Eden

Another Eden stands out with its compelling storyline, written by Masato Kato of Chrono Trigger fame, and its single-player game format. It’s a game you play at your own pace, without the pressure of PvP content.

The gacha element, “Dreams”, allows you to add more characters to your roster. It also includes a mechanic to upgrade your current characters, which means every pull has the potential to enhance your gameplay. This mechanic, combined with the fascinating storyline, makes Another Eden a must-play for any gacha RPG fan.


Download Another Eden: iOS / Android


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9. Arknights

Arknights is a tower defense RPG where players collect and deploy operators to defend against waves of enemies. It introduces a unique spin to the genre with its blend of strategy and gacha elements.

The gacha system, called “Headhunting”, allows players to recruit new operators of varying rarities. With a variety of classes and unique skill sets for each operator, team composition and strategy become key components of gameplay. Regular events and updates ensure the game stays fresh and exciting.


Download Arknights: iOS / Android


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10. Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy is one of the oldest and most successful gacha games. Its mix of turn-based combat, beautiful art, and a deeply woven story makes it a fascinating game. The game has been praised for its art style, character designs, music, and the depth of its gameplay systems.

Granblue Fantasy’s gacha system, known as the “Premium Draw”, allows players to obtain new characters, weapons, and summons. The game is well-known for its generosity during events, often giving players a large number of free draws. This aspect, coupled with the depth of its RPG systems, makes Granblue Fantasy a staple in the genre.


Download Granblue Fantasy: iOS / Android


The realm of mobile Gacha RPGs is rich and diverse, offering a variety of gaming experiences. Whether you’re a fan of open-world adventures, gripping storylines, tactical gameplay, or simply the thrill of summoning, there’s a gacha game out there to meet your needs. These top 10 games represent the cream of the crop in terms of visuals, gameplay, story, and community involvement.

However, remember that the best game for you is the one you enjoy playing the most. While these are our top 10 picks, the world of Gacha RPGs is vast and continuously evolving, with new games and updates being released regularly. Happy gaming, and may the RNG gods be in your favor!