Spooky App Games for Halloween 2022


Halloween is nearly approaching and there is no better way to celebrate this spooky occasion than dressing up as your favorite character and joining your friends to visit one house after another for some fun trick-or-treating activities. We also can’t deny that Halloween is often associated with horror which makes it a great opportunity to look for some spooky app games on the Play Store to see if you are brave enough to survive the terror.

There is a great number of horror-inspired games in the app store today and each of them features different themes and level of intensity that will not just measure your braveness but also requires skills to survive. We have a great collection of horror survival games where players are prompted to some post-apocalyptic catastrophe in which the main goal is to survive the world that is often overrun by flesh-eating zombies. If you are into mysteries, there is also a huge collection of Escape games that will surely put your skills and knowledge to a test.

Today, we are listing down games that we can perfectly describe as spooky. What really separates these games from Horror survival and escape game categories are the jump scare elements which makes them unsuitable for faint-hearted gamers. However, if you think you are courageous enough to survive any unprecedented terror, then these games are perfectly tailored to test your skills.




Eyes – Scary Thriller Horror

Imagine yourself breaking into an abandoned mansion only to find out that the place is haunted. The Eyes – Scary Thriller Horror is a unique horror escape game by Fearless Games that takes you on a nerve-racking journey of exploration. The main goal in this game is to escape the mansion while trying to avoid the evil spirit. It follows a story of a guy who decided to enter an abandoned mansion that was once owned by a very rich man named Mr. Miles who disappeared many years ago. You decided to break in, hoping to find some treasure and cash. However, little did you know, the mansion is guarded by a roaming spirit that is manifested into a form of a scary floating head.

The mechanics are very simple and easily manageable yet you are encouraged to be attentive because once you have encountered the enemy, you have no other option but to run, otherwise, the game is over. While trying to avoid the spirit, you are also encouraged to collect money bags that are randomly scattered on the 3D map. Collecting all the required number of bags is the only key to unlocking the exit door. Also scattered around the map are the eye runes. You can collect these symbols and use their unique ability to maximize your survival. Eye Runes allows you to check the monster’s position and gives you enough time to avoid it. What makes this game more special is that you can configure the monsters and choose one that you prefer. Monsters and other maps can be unlocked via coins or through the in-game shop. They even have a Halloween edition that features a running pumpkin that allows you to earn additional points.


Download Eyes – Scary Thriller Horror: Android / iOS




Slendrina: The Cellar 2

When Slenderman became a pop culture icon, several clones were made in an attempt to replicate its success. DVloper managed to bring up their own twist by building an entirely new identity – Slendrina. The success of the first game eventually expanded into a successful series that makes Slendrina a flagship title for DVloper. Unlike Slender Man who is depicted as a faceless man, Slendrina is characterized as a creepy young girl similar to Sadako of the Ring movie. Following the success of the first game, Slendrina: The Cellar 2 features a more challenging adventure. You will be prompted to a dark haunted cellar and will be tasked to find the 8 missing old books. These books are randomly scattered in the cellar but locating them will not be an easy task.

Unlike the first game, Slendrina: The Cellar 2 will feature two more enemies. These include Slendrina’s mom and her creepy baby. It is important to mention that you are not equipped with any weapon and the only thing you can do is to avoid all the enemies as you navigate around the eerie map. Along with the hidden books, you might also need to find keys to unlock or access certain areas. If you think you are brave enough, feel free to explore this game and see how far can you go!


Download Slendrina: The Cellar 2: Android / iOS




SmileXCorp Zero: Haunted Hotel

IndiFist is not really new in making horror games. The studio has a decent collection of horror games but Smile X Corp (also known as Smiling-X) is their flagship title. It expanded into multiple sequels that will take you to different eerie and enigmatic places. Smile X Corp Zero: Haunted Hotel takes you on an equally scary adventure. As the title suggests, the game follows the story of a young girl named Hari who woke up in a hotel without her parents. Your goal is to help her solve the mystery behind her parent’s disappearance and to escape the terror brought by the haunted hotel.

The game is done and played in a first-person perspective. You will be prompted into a visually stunning and interactive 3D map. As you navigate around the eerie atmosphere, you can interact and collect various objects to access certain areas or to unravel a piece of mystery. Be mindful that you will be chased by a man that wears a plaque doctor suit which you must avoid at all costs, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end.  The game also concludes with a nice cliffhanger that will give you another great reason to explore this horror puzzle app game.


Download Smile X Corp: Haunted Hotel: Android / iOS



Evil Nun: Horror at School

What is more terrifying? An Evil Nun or the School? Well, this game by Keplerians will give you the best of both worlds. Kidding aside, Evil Nun: Horror at School is surprisingly a good horror game that merges beautiful eerie visuals with challenging escape puzzles and a decent level of intensity. Interestingly, the game follows the story of a kid who was brought by his parents into a school run by nuns. Little did they know, these nuns are evil and loathe kids. Now, your main objective is to find a way out of the school building. However, this is not going to be easy.

The scary nuns in this game are blind. Their face is covered with bloody bondages and they are often seen holding a large hammer. While they cannot see you, they can hear everything you do so you have to be extremely quiet and careful, otherwise, they might quickly surprise you and put you back into your room. In the entire course of the game, the player will be asked to navigate and sneak around the school, collect keys and other items to access new areas, solve puzzles and build structures that you can use to maximize your chances of escaping. Evil Nun: Horror at School comes with well-polished gameplay complimented by remarkable 3D visuals and accompanied by a well-fitting sound to set the eerie and enigmatic atmosphere of the game.


Download Evil Nun: Horror at School: Android / iOS




Ice Scream 6

From the same creators behind Evil Nun comes another equally amazing horror game. There is an urban legend about ice cream trucks luring kids with their scrumptious-looking desserts in an attempt to abduct them. Keplerians used the same concept and turned it into another horror adventure game. Ice Scream is one of Keplerians most successful titles which eventually expanded to a series. The game follows the story of chubby kids being abducted by ice cream trucks. They are taken by the clowns into the ice cream factory where they will be placed into machines and turn them into ice cream. To prevent this from happening, you must find your way out and escape the evil factory.

Ice Scream 6 is the latest addition to the series. The game will take place after the events of the previous game. After rescuing Mike from the previous chapter, J is back to rescue another kid. This time, it’s Charlie. Generally, the main objective of this horror game is to help the kids escape the factory. In the entire course of the game, you will be asked to collect items, unlock doors, examine objects, solve puzzles, and avoid clowns. What really separates this game from the others is the ability to switch between two characters. You can switch from J’s character to Charlie which allows you to easily explore different areas depending on your character. The game will also introduce new villains and new challenging maps to explore. Although, I would suggest completing the previous series first so you can catch up with the game’s main story.


Download Ice Scream 6: Android / iOS




Mental Hospital IV Lite

Imagine exploring an abandoned mental hospital alone? Mental Hospital is a horror game developed and published by AGaming+. Like most games in this list, Metal Hospital also expanded as a successful game series. The game quickly stands out because of its console-grade quality. Mental Hospital IV Lite is basically the free version of the game that comes with limited content. You can download the premium version of the game for a full gaming experience. Generally, as the title connotes, your main objective is to explore the haunted mental hospital, solve the mystery that has been hidden in this asylum for a long time, and find your way out.

Navigate the creepy dark P.T.-inspired hallways, explore haunted rooms, use your video camera to capture some scary details in the dark, and prepare yourself for some surprising terror. Gameplay-wise, Mental Hospital IV is not really different from other 3D escape games. It follows the same formula where you explore rooms and places in a first-person perspective, collects objects and keys along the way, and solve some mysterious puzzles to progress. If you think you are brave enough to survive and escape the terror in this haunted mental hospital, enter this game and prepare yourself for another terrifying adventure.


Download Mental Hospital IV Lite: Android / iOS




Scary Mansion: Horror Game 3D

From the creators of Horrorfield Multiplayer Survival game comes an equally amazing app game that will surely put your skills to a great test. Scary Mansion: Horror Game 3D lives up to its name. It is indeed a scary horror game that takes you to a creepy mansion that is apparently owned by an evil genius Dr. Crow. In this game, you will be playing the role of an unlucky postman who was chosen by Crow as his next victim. After delivering the package, you suddenly woke up in a creepy mansion, and now, you have to find your way out before the doctor sees you and places you in his torture chamber.

Unlike the other games on our list, Scary Mansion is more likely to be considered a thriller game than a horror game. While it doesn’t involve any paranormal elements, monsters, ghosts, or any terrifying creatures, the game managed to bring intensity by forcing you to run and hide whenever the evil doctor sees you. Apart from its well-polished gameplay, Scary Mansion is also an absolute visual delight. The game takes you to an immersive 3D map and visually stunning graphics and animation. It is also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effects to set the eerie and enigmatic mood of the game.


Download Scary Mansion: Horror Game 3D: Android / iOS



Asylum Night Shift

If you love or if you have experienced playing Five Nights at Freddy’s, you will surely find this game equally enjoyable. Asylum Night Shift is a game published by Digi-Chain Games and as the title suggests, you will play the role of a watchman who was assigned to watch over an asylum. Generally, all the elements in this game are merely inspired by the Five Nights at Freddy’s game but instead of haunted animatronics, you have to deal with crazy killers including a creepy clown, a demonic girl, a chainsaw man, and more. Your goal is to monitor the asylum via security cameras and to make sure that the patients will not escape their respective cells.

Similar to Five Nights, you will be prompted to a surveillance room where you get access to all the security cameras. You can switch from one camera to another to track any anomalies. The patients will slowly approach your room and you must prevent them at all costs, otherwise, you will be killed and the game is over.  You can, however, take advantage of the patient tracker devices to monitor their movements. An alarm system is also installed in your office to warn you of the approaching patient. If you think you are skillful enough to survive a day or two, feel free to explore Asylum Night Shift and see how long you can last.


Download Asylum Night Shift: Android / iOS



CASE: Animatronics Horror game

CASE: Animatronics is another game that is merely inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s but delivers a different approach. Instead of simply staying in a surveillance room, you will be tasked to investigate the entire place in case something went wrong. The game follows a story of a detective who fell asleep in the police headquarters and woke up with some unexplained anomalies. It turns out, the police station has been hacked and a killer animatronic is now on the loose. The power was also shut down and all you have is your trusty flashlight and your portable monitoring device.

The tablet that you own allows you to monitor some of the rooms through surveillance cameras. You can also hide in some of the furniture whenever the animatronic is approaching. In the entire course of the game, you will be asked to explore, navigate the headquarters, collect valuable items, and solve the case behind this killer animatronics. You are strongly encouraged to observe your environment and be careful with your actions, any wrong move will lead to your death. Will you survive the next day? Will you ever escape the nightmare? Play this amazing horror game to find out.


Download CASE: Animatronics: Android / iOS




Goosebumps Night of Scares

R.L Stine managed to solidify Goosebumps as a staple Halloween material. This highly successful horror fiction novel series has been adapted to various media including a hit TV series, a commercial successful movie franchise, games, toys, and more. Interestingly, Goosebumps Night of Scares is the first ever Goosebump game that is exclusively developed and optimized for mobile devices. It aims to bring some of the iconic Goosebumps characters that terrified us when we were kids. These include famous yet creepy characters like Slappy the Dummy, The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, Evil Gnomes, and many others. To top it all off, this official Goosebumps game has actor Jack Black to lend his voice as R.L Stine.

Goosebumps Night of Scares works similarly to other escape horror games. The player will be prompted to a seemingly abandoned mansion. Here, you will be asked to navigate and explore the rooms, investigate any anomalies, gather items that you can use to unlock other areas, collect clues and solve various puzzles along the way. While doing so, you must also keep an eye on any approaching entity and you must prevent yourself from getting caught, otherwise, the game is over. Whether you are a big fan of Goosebumps or not, this app game is certainly worth exploring.

Download Goosebumps Night of Scares: Android / iOS


If you are looking for some fun yet scary and spooky app games that you can play with your friends, feel free to explore these 10 Spooky Games on our list and enjoy your full Halloween experience! Have fun!