Christmas Themed Mobile Games for 2022


Christmas is nearly approaching and nothing can be more festive than this time of the year. This season will definitely keep us all busy with all the holiday celebrations and festivities that we have to attend. Not to mention the time we spend on holiday shopping, looking for those perfect gifts for our loved ones. With all these crazy schedules, we can still find time to relax and enjoy the holiday spirit. If you want to feel more “Christmassy”, we have collected 10 Christmas-themed mobile games to keep your Holiday spirit on fire!

For this list, we picked games that are built entirely with a Christmas theme, so we may not include games with limited-time or seasonal events. While these games come with a specific holiday theme, they are undeniably fun to explore and entertaining to play with. It doesn’t have to be Christmas to play these games. If you feel like you want to be in a festive mood, you can simply download these games and access them anytime and anywhere you want.

Christmas Theme mobile games

Christmas Cookie

RV App Studio is known for its huge collection of casual, puzzles, and educational games. Christmas Cookie is part of their growing puzzle collection that takes you to a colorful and festive match 3 puzzle. While the game offers a beautiful Christmas-inspired atmosphere, the gameplay for this match-3 puzzle is very much formulaic. Like most puzzles that belong to this category, the main objective is to clear all levels by matching three or more identical tiles. Each level will vary in terms of your target goal. Some levels might ask you to clear a certain number of cookies while others require you to collect certain items from the grid.

As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to a grid filled with colorful Christmas-inspired cookies (hence the title). Simply swipe two adjacent tiles to match 3 or more tiles of the same shape and color to clear them off the grid. You can also take advantage of the powerups that you can obtain by matching four or more tiles. This can provide you with the ability to clear an entire row, or column, clear out carnage of nearby blocks or eliminate all tiles of the same type. You can also buy consumables for additional abilities or starting powerups to maximize your winnings. Appearance-wise, Christmas Cookie provides you with a colorful and festive atmosphere adorned with visually stunning Christmas-inspired details. It is also accompanied by a set of classic Christmas tunes to send you into a festive mood.


Download Christmas Cookie: Android / iOS


Christmas Theme mobile games


Farm Snow

If ever you are wondering what keeps Santa busy when he is not on his sleigh delivering gifts to children, well, he’s at the North Pole surprisingly farming! Farm Snow is one of the many farming games developed and published by Foranj. The game takes you to the North Pole where Santa, his family, and his elves are busy farming. Unlike a typical farming game though, this one doesn’t involve common crops. Instead of harvesting fruits and vegetables, the farm magically produces items like toys, candies, clothes, and chocolates. The products you produce from the farm are the ones being delivered to kids.

In order to progress in this game, you have to complete a series of tasks. You will be asked to produce a number of specific items from the farm. To improve your production, you might consider adding more factories. This enables you to produce more items of different varieties and values. The scope of your farm will drastically increase as you progress. You can also take advantage of the reward videos to expedite the waiting process and harvest the goods in no time. Appearance-wise, Farm Snow is an absolute visual delight that treats you with visually stunning graphics and colorful and festive animation. It is also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of Christmas music to make your experience more engaging. If you love farming games, this one is absolutely worth exploring.


Download Farm Snow: Android


Christmas Theme mobile games


Christmas Solitaire (Solitaire Quest)

Fun, simple, and surprisingly addictive. I guess this is how you can perfectly describe Christmas Solitaire. The mechanics are generally simple and easily manageable yet it becomes tricky as you progress. It is interesting to note that this game doesn’t work like your typical Klondike or Spider Solitaire. While Christmas Solitaire doesn’t come with the same level of complexity, the game still requires players to establish the most effective strategy to maximize their winnings.  The mechanics of the game are generally easy. The goal is to clear all the cards.

To do so, you have to tap the card that is either one level higher or one level lower than the card on top of the deck pile. The layouts will dynamically change per level and the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. If you can’t make any matches, you can draw one card from your deck. The level is cleared when all cards are removed. It is also important to mention that levels are unlocked by paying gold coins which you can obtain from the game in numerous ways. The tricky part, however, is that the value will exponentially increase per level. You can take advantage of the reward videos to multiply your coins or access the reward spinner. The Christmas wallpapers in this game can also be downloaded straight to your device by paying a certain amount of gold coins.


Download Christmas Solitaire: Android


Christmas Theme mobile games

Christmas Stories: The Gift of Magi

Big Fish never failed to disappoint us with their games. Their addictive puzzles are always incorporated with a compelling plot and that’s what exactly you can get from Christmas Stories: The Gift of Magi. Generally, the game follows the story of siblings Oliver and his sister who was taken by Berta, a Christmas evil spirit who punishes naughty kids. In order to save his sister, Jack Frost decided to help Oliver to help people to unleash the power of the Globe of Good Deed that could defeat Berta and her evil plans.

Similar to many of the Big Fish Games, Christmas Stories: The Gift of Magi follows the same formula. You will be prompted to various scenes where you must collect objects, gather clues, and solve a series of mind-boggling puzzles. You can also take advantage of the hint feature to guide you in finding clues. Appearance-wise, the game is an absolute visual delight that doesn’t just treat you with beautiful 3D visuals and well-crafted scenes but will also feature some console-grade cutscene animations that make this game absolutely worth exploring.


Download Christmas Stories: The Gift of Magi: Android / iOS


Christmas Theme mobile games

Delicious: Emily’s Christmas Carol

Delicious is one of the flagship titles by Gamehouse Studios. The game has become a successful franchise that expanded to 18 installments and multiple spin-offs. Delicious: Emily’s Christmas Carol is the 14th installment in the series and was released in 2016 as a sequel to Emily’s Message in a Bottle. The game follows the story and her family as they took a vacation in Santa’s house. The mechanics of the game are generally the same as its predecessors. It is a casual restaurant management where your goal is to serve the customers as fast as you can and to try your best to meet your target daily income. Like most of the games that belong to the same category, the players are encouraged to exert the best of their visual reflexes and to show off their impressive eye and hand coordination to maximize their chances of winning.

As soon as the game starts, the customers will start to arrive. When the orders are displayed (via speech bubble), simply tap the items on your shop. Once done, tap the customer again and collect their payments. The faster you complete and serve their orders, the more productive you become. As you progress and earned enough money, you can unlock new items and upgrade your shop to increase not just your menu but also the capacity of your restaurant. This will also drastically boost profitability.  Appearance-wise, Delicious: Emily’s Christmas Carol treats you with adorable retro-inspired graphics. It comes with colorful visuals accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music that makes this casual game even more engaging and fun to play.


Download Delicious: Emily’s Christmas Carol: Android / iOS


Christmas Theme mobile games

Santa Christmas Gift Delivery

Can you imagine how Santa manages to deliver all his gifts to all the children in the world? Well, in this game, you will be given a chance to help Santa in fulfilling his duty every Christmas. Santa Christmas Gift Delivery is developed and published by Legendary Cluster Arena. As the title clearly suggests, the main objective is to help Santa deliver the gifts to the children before it’s too late. The game will give you some classic Grand Theft Auto vibes. The mechanics are very simple. Guide Santa and navigate around the 3D open-world map to reach your destination.

Keep in mind though while the game takes you on an open-world map, each level comes with a time limit. You must deliver the gifts on time, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have to start the same level back from the very beginning. Another great thing about the game is the ability to upgrade the vehicle. Aside from the sleigh, you can eventually purchase a real vehicle like a pickup truck to navigate around the city. Appearance-wise, Santa Christmas Gift Delivery treats you with well-polished 3D visuals that will surely keep your Christmas spirit alive!


Download Santa Christmas Gift Delivery: Android


Christmas Theme mobile games

Christmas Fever: Cooking Games

Surprisingly, despite his busy schedule, Santa loves to cook too! Christmas Fever: Cooking Game is a restaurant management game that takes you to a series of challenging levels. It generally follows the same formula with the Cooking Fever mobile game except that all of the elements in this game are Christmas-themed. The objective is simple, serve the customers as fast as you possibly can to reach your daily goals. Most items should be prepared in proper sequence and must be done in a timely manner. For instance, leaving the dough on the stove for a long time will burn and waste them.

Everything should be done fast yet precisely. Players are strongly encouraged to exert the best of their visual reflexes and their impressive eye and hand coordination to master this game and maximize their chances of winning. Each level also comes with three levels of difficulty that you can replay whenever you like. You also need to gather enough keys to unlock the next set of levels which forces you to replay previous levels. This also provides Christmas Fever with impressive replay value and longevity. Not to mention the beautiful and colorful details that this game has to offer. If you love restaurant management games and if you are in a jolly Christmas mood, this game is definitely a perfect fit for you.


Download Christmas Fever: Cooking Games: Android / iOS


Christmas Theme mobile games

Snowball Battle

As the title suggests, Snowball Battle takes you to an epic snowball fight between elves. It is a very simple yet surprisingly addictive game developed and published by GameOn Production. The mechanics are generally simple and easily manageable. Your main objective is to knock down the enemies by shooting them with snowballs. Tap and hold the screen to adjust the power. Basically, the longer you hold the screen, the bigger the power you will apply and the longer the snowball can reach. Take note that enemies also have the ability to shoot snowballs and you must evade them at all costs. Sustaining too much damage will end the game immediately and you have to start the same level back from the beginning until you manage to make it through.

As you progress, you will encounter enemies with different abilities. Some of them have the ability to switch places while others can throw powerful snowballs that can inflict bigger damage. Others are also equipped with a shield that adds another layer of protection. Players can also take advantage of the in-game shop and use some powerups to help them maximize their chances of winning. Appearance-wise, Snowball Battle takes you to a visually stunning 3D battlefield. While it may not be accompanied by some Christmas-inspired music that could have made it more engaging, the game is an excellent time killer and something you can confidently play regardless of the season.


Download Snowball Battle: Android


Christmas Theme mobile games

Santa Hippo: Christmas Eve

While we cannot deny the fact that Hippo kids are more like a rip-off of Peppa Pig, Hippo Kids Games managed to bring hundreds of decent educational mobile games into the market, including the Vlad and Nikki app games. Interestingly, Santa Hippo: Christmas Eve takes you on a fun and colorful adventure. Hippo and her little brother had the chance to visit the Christmas workshop where they get to make some Christmas ornaments. The game is generally catered to kids where all they need is to follow the given instructions.

Aside from teaching kids how to follow directions, it also allows them to showcase their creativity. The game has two phases. You can switch between the workshop and the house. While in the workshop, kids can create different Christmas tree ornaments with designs that are entirely based on their own preferences. Once completed, they can bring the finished product at home and decorate every Christmas tree in their house. If you are looking for a fun Christmas game for your kids, this is something you can add to their devices.


Download Santa Hippo: Christmas Eve: Android


Christmas Theme mobile games

My Pretend Christmas And Holiday

Beansprites is responsible for so many adorable kid games. Their My Pretend series has expanded to many varieties, including Fairytale Land, Family Mansion, Grocery stores, and many more. My Pretend Christmas and Holiday is another excellent addition to their growing collection. Similar to their previous My Pretend games, My Pretend Christmas and Holiday is purely interactive. There is no major goal for this game other than to discover some hidden items. Everything you can find in this Christmas House-inspired doll house can be moved. You are free to do anything and explore all the rooms for highly imaginative gameplay.

There are over 24 characters to explore including some Christmas-theme avatars like Santa, Rudolph, and more. There are also plenty of rooms to explore and each comes with a different environment and items to interact with. Since the game has no specific goals to complete, everything will be based on the player’s imagination. Think of it as a virtual dollhouse and you can come up with your own tale or stories to share. It is an excellent app game for kids that allow them to explore their creative imagination.


Download My Pretend Christmas and Holiday: Android


Christmas 2022  is just around the corner and it is very timely to explore these top ten best Christmas Theme mobile games to put you in a jolly holiday mood! Feel free to explore these app  games and let us know your thoughts! Enjoy and happy holidays to all!