The journey to a successful mobile game involves myriad elements, from critical acclaim to surpassing player expectations with superior graphics and gameplay. Achieving a milestone often means not only meeting but exceeding what gamers envision, leading to significant downloads on platforms like Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. Indeed, it’s possible for games to bask in both critical and commercial success simultaneously.

On the flip side, the hallmark of a triumphant mobile game developer lies in their consistent ability to launch hit games consecutively. Such developers possess the perfect formula for captivating their intended audience. In this feature, we spotlight the top ten mobile game developers, renowned for their contributions to the industry and the landmark games that propelled them to unparalleled success.


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Niantic Labs

The 21st century introduced us to some of the most innovative games. Companies like Niantic Labs utilized the use of modern technology to outshine their competitors. For Niantic, they took advantage of the AR or Augmented Reality technology to bring a new flavor to mobile gaming. Interestingly, the company was founded in 2010 only as an internal startup for Google until it became an independent entity in 2015. The first augmented reality game developed by Niantic was Ingress which was globally launched in 2012. At that time, the company only have more than 30 employees.

It was in 2016 when the company launched Pokemon Go that gave them international recognition and massive success. In less than a month after its anticipated release, Pokemon Go was downloaded more than 100 million times. It reached more than 1 billion downloads in 2019. After the success of Pokemon Go, Niantic also released numerous AR games, including Harry Potter: Wizard Unite in 2017, Pikmin Bloom in 2021, and Monster Hunter Now in 2023.


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Interestingly, Supercell was founded in 2010 and they started with a game called “Hay Day”, a farm simulation that is closely similar to Zynga’s Farmville. The game was released in 2012 and it became a massive hit. However, what really catapulted Supercell to success was when they launched “Clash of Clans.” It instantly became one of the top-grossing apps on both Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. In 2013, the company was reported to earn an astounding $2.4 million a day!

Supercell focuses on the development of free-to-play games that yield profits through in-game microtransactions. They are not the kind of company that will develop one game after another. Instead, they focused on producing quality games that could stay popular and relevant to the market. Currently, the company has 5 flagship games, including Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars. They also made an attempt to release spin-off games for Clash of Clans like Clash Mini and Clash Quest but both games were shut down after a couple of years of launch.


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Bandai Namco Entertainment

Bandai Namco (previously known as Namco) is not really new when it comes to game development. The company has released several classic titles that everyone is still familiar with. These include the popular PacMan franchise, Tekken, Tales, and Dark Souls to name a few. Bandai Namco Mobile brought some of these iconic titles onto the small screen. The majority of their games will bring such amazing nostalgia, including PacMan Party Royale, Very Little Nightmares, and Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom.

Bandai is also responsible for some of the Anime-based mobile games, including One Piece Treasure Cruise and Dragon Ball Legends, One Piece Bounty, SwordArt Online, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Naruto X Boruto to name a few. While most of their games are catered to higher gaming platforms, we are still hoping they could bring some of their iconic titles like Jujutsu Kaizen, Elder Rings, and Tekken to smaller screens.


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From Ubisoft, the same team behind popular video game franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Rayman, and Tom Clancy’s, Gameloft was founded to provide focus on the mobile game market. The company was launched in 1999, a time when smartphones did not yet exist. Most of their early games are optimized to work for keypad-based and Java-powered mobile phones. This include their very first Asphalt video game which soon became a successful franchise for Gameloft. Asphalt was expanded to multiple sequels and spin-offs and is also praised for its impressive graphics and well-polished gameplay.

Aside from Asphalt, Gameloft has launched equally successful titles like Assassin’s Creed, Brothers In Arms, the CSI franchise, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Dungeon Hunter, Midnight Pool series, NFL, and more. Some of its big titles include Orders & Chaos, Modern Combat, and GT Racing. Gameloft recently released the newest installment to Dungeon Hunter (the Dungeon Hunter VI) and hopefully, they will port their new Disney Speedstorm into the mobile platform soon.


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FlyMe2TheMoon was the very first game launched by miHoYo in 2011 which is followed by the Houkai Gauken series in 2012 and 2013 respectively. However, it was the launch of Honkai Impact 3rd that brought the company international success. Thanks to the special engine that they develop that provides them the ability to create beautiful 3D characters and well-polished gameplay inspired by video games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. From a seven-person company, the commercial success of Honkai Impact 3rd allowed it to grow to more than 200 employees.

After the success of Honkai Impact 3rd, miHoYo released another game called “Tears of Themis”, but it was the release of Genshin Impact that gave the company another level of success. The COVID-19 pandemic also served as a huge contributing factor behind its massive success. They also launched the so-called HoYoVerse in 2021 to release a series of games that belong, or are somehow affiliated to the same fictional universe. Honkai: Star Rail is the most recent addition to the franchise while Zenless Zone Zero is expected to be released globally this year.


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Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard Inc. is yet another successful game-developing company that is responsible for some of the classic video game titles such as Crash Bandicoot, Call of Duty, Spyro the Dragon, Diablo, Hearthstone, and of course, the World of Warcraft. In 2023, the company was acquired by Microsoft. The company also ventured into mobile platforms to reach wider audiences. They brought in some of their iconic titles and developed games that are optimized for mobile devices. Warcraft Rumbler, for instance, is a strategy mobile game that features a miniature version of your favorite World of Warcraft characters. It is also interesting to note that Activision acquired King, the maker of Candy Crush Saga in 2016.

They also reintroduced Diablo to a new generation of gamers through their well-acclaimed Diablo Immortal. While the game is not played similarly to its predecessor, the game managed to capture some of its iconic elements that provide old-time Diablo gamers with a nostalgic gaming experience. With the recent Microsoft acquisition, we’re hoping that they could bring more of their titles to smaller screens, including Overwatch, Guitar Hero, and StarCraft to name a few.


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Tencent Games

This China-based game developing and publishing company was launched in 2003, but it was in year 2013 when they started to venture into mobile. In year 2017, they released an international version of Honor of Kings which became known globally as Arena of Valor. The game alone has grossed over $140 million outside China in 2018. In 2011, Tencent Games started hosting online multiplayer games such as Call of Duty Online, consisting of previous Call of Duty titles with added content. It is also interesting to mention that Tencent partly owns the well-acclaimed Fortnite game by Epic.

In 2019, Tencent’s subsidiary TiMi Studio launched the highly anticipated “Call of Duty: Mobile” which quickly surpassed more than 35 million downloads in a span of 8 months. PUBG Mobile is also another critically and commercially successful mobile game from Tencent. In 2020 (during the Pandemic), the game managed to generate more than $112 million in revenue. TiMi Studio is also the team behind games like Pokemon Unite and the upcoming Monster Hunter mobile game.


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Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts or simply EA is not really new in game development. In fact, it is safe to assume that the company is one of the pioneers that emerged during the golden age of gaming. The company is responsible for some of the major game titles and series such as  Need for Speed, The Sims, Medal of Honor, Dead Space, Mass Effect, and Star Wars video games. In addition to that, EA Sports (the company’s sports division), has released titles like FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Live, UFC, and NHL to name a few.

Electronic Arts is also the same team behind the highly successful Apex Legends which was recently ported to mobile devices. Speaking of mobile, EA managed to port all their titles to the mobile platform. These include Rivals, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Real Racing 3, and more. The company is set to release the 2024 edition of EA Sports F1 this coming May 31st and the new installment of Plants vs Zombies in April 2024.


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Netmarble is a South Korean game-developing company that was founded in the year 2000. It is considered the country’s largest mobile gaming company to date. One of the early games that they published is Grand Chase that was developed by KOG Studio. It was, however, in the year 2015 when the company developed the Lineage 2: Revolution that catapulted them to international success. Lineage 2 has become one of the highest-grossing mobile games in the market and managed to generate more than 924 million dollars just 11 months after its release.

Netmarble also developed equally successful titles all through the years. These include Seven Knights, Star Wars: Force Arena, Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Future Revolution, Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, and Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds to name a few. The company plans to roll out titles like “Arthdal Chronicles: Three Factions,” “Solo Leveling: ARISE,” “Raven 2” and “King Arthur: Legend Rises” this year.


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Netease is one of the largest Internet and video game companies in the world. In 2001, NetEase started their well-acclaimed Westward Journey which soon became a successful franchise. In 2017, the company launched a free-to-play battle royale game called Rule of Survival. The company is also the same team behind Identity V, a horror survival game.

In the company’s recently concluded NetEase Connect 2023 Annual Product Launch, it is revealed that the gaming company is set to release 19 new games. These include some highly anticipated titles like Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, Justice Online Mobile, Infinite Borders, Dead by Daylight Mobile, Vinkingard, Badlanders, and Eggy Party to name a few.


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Mobile game developers pour immense resources, including significant investments of money and time, into crafting experiences that captivate and entertain. Their journey towards achieving success in the highly competitive gaming industry underscores their dedication to innovation, quality, and the ability to engage players on a profound level. Exploring the creations of these talented mobile game developers offers an opportunity to dive into worlds rich with imagination, strategy, and excitement. Whether you’re drawn to the strategic depths of a battle royale, the immersive narrative of an adventure game, or the quick thrills of a puzzle, the games produced by leading mobile game developers serve as a testament to their creative prowess and technological expertise.

Furthermore, the success stories behind these mobile game developers are as diverse as the games themselves, ranging from small indie teams making a mark with their debut titles to major studios that continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible on mobile platforms. Each game they release is the result of countless hours of development, testing, and refinement, all aimed at delivering an unparalleled gaming experience to users worldwide.

To truly appreciate the artistry and ingenuity of mobile game developers, it’s worth reviewing their  portfolios. Not only does this support the developers, but it also enriches your gaming experiences, exposing you to a variety of gameplay styles, narrative techniques, and artistic designs that you might not encounter elsewhere. By engaging with their games, you become part of a global community of gamers who value quality, creativity, and the endless possibilities that mobile gaming offers.