Platformers are not really new in gaming. In fact, the popularity of this genre emerged in the early 80s, back when arcade machines and family computer video games are still dominating the market. This genre gave birth to some of the classic video game titles like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros which inspired many games today. Donkey Kong which was released in 1981 was considered to be the first platformer game in history while the overwhelming success of Super Mario put the genre into the mainstream and has become the archetype of most platform games today.

Super Mario undeniably inspired many games of different generations. The classic platformer formula was successfully embraced by games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, Megaman, Kirby, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Rayman, Ratchet & Clank, and Psychonauts to name a few. The simplicity yet surprisingly challenging elements of platformer games made them a perfect genre for mobile platforms. It is not really surprising to see a great number of platformer games dominating the mobile play stores. Today, we are listing down ten of the best free-to-play platformer app games that you can confidently download on your mobile right now.


Platformer App Games


Bubble Tale – Bunny Quest

Developed by BanhCa, Bubble Tale is an indie game that offers a nostalgic gaming experience. Not only it embraces the classic Super Mario format but it also features retro-inspired graphics. In this game, you play the role of an adorable bunny that has the ability to create bubbles. The main objective is to clear all levels by helping the bunny reach the exit portal. Like a classic platformer, the game is played in a strictly linear progression where you will encounter an overwhelming number of obstacles along the way. This is where you can effectively utilize your ability. You can use the bubble to reach higher platforms or you can use it to trap enemies.

As progress, you are encouraged to collect gold coins which you can later use to buy consumables or unlock new characters. You are also encouraged to collect stars for additional points. Interestingly, each level has three hidden chests that you must discover. A level can be cleared even without collecting all the hidden chests but this particular objective provides Bubble Tale – Bunny Quest with impressive replay value. It also comes with boss battles and customizable virtual buttons. The character’s overwhelming cuteness will quickly remind you of the Kirby series. Absolutely fun and adorable!


Download Bubble Tale – Bunny Quest: Android


Platformer App Games


Dan the Man: Action Platformer

From the same studio that brought games like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride comes another cute yet epic platformer. Dan the Man was globally released by Halfbrick Studio in 2016 that features the traditional style “beat’em up” gameplay. As the title suggests, the game allows you to take control of Dan, a karate expert and weapon-wielder guy who will attempt to eliminate all the enemies who are threatening his village. Interestingly, the game is based on a web series of the same name created by StudioJoho.  They made a partnership with Halfbrick Studio to produce a platformer game that will highlight the same set of characters and plot.

The mechanics for Dan the Man are generally simple and easily manageable. You navigate the side-scrolling screen using the virtual buttons. The characters in the game can perform both melees and ranged attacks which are executed by tapping their designated buttons. As you progress, you can collect various weapons from shuriken to a wide range of guns. You can also collect coins to purchase new weapons. In addition to that, the game offers multiple campaigns to explore. These include Endless Survival, Adventure Mode, and even a Multiplayer campaign where you compete with other players or team up with them in a co-op format. Aside from Dan, you can also use other characters like Josie and Barry (from Jetpack Joyride) and upgrade them to make them more efficient in their adventure.


Download Dan the Man: Android / iOS


Platformer App Games



Just because it is based on a classic platformer doesn’t mean it has to be retro style. Grimvalor by Direlight is a perfect example of how platformer evolves over time. While the game features the same old platformer formula, it elevates the experience through its beautiful 3D graphics and deep plot. Grimvalor feels like a modern take on the classic Castlevania game. This platformer hack & slash RPG takes you to a mysterious kingdom of Vallaris that is seemingly overrun by forces of evil. Your goal is to investigate the anomalies and defeat the Evil King and his overwhelming minions.

The game starts by selecting your preferred character. You can navigate the semi-3D map using the virtual buttons and execute attacks and combos using the designated tap-based buttons. The best part of this platformer game is the hack-and-slash combat system that allows you to come up with an effective strategy to maximize your chances of survival. You can also upgrade your character’s attributes to make it more efficient in the battle. The game also comes with the so-called Arachnophobia Mode which replaces spider-like enemies with alternative designs.


Download Grimvalor: Android / iOS


Platformer App Games


Nameless Cat

As the title suggests, this game takes you on an epic journey of a Nameless Cat. It follows the story of a cat that was transported mysteriously into an unknown place. In order to get out of the place, you need to collect all the white orbs. The game takes you to a series of challenging levels with a varying range of difficulties. You will encounter a great number of obstacles along the way that will surely put your skills to a great test. This retro-style platformer developed by Kotoba Games will feature all the classic platformer elements that we love and enjoy. Here, you will encounter those classic disappearing platforms, a bunch of moving mechanisms, deadly spike traps, and many others.

What really separated Nameless Cat from other platformer games is the story itself. It does offer a very compelling plot and if you engaged yourself quite enough, you might find yourself in tears at the end. The remarkable music also sets the mood right and created a very engaging yet mysterious atmosphere. Will you be skillful enough and emotionally prepared to help this adorable kitten to return back to its owner? If you do, feel free to explore this game and see how far you can go.


Download Nameless Cat: Android / iOS


Platformer App Games


Ninja Arashi 2

Arashi is back! In 2017, the first Ninja Arashi game was released by Black Panther Games, an intense platformer with RPG elements. It follows the story of Arashi, a legendary ninja who went on an epic journey to save his son from the devil Orochi. Arashi, however, ended up being trapped in a frozen prison and his son is abducted by the evil demon Dosu. 15 years later, Arashi was freed by a mysterious guy named Raven to help him defeat Dosu and rescue his long-lost son. Ninja Arashi comes with a very unique graphics that features silhouettes instead of colorful details. It takes you to various levels with an increasing rate of difficulty as you progress.

The mechanics for this intense platformer are generally simple yet surprisingly tricky that will put your skills and your patience to a test. You can move around the side-scrolling screen using the virtual buttons. From time to time, your character will acquire ninja skills that you can use to survive. Take note that aside from various enemies, you will also encounter a great number of deadly traps along the way and you must evade them at all costs. You might also find yourself in epic boss battles. Currently, the game offers 80 challenging stages to complete. The game encourages you to collect three hidden stars in each level which gives Ninja Arashi 2 a great replay value.


Download Ninja Arashi 2: Android / iOS



Platformer App Games


Rayman Adventures

Rayman is already a well-established video game franchise of Ubisoft. The first game was released in 1995 for PlayStation 1 and eventually expanded to multiple sequels and spin-offs. Although this is not the first Ubisoft attempt to venture into the mobile platform, Rayman Adventure is one of the recently added app games into their growing collection. In this game, you play the role of Rayman and your mission is to collect all the stolen ancient eggs that were randomly scattered across your world. In the entire course of the game, you will run through various mysterious lands, and haunted medieval castles, explore the mythical worlds of Olympus, and unravel their hidden secrets!

Aside from Rayman, the game allows you to play other characters. In fact, there are over 55 playable characters in the game that you can unlock. The game also introduces the collectible Incrediballs that will accompany you on your journey. There are more than 350 unique Incrediballs to collect. Remaining faithful to its classic gameplay, Rayman Adventure features some of the well-loved elements from the franchise. It features almost the same graphics that are wonderfully optimized for mobile devices. Each level also comes with hidden secrets to explore which provides this platformer a decent replay value and longevity. If you are a big fan of the classic Rayman franchise, this game is definitely worth a download.


Download Rayman Adventures: Android /iOS


Platformer App Games


Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

If Rayman is a classic, Sonic the Hedgehog is more like a pioneer. Although the game itself is merely inspired by Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog is special on its own. Interestingly, you do not need a separate emulator just to experience the classic gameplay. SEGA officially ported its game to the mobile platform to introduce this classic video game to a new generation of gamers. Sonic the Hedgehog Classic features a remastered version of SEGA’s famous title. While it comes with the same gameplay, this app is optimized for the mobile device.

For instance, the game uses a virtual joypad to control your character. It also gives you access to other game modes including the Time Attack campaign. Achievements and Leaderboards were also added to the game. It is also interesting to note that this game can be played for free but is supported by advertisements. You can, however, eliminate ads by purchasing the game’s ad-free version. Aside from Sonic, you can also take the role of other notable characters from the franchise including Tails and Knuckles, and use their unique skills. Whether you are a big fan of the classic franchise or you are trying to play Sonic for the first time, this game brought by SEGA is definitely worth exploring. It is fun, entertaining, and most of all, very nostalgic!


Download Sonic the Hedgehog Classic: Android /iOS


Platformer App Games



Swordigo is developed and published by Touch Foo. Generally, it is a classic dark fantasy RPG in a platformer format. If you enjoy games like Legend of Zelda or Castlevania, Swordigo offers similar elements with slightly improved graphics. Your main objective in this game is to play the role of a young hero and guide him in his journey to save his village from the Corruptors before they put everyone in danger. With your trusty sword and unique magic skills, you must embark on an epic adventure and bring your village back to its former glory.

Appearance-wise, Swordigo is an absolute visual delight. Although it is not a well-polished animation with graphics that are somehow comparable to Roblox avatars with a Mario-esque environment presented in strange 3D-like shaders, it surprisingly worked! Unlike your typical platformer, this side-scrolling game is merely quest-based that will quickly remind you of most classic RPGs.  The rate of difficulty will also drastically increase as you progress which makes the game more challenging and thrilling at the same time. If you love RPGs and platformers, this game will give you the best of both worlds!


Download Swordigo: Android /iOS


Platformer App Games



Oddmar is another console-grade physics-based platformer adventure game. It follows the journey of a Viking named Oddmar who set himself on an epic journey to prove himself that he is worthy of his village. Unlike other Vikings, however, Oddmar is not courageous enough to fight for his people until he had one strange dream that changed his fate forever. He obtained a unique ability that he can use to conquer his journey. The mechanics for Oddmar are generally simple and easily manageable yet the players are strongly encouraged to master the controls to complete each level more effectively. The goal is to guide Oddmar all the way to the finish point.

The game comes with a tricky control system that requires mastery. You can move around the map using a virtual joypad but actions like jumping are done differently. Due to your character’s newly acquired ability, you can instantly grow a mushroom that allows you to bounce and reach higher platforms. Eventually, you will also acquire new skills including the ability to wield weapons, smash objects, and many others that you can utilize to maximize your chances of surviving. What really makes the game special aside from its well-polished gameplay is the visually stunning graphics, impressive voiceovers, and music that sets the right mood for the game. The free demo of this game takes you to 24 beautifully hand-crafted levels but you can always purchase the full version to complete your amazing platformer experience.


Download Oddmar: Android /iOS


Platformer App Games


Apple Knight

Developed by Limitless, Apple Knight is another beautiful retro-style RPG platformer that takes you on an awesome journey. The game generally follows the classic RPG formula where you take the role of a young hero who is destined to save the kingdom from an arising catastrophe. The mechanics are generally simple too. You can navigate around the side-scrolling map using the virtual joypad and perform actions using the designated tap-based buttons. The game takes you to a series of challenging yet colorful levels with a varying range of difficulties. In the entire course of this game, you will be asked to kill enemies, evade obstacles, and collect gems and coins along the way.

As the title connotes, your character can collect apples and use them as consumable weapons for a ranged attack. Another unique element of Apple Knight is the ability of the player to customize their character and a pet system to explore. It also offers 2 secret areas to discover on every level which gives Apple Knight a great replay value. In addition to the main campaign, there is also an Endless Mode that comes with a separate Leaderboard system. If you are up for an epic and nostalgic RPG platformer adventure, Apple Knight is surely a great fit.


Download Apple Knight: Android /iOS


Simple, fun, and surprisingly challenging! This is how you can perfectly describe platformer games. Despite the simplistic game formula, it is surprisingly addictive and something that can be enjoyed by gamers from all walks of life. If you are looking for a decent app game for your device, make sure to try any of these Top 10 Best Platformer App Games for mobile! Enjoy