Top 10 Best FREE Farm Simulation App Games


Farm Simulation has become a genre of its own. There is a great and seemingly endless number of farm simulation app games in the market today and all of which shares the same idea. While we are all being introduced to a new farming simulation app game every day, the concept is not entirely new and many of them are almost formulaic. Thanks to Natsume’s Harvest Moon, farming simulation has been brought successfully into the map of gaming allowing us all to enjoy the basics of farming while incorporating some interesting RPG elements to it.


It’s funny that most of these farming app games share the same story where the main character suddenly inherited an almost-abandoned farm and the goal is to bring it back to its former glory. Despite telling the same old tale, there is something magical about farm simulation games that made them so entertaining and surprisingly addictive. Over the years, we were introduced to some impressive and fun farming simulation app games and today we’re listing down ten of the best app games from this category.


Farm Simulation


FarmVille 3

Before the rise of smartphones, Farmville was already making buzz through Facebook. Zynga managed to bring farming simulation to social media to a different level by introducing multiplayer elements. FarmVille features a fast-paced farming system where players can grow and harvest crops, grow trees, and raise poultry and livestock animals. What makes FarmVille unique is the ability of players to visit and interact with their friends’ farms. When FarmVille was discontinued on Facebook, Zynga released FarmVille 2 and FarmVille 3 exclusively for mobile devices.


Unlike its predecessor, FarmVille 3 offers a vast of changes but remained faithful to its original concept. In this game, you will be tasked to manage an entire farm where you can grow and harvest crops and trees, and raise poultry, livestock, and even exotic animals. The game, however, will give focus on the creation of production buildings which requires players to gather multiple resources to produce different goods. It also features seasonal and regular events and a co-op system. Not to mention the enhanced graphics and animation.

Download FarmVille 3: Android/ iOS



Farm Simulation

Big Little Farmer

It is safe to say that The Game Storm Studios’ Big Little Farmer is a decent clone of FarmVille. It features the same cartoonish graphics from the original FarmVille game and it also provides the same farming simulation formula. In this game, you play the role of a guy who grew up on a farm and eventually went to the city to pursue his dreams. However, after he went back to attend a country fair, he realized that farming is his real passion and he decided to stay. The mechanics are very simple, you harvest crops, raise animals, create production buildings, produce goods, and build a successful farm.


The best part about Big Little Farmer is that the game works perfectly even without an Internet connection. The farm simulator app game is designed to work offline which allows you to play the game anytime and anywhere you want. Advertisements, on the other hand, are shown moderately and they mostly come as optional reward videos while in-app purchases involve currency bundles (coins and gems).

Download Big Little Farmer: Android/ iOS


Farm Simulation

Hay Day

From the makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale (and most recently Clash Mini), Hay Day is Supercell’s take on a farming simulation game. The game follows the same old formula where the player inherits a farm from his uncle. The goal is to bring the farm back to its former glory. Generally, the player will start from scratch. As you progress, you will be able to unlock more features including mining, fishing, and other ways to gather additional resources.


Aside from your daily farming routine, Hay Day added the Town to give players a new area to explore and play. Here, you can gain additional coins, EXP points, and reputation points by completing the town’s orders. The game also features the so-called Valley which is only accessible when there is an ongoing season event. Currently, there are two major seasons; the Chicken Valley and the Sanctuary Animal seasons. Both of them can last for at least 3 weeks where players can take quests and participate in some random events to earn special prices and farm decorations.

Download Hay Day: Android/ iOS


Farm Simulation


Harvest Town

Harvest Town is probably one of the closest farm simulation app games that you can confidently match with the classic Harvest Moon series. It is a pixel-art-style mobile game that wonderfully merges farming simulation and RPG elements in a very nostalgic fashion. The game follows the story of an old man regretting that he wasted all his time living in the city. One day he woke up back in Harvest Town as his young self, giving him another opportunity to change his life. The game is more than just a farming simulation as it offers many other features that players can freely explore.


Here, you will be asked to grow a farm, raise animals, and decorate your own house. Similar to Harvest Moon, the game gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. You can interact with the people in your town, and explore amazing stories that involve mystery and romance. Players can also explore the open world and embark on some eerie cave and dungeon crawling adventures. The seasons also change dynamically. Appearance-wise, Harvest Town is an absolute visual delight. It offers beautiful pixel-art style graphics that are accompanied by retro-inspired music, giving players a nostalgic gaming experience.

Download Harvest Town: Android/ iOS


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Playrix might have a bad reputation when it comes to promoting their games online but we cannot deny the fact that Township is one of the decent farming simulation app games today. The company is known for its false advertising where they tend to show entirely different gameplay in their ads. They have done this to some of their major titles like Fishdom and Gardenscapes, and Township is not an exemption. Unlike your typical farming game, Township breaks the classic formula. Here, you start the game, not as a simple farmer but as a well-established tycoon. For instance, the farm is operated by townspeople and it even comes with a helipad that allows you to transport goods to other towns.


Instead of simple production machines, you will be building factories to produce goods. Township is more like a merge between a farming simulation and a city builder app game. As you progress, you will be encouraged to build houses, grow the population, collect taxes, and other city-building elements. The game is also regularly updated and it comes with seasonal and monthly events that allow players to win special customization items and many other prices. Another interesting feature of this game is the Mini Games event which highlights a variety of simple games that you can play to win additional rewards.

Download Township: Android/ iOS


Farm Simulation

Blocky Farm

If you love Minecraft then Jet Toast’s Blocky Farm is something that will catch your attention. The game features voxel-art 3D graphics similar to Minecraft. While the game takes you to a very unique Minecraft-inspired environment, the gameplay for Blocky Farm is not different from other farming simulation app games. It follows the same formula where you will be asked to build a productive farm. Here, the player can also grow and harvest crops, raise poultry and livestock animals, build production machines, and more.


It also comes with multiplayer elements where you can visit the neighborhood and trade some goods. Some of the unique features of Blocky Farm include the weather-changing system, fishing (where you can ride a boat and catch various species of fish), and the ability to operate a tractor to quickly harvest your crops. Blocky Farm also works well even without an Internet connection, allowing you to play the app game anytime and anywhere you want without any network-related interruptions.

Download Blocky Farm: Android/ iOS


Farm Simulation

Farming Simulator

What quickly separates Farming Simulator from this list is the game’s highly realistic approach. Developed by GIANTS Software, the series has been around since 2008 and has been expanded to multiple titles for different gaming platforms. Instead of simply growing a variety of crops and building production machines, Farming Simulator will focus more on operating farming vehicles. It is a merge between a farming and driving simulate  on which is presented in impressive 3D graphics and animation. In this game, you will manually maneuver each vehicle and you will use each machinery to perform a specific function. There is a specific tractor used for harvesting, planting, and feeding animals.


It is not a fast-paced farm simulation game where everything is done in just a few taps. You will manually operate everything in this game to get things done. Unlike the typical farming game, Farming Simulator doesn’t come with a quest system. You are free to do anything but in order to grow your farm and purchase new areas, you need to grow and sell crops and goods to the marketplace. The game features massive tractors and other machines from over 20 brands of real agricultural manufacturers such as New Holland, Case IH, Ponsse, Lamborghini, Horsch, Krone, MAN, and more. Currently, GIANTS Software offers four Farming Simulator titles for mobile and two of them are available for free (Farming Simulator 16 is the latest).

Download Farming Simulator 16: Android/ iOS


Farm Simulation


Tiny Pixel Farm

Similar to Harvest Town, Game Start Studio took a nostalgic approach with Tiny Pixel Farm. However, this game features an entirely different gameplay. Tiny Pixel Farm is a merge between a farm simulation and an idle game. Just like most idle games, the first phase of this game requires your full commitment. Instead of crops, the game will focus more on raising poultry and livestock animals. The crops here are merely made to feed the animals so they can produce goods. At first, you have to manually tap every interaction until you have enough money to hire people. The ability of the people you hire depends on their level so the more you upgrade them, the more things they can do.


Aside from animals, your farm also has guest rooms where you can accept visitors and get paid in return. Once a farm reaches its maximum level and once you have reached Level 20, you have the option to fly to another farm that features a new theme. You can also take advantage of the reward videos to expedite your progress. Tiny Pixel Farm is an absolute visual delight. It features adorable characters and is also matched with retro-inspired music to give you a more nostalgic experience. If you love incremental or idle games, this app game is right for you.

Download Tiny Pixel Farm: Android/iOS


Farm Simulation


Farmdale is like a farm simulation app game that will take place in a fairy tale land. Unlike your typical farm game, Farmdale will be based heavily on quests to progress. It features magical characters and a wonderful story to explore. Here, you will be tasked to grow a magical farm where you harvest crops and produce different goods. You will also rescue and raise different magical animals that you will meet along the way. Each production machine also offers a great number of recipes that requires you to gather various ingredients from different resources.

Aside from building a farm and taking care of adorable magical animals, the players can also explore different mythical places in the game where they can get the opportunity to find hidden treasures. With beautifully designed fantasy-themed characters, well-polished animation, and a surprisingly compelling plot for a farming game, Farmdale is definitely something you can confidently consider for your device.

Download Farmdale: Android/iOS



Farm Simulation

Smurf’s Village

Whether you are a big fan of Smurfs or not, these adorable blue creatures are simply irresistible. As the title suggests, this game will take you to the beautiful world of Smurfs. The game is based on the beloved classic cartoon and your journey begins with a single mushroom home and a “smurflightful” plot of land. The main objective is to help build a new forest village for the Smurfs that is completely safe from Gargamel. Smurf’s Village is a quest-based farm simulation that features a comic-like progression. Here, you will be assigning Smurfs to perform various tasks such as planting and harvesting crops, building houses and production areas, and many more.


One of its unique features is the collection of mini-games that you can play to earn additional rewards. It also encourages players to connect the app game to their Facebook account, allowing them to visit their friends’ Smurf villages. Decorating is another key element of this farming gaming which gives you the freedom to customize the village using tons of decorative items that you can earn from quests and mini-games. Best of all, Smurf’s Village is a faithful Smurf game that features all your favorite characters including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Lazy Smurf, Baby Smurf, Handy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, and more.

Download Smurf’s Village: Android/iOS


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