First-person shooter (FPS) is among one of the earliest genres in video games. As the title clearly suggests, it is a game where the player experiences the game from a first-person perspective. Here, the in-game camera view represents the viewpoint of the game character, providing players with a highly realistic action experience. The history of FPS games can be traced back to when Wolfenstein 3D by ID Software was launched in 1992. Since then, the landscape of shooting video games drastically changed. It also paved the way for some of the classic titles like Doom, Quake, Half-life, Counter-Strike, and Halo to name a few.

As technology rapidly evolves, the game industry is also quickly adapting by embracing newer platforms. Today, almost thousands of games are launched exclusively for mobile platforms. These games are heavily optimized for mobile devices to reach wider audiences. First-person shooters are not exempt from these at all. There is a great number of FPS games today that are available on both Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. Today, we are listing down ten of the best First-Person shooters for mobile that will give you the best gaming experience.


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Modern Combat 5

From the same team behind the highly acclaimed Asphalt series comes another equally successful franchise. Modern Combat 5 is developed and published by Gameloft and is exclusively released for mobile devices. It shares the same premise with bigger FPS titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield. The game follows the story of a former US Marine who was sent on a mission to stop the World Liberation Army from their treacherous plans. They made a surprise cyber-attack, placing a worldwide threat. Your goal is to complete all the given missions with various objectives and save the world.

The mechanics of the game are generally easy yet require players to exert the best of their visual reflexes and impressive shooting skills to win the game. On top of its main campaign, Modern Combat 5 also comes with multiplayer modes, allowing you to compete with other players online. It offers regular events like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Push the Playload, a Battle Royale mode, and other ranked battles. One of the game’s unique features compared to its predecessors is the ability to pick your preferred soldier class. There are ten classes to choose from: Assault, Heavy, Sniper, Recon, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X-1 Morph, Kommander, and Marauder. Each has its own specialty and perks to take advantage of. Above all, Modern Combat 5 is an absolute visual delight that treats you with beautiful graphics.


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Guns of Boom

Imagine the light environment of Fortnite and the action-packed gameplay of Call of Duty in one game. Well, you’ll get Guns of Boom. This multiplayer first-person shooter game was developed and published by Game Insight. As the game starts, players will be asked to select their preferred specialization. These include Assault, Sniper, Support, and Recon. Each comes with its own skills and weapon of expertise. Before being deployed in the battle, a player can set his or her preferred loadouts. It offers premium weapons that can be purchased via the in-game shop.

The game offers four campaigns including its Classic mode with random battles and objectives, Classic Group fight where you can play with friends in a cooperative battle, Private Match, and Limited-time events. Once deployed, you can navigate around the immensely beautiful map and complete your objective as quickly as possible. Weapons can be upgraded to make your character more efficient and to maximize your chances of surviving. Currently, the game is on Act 2: Season 10 and there are many more events to come. If you are looking for an FPS with a conventional approach, Guns of Boom is surely a great fit!


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Dead Trigger 2

Nothing can be more thrilling than a first-person shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic environment overrun by mutated zombies. This is what Dead Trigger 2 is all about. If you are brave enough, then you might consider embarking on a deadly adventure. Dead Trigger 2 is developed and published by Deca Games, a studio behind many other high-quality FPS games like Unkilled and Shadowgun Legends. In this game, you play the role of a survivor with a sole mission to escape the nightmarish catastrophe. The goal is to complete the missions that will require you to do all sorts of things and move from one location to another.

You will also encounter other survivors who might help you in the process. The player can choose his weapon of expertise, whether it is melee or ranged ones, there is a great number of weapons to choose from. You can wipe out the hordes of zombies in a variety of imaginative ways. If you are brave enough, you might consider bringing your trusty wrench as your primary weapon. Dead Trigger 2 is not just your typical shooting game as it comes with a compelling story and a series of action-packed boss battles to explore. Not to mention the console-grade graphics that make you feel like playing those epic PlayStation and Xbox horror-survival video games.


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Call of Duty Mobile

One of the highly anticipated mobile games of 2019 continues to attract more FPS lovers today. Before the mobile version, Call of Duty already established a reputation. It has become one of the most successful FPS series in gaming history with more than 400 million copies sold. Ever since the first game was launched in 2003, the series has expanded to many other sequels, spin-offs, and sub-series, including the well-acclaimed Modern Warfare. The team in charge of the mobile version was Timi Studio (a subsidiary of Tencent and the same team behind games like Pokemon Unite and Arena of Valor to name a few).

Call of Duty Mobile managed to capture all the elements from its predecessors. While the game is exclusively designed and optimized for mobile devices, the graphics and the gameplay were never compromised. Here, players can choose to play either the ranked mode or the non-ranked campaign. Some of its primary modes include the classic Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, and a great number of limited-time yet recurring events. It also comes with a Battle Royale mode where you fight for survival against 99 other players. If you are an avid CoD player, this mobile edition will certainly not disappoint. Good luck and have fun!


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Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online is yet another decent first-person shooter game for mobile. It was developed and published by Azur Interactive Games. If you love playing the classic Counter-Strike game, Modern Strike Online is more like a homage to this iconic FPS game. The game offers a great number of single and multiplayer campaigns, including an awesome 5V5 campaign with various objectives to complete. There’s also the classic Team Deathmatch battle where your goal is to destroy the opposing team and kill as many opponents as possible within the given time frame.

Interestingly, it also comes with a “Plant the Bomb” mode. If you chose to be part of the Terrorist team, your mission is to plant the bomb successfully, but if you chose to become part of the Special force, your goal is to stop the bomb at all costs. Appearance-wise, Modern Strike Online is also an absolute visual delight. It treats you with console-grade graphics and well-polished gameplay. It is a decent FPS that you can confidently include on your mobile game list.


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Sniper 3D

Unlike the rest of the games in this list, Sniper 3D is unique in many ways. For instance, this game is not PvP. It takes you to an action-packed Sniper shooting adventure. The game allows you to play the role of a newly hired professional sniper. The objective is to accomplish all the missions given to you by your client which mostly involve the assassination of various targets. Unlike your typical FPS, your character here is barely moving. You will be given your own shooting station, strategic enough to shoot enemies without being noticed.

You are equipped with a powerful sniper rifle which gives you the capability to shoot the targets from afar. Be mindful that it is very important to do your job as smoothly as possible because if you failed, you would only trigger an alarm and the opponents could possibly escape. This will give you no other option but to start the mission back from the very beginning until you manage to make it through. The game also comes with an impressive upgrade system, allowing you to make your shooting skills more efficient and effective. To top it all off, the game comes with visually striking graphics and beautiful dramatic cutscenes for each successful assassination.


Download Sniper 3D: Android / iOS


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World War Heroes

Another masterpiece of Azur Interactive Games is World War Heroes. Unlike Modern Strike Online, World War Heroes is a period game that takes you back to the events of the Second World War. It allows you to reimagine the scenes from this period and gives you a chance to rewrite your history. While it takes you to a different atmosphere, the mechanics or the gameplay of World War Heroes are not different from the typical first-person shooter game. It comes with classic campaigns like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Headquarters Defense, and many more.

Interestingly, to make the experience even more realistic, the game allows you to select your preferred combat equipment based on the four opposing countries, including Japan, Germany, the USA, and the USSR. It will also take you to more than 12 legendary Second World War warzones and best of all, you can even operate your own tank on the battlefield, a feature that quickly separates this game from the rest of the FPS games in this list. If you are fascinated with World War II, this game is surely a great fit for you.


Download World War Heroes: Android / iOS


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Hitman Sniper

Based on the stealth video game of the same name, Square-Enix decided to make a mobile version of their highly acclaimed Hitman: Absolution. Much like its predecessors, you play the role of Agent 47 with a main mission to act as a sniper and eliminate all targets from afar without getting caught. Although the game features an entirely different gameplay, Hitman Sniper remains faithful to its theme. The mission is generally simple, be the best sniper and accomplish your given task as quickly and as smoothly as possible. The mechanics are generally simple, yet the game requires players to be extremely observant and pay attention to any suspicious movements around the target area.

Stealth is the main focus of this game. Even though you are way too far from the target area, you still need to be as stealthy as possible. One wrong shot would trigger enemies and nearby civilians and you might end up failing the mission. There is also a bonus Zombie survival mode to explore in case you are looking for additional challenges. With more than 150 missions to complete, Hitman Sniper certainly has decent longevity and impressive replay value. If you think you have what it takes to become the ultimate assassin, feel free to explore this game and see how far you can go!


Download Hitman Sniper: Android / iOS


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Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 takes you to a futuristic environment with gameplay that is closely similar classic DOOM series. The game is developed and published by BadFly Interactive which follows the events of the first Dead Effect game. There are three playable characters to choose from, you can play as Gunnar Davis, Jane Frey, or Kay Rayner. Each character has its own specialty and weapon of expertise. As the game starts, it will prompt you to a zombie-infested spaceship. Your main objective is to gather and secure evidence while exterminating all the enemies along the way.

Similar to Doom, Dead Effect 2 takes you on a gruesome adventure. Each character comes with its own personality and development, making each adventure unique and different. There are also tons of upgradable items to unlock to make your character more efficient and maximize your chances of surviving the terror. The best part about this FPS game is the console-grade graphics that are matched with an atmospheric soundtrack and movie-quality sound effects. Not to mention that it is narrated by professional voice actors which makes your gaming experience even more thrilling and satisfying.


Download Dead Effect 2: Android / iOS


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Combat Master Mobile FPS

Developed and published by Alfa Bravo, Combat Master is yet another decent FPS on the mobile market today. It features all the elements you need for a first-person shooter game. The best part about this game is that it is not developed as a cash-grabbing mobile game. it has no advertisements, allowing you to enjoy the game without annoying interruptions. To top it all off, while the game is absolutely free, the quality of its graphics and gameplay were never compromised. It has, however, a Battle Pass that you can activate to receive premium items and rare skins.

The game comes with multiple exciting campaigns including a classic Deathmatch, Quick Play, Search and Destroy, Combat Master, and many more. There is also a Custom Campaign that allows you to create your own rules and mechanics and invite other players to join. Best of all, it comes with an Offline mode that allows you to enjoy this action-packed FPS game anytime and anywhere you want without worrying about the Internet or mobile data.


Download Combat Master Mobile FPS: Android / iOS


The FPS genre has continued to evolve, with advancements in graphics, gameplay mechanics, and online multiplayer experiences. New titles and franchises regularly contribute to the ongoing development of FPS gaming. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy these top ten best FPS for mobile!