Whether you love cooking in real life or not, you’ve probably come across a cooking simulation game at some point in your life. The concept of these games is generally simple, yet they can be surprisingly challenging and sometimes chaotic. Before the domination of mobile games in the market, there were notable cooking simulation video games that have become very popular. Some of these include Diner Dash by Gamelab which was first released in 2003, and Cooking Mama in 2006. Not to mention those games that were popularized by Facebook such as Restaurant City by Playfish and Café Word by Zynga. There were also notable browser-based cooking games that became popular during the peak of flash games. These include the well-acclaimed Papa’s Pizzeria and the rest of the Papa Louie’s Restaurant management series by Flipline Studio.

The core objective of these games will vary from managing a restaurant to a real cooking simulation where you must follow instructions to build a virtual recipe. Today, there is an overwhelming number of cooking games to choose from. If you are looking for the right game, we got you covered!  We are listing the 10  best cooking simulation games for your mobile device.


cooking simulation games


Diner Dash Adventures

We can say that Diner Dash is one of the first games to popularize this genre. The game has expanded to multiple sequels. In 2019, a new game was added to the franchise. Developed by Glu Mobile, Diner Dash Adventure takes you back to Diner Town where it all started. While the game took place after the events of Cooking Dash (2016), Diner Dash Adventure is played differently. It is more faithful to the original Diner Dash game where you no longer need to cook the dishes and you just need to focus more on serving the customers as fast as you can.

The main objective is to bring Diner Town back to its former glory. To do so, you must guide Flo through different venues in the town and earn stars which will then be used to complete tasks. Every time you have completed a task; you will progress to a new story. All venues have different upgrades and gimmicks of their own.  You can also collect keys which allow you to unlock certain items for the town. In addition to that, you can also unlock outfits not just for Flo but for other characters as well.


Download Diner Dash Adventures: Android / iOS


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Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook

The Cooking Mama game series has also ventured into the mobile platform. Capturing all the elements from its predecessors, Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook takes you to an exciting cooking adventure. Remaining faithful to the original material, the core objective of Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook is to help Mama prepare and cook various dishes. Unlike typical cooking simulations that are mostly fast-paced, this game takes you to a comprehensive procedure in cooking as if you were following a real recipe instruction. Interestingly, Cooking Mama is not just a simple cooking simulation game, it also comes with a restaurant management element.

After creating your first dish, it will be added to your restaurant’s menu. Once the restaurant is open, you may now serve the customers as quickly and as many as you can. This also allows you to earn gold coins which you can later use to upgrade your restaurant, making it not just visually appealing but also more productive. Similar to the other Cooking Mama games, this one also features non-cooking minigames and many other equally exciting campaigns to explore.


Download Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook – Android / iOS


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Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off            

Nukebox Studio has a great number of casual mobile game titles under its sleeves. They are the same team behind games like the Cooking Channel, Food Truck Chef, and Room Flip to name a few. Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off is one of their biggest projects and is published by Tilting Point Studio (Leo’s Fortune and TerraGenesis). As the name clearly suggests, this game will bring the well-loved Spongebob Squarepants into action and will take you back to the Bikini Bottom. It follows the journey of Spongebob as he tries to bring all the customers back to the Krusty Krab.

To do so, you must be quick enough to serve their orders and make sure to get the target revenue every day. The customers will start to arrive in your shop and will ask for a specific set of orders. Simply click all ingredients in proper order and serve them right away. The game might look easy to play, but it is surprisingly tricky and challenging. It requires players to exert the best of their visual reflexes and to show off their impressive eye and hand coordination to maximize their winnings. If you love Spongebob and if you enjoy playing cooking games, Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off is surely a great fit for your device.


Download Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off – Android / iOS


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Animal Restaurant

Overloading cuteness! I guess this is how you can perfectly describe DH Publisher’s Animal Restaurant. As the title clearly connotes, the game will take place in an animal world. It follows the story of a homeless cat who got help from a nice couple who own a new restaurant. To bring back the courtesy and to repay the couple’s kindness, the cat decided to help them run the business. The main objective of the game is to effectively manage the restaurant. To do so, you must serve all the customers as quickly as possible.

Interestingly, Animal Restaurant comes with many idle features. For instance, if you have earned enough cod fish (the game’s virtual currency), you can start hiring helpers to serve the customers and to work in the kitchen on your behalf. While these automated features will make your job much easier, the demands will become more challenging as you progress. To boost your productivity and effectiveness, you are encouraged to upgrade the restaurant’s facilities and equipment. You can also add decorations or offer discounts to attract more customers. To top it all off, Animal Restaurant comes with a very cozy atmosphere that provides gamers with a very relaxing cooking simulation game experience.


Download Animal Restaurant: Android / iOS


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Papa’s Pizzeria To Go!

Back in the day when flash games were at their peak, Papa’s Pizzeria by Flipline Studio was among those well-acclaimed and highly successful browser-based cooking simulation games. It was so successful that it became a huge franchise for Flipline, expanding to multiple sequels, variants, and spin-offs. When Flash player died, Flipline brought all their titles to mobile and turned most of them into a premium game. They put all their popular games into the Play Store and added “To Go” on the titles to indicate that these games will feature the same game but are highly optimized for mobile devices.

If you are a big fan of the series and you are willing to spend $0.99 for a casual game, then you might consider adding Pa’a’s Pizzeria To Go to your game list. The game managed to capture all the elements from its predecessor, but it also incorporated many new features to make the game more mobile-friendly. The goal is to run the Pizzeria and serve the customers as fast as possible until you have reached your target revenue for the day. You can also perform upgrades to make your character and the shop itself productive and efficient.


Download Papa’s Pizzeria To Go: Android / iOS


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World Chef

Do you have what it takes to become the world’s greatest chef? Well, it is time for you to prove your skill in this game created by Social Point, the same team behind Dragon City Mobile and Monster Legends. World Chef is a restaurant management game that doesn’t just offer addictive gameplay but also features a compelling story that you can follow. Your character in this game inherits an old restaurant which was once a popular dining place run by your grandpa, a well-known chef in the world. After retiring, your grandpa decided to travel the world and left the restaurant under your management.

Now, your goal is to bring the restaurant back to its former glory. The game works similarly to typical restaurant management games. The customers will arrive, and you must give them the best and most satisfying service that no other restaurant can offer. Luckily, you will not do this alone. You will be accompanied by various servers, and you can hire more to process every order in no time. As you progress, you will be asked to make necessary upgrades to accommodate more customers and to add more items to your menu.


Download World Chef: Android / iOS


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Restaurant Story 2

Storm8 Studio has a plethora of casual games in its library. They have many popular titles that often end with Story, most of which are successful and critically acclaimed. These include titles like Farm Story, Bakery Story, Fashion Story, and Castle Story to name a few. Restaurant Story is the studio’s take on a restaurant management category. The success of the first game led to an equally beautiful sequel. Appearance and gameplaywise, Restaurant City 2 will quickly remind you of the now-defunct Restaurant City and Café World games on Facebook.

Like most traditional restaurant management games, the main objective here is to run the restaurant as effectively as possible. There are many activities to do and areas to explore in this game. For instance, you will be asked to prepare and cook your own dishes to add them to your menu. You can also gather ingredients through farming. The restaurant itself can also be upgraded to accommodate more people to boost your overall productivity and reach your daily revenue goal.


Download Restaurant Story 2: Android / iOS


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The Cook – 3D Cooking Game

Simple, fun, yet surprisingly addictive! I guess this is how you can perfectly describe SayGames’ The Cook. It is referred to as a 3D Cooking Game but unlike any other cooking simulation from this list, The Cook is done in a fast-paced manner. What you mostly prepare in this game is quite random and some of the recipes you make will not make any sense. For instance, if you are asked to prepare a smoothie, you can incorporate any fruits or vegetables available in your kitchen. You can shop them into pieces put them in a blender or food processor and serve them right away.

Proper timing plays a crucial role in this game. If you prepared a dish with good timing and accuracy, you would end up getting a good review from the customers and you might get a nice tip in return. From time to time, the game will also ask you to upgrade your tools to make you more efficient and faster. Some items are also offered just to make your kitchen more visually appealing. If you are looking for a simple cooking game and an excellent time-killer app game, The Cook is surely a great fit for your device.


Download The Cook: Android / iOS


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Too Many Cooks

Please be mindful that Too Many Cooks is different from the gruesome short film by Adult Swim which became viral many years ago. This game is developed by FiniFugu and published by Playstack, the same team behind Snipers vs Thieves. Too Many Cooks comes with a unique concept. The mechanics are generally simple yet the game is surprisingly tricky and requires mastery to win. The goal is to serve as many dishes as possible. Unlike typical cooking simulation, the game is not just about putting ingredients together but quickly mastering how each ingredient is made. For instance, if you need a fish for sushi, the fish from the crate must be dragged to a chopping board and must be tapped five times just to produce the right meat.

As you progress, the tasks will become more and more challenging. There were levels where you would be asked to wash the dishes while serving the customers at the same time. Interestingly, the game also comes with multiplayer campaigns that allow you to compete or cooperate with other players to reach certain goals. Best of all, the game comes with beautiful graphics and will prompt you to a very relaxing atmosphere. It is a great game that comes with a decent challenge for gamers to enjoy.


Download Too Many Cooks: Android/ iOS


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Hungry Hearts Diner

Hungry Hearts Diner takes you to an old Japanese Diner run by an old yet passionate lady. Your goal is to assist her in serving the hungry hearts – the customers! As she prepares and cooks her signature recipes, you must serve the customers and provide them with what they need. It is a simple point-and-tap game and you can even prepare the dishes in advance and serve them right away once they arrive. You will encounter many different customers from different walks of life, and each comes with a unique personality.

You can also interact with other customers to reveal some inspiring and heartwarming tales from them. Despite the simplicity, what makes Hungry Hearts Diner special is the relaxing atmosphere. It prompts you to a beautifully designed map and is accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effects that will make your experience more engaging and satisfying. You can also perform upgrades to make you more productive and efficient in serving the customers.


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