The Best Battle Royale App Games


From a thriller movie to a multitude of game mods, Battle Royale has come a long way. Back in 2000, a Japanese movie took the cinema industry by storm and became a cultural phenomenon. Generally, the movie follows the story of a group of high school students that are forced to fight to the death until only one of them survives. This gruesome film became one of the most influential movies in history that inspired many filmmakers and game developers. The concept was eventually embraced by a great number of online multiplayer games like Minecraft through special mods which soon turned into standalone games.

Battle Royale became extremely popular that it established itself as a separate game genre. Giant game developing companies eventually embraced the format and most of which became a commercial and critical success. The premise of these battle royale games is quite formulaic. Generally, it involves a massive number of online players that will be deployed on a remote island where they will battle and fight for their survival. The game usually concludes when only one player or one team survives the battlefield. Today, most of these battle royale games are heavily optimized for mobile devices and continue to attract a large number of gamers worldwide. Listed below are ten of the best Battle Royale app games that you should definitely try!


Battle Royale App Games

Fortnite Battle Royale

This list will not be completed without including Fortnite, one of the first mobile games that placed battle royale into the mainstream media. Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite was originally built for higher gaming platforms like PC and consoles. The Fortnite Battle Royale was initially a game mode until it became a standalone cross-platform game in 2017. It was finally ported to mobile platforms in 2018. Just like most battle royale games, Fortnite Battle Royale offers the same gaming formula. Here, a total of 100 players will be deployed to a remote island where they need to fight for their own survival.

Once deployed, the players will have to scavenge weapons that are randomly scattered on the island. The main objective is to survive by killing all the opponents and be the last man standing. Aside from the online opponents, the players also have to survive the so-called storm. As the game progresses, the battlefield will start to shrink and those who are outside the “safe zone” will sustain damage which could also lead to their death. What quickly separates Fortnite from other Battle Royale games is the construction element which allows players to build structures that they can skillfully use as a defensive strategy. While the game is free-to-play, Fortnite is also known for its microtransactions that allow players to access special cosmetic items and other additional privileges. Fortnite Battle Royale, however, is no longer accessible via play stores (Google Play and Apple App Store) due to recent controversy but you can still download it on your device by visiting Epic Games’ official web page.


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Battle Royale App Games

PUBG: Battlegrounds

Also released in 2017, PUBG instantly became the closest rival of Epic’s Fortnite. In fact, the two companies had a legal battle due to copyright infringement issues. Developed by PUBG Studio, PUBG was initially made available to PC and higher game consoles. The game was soon published on the mobile platform by Tencent Games, a China-based company that also released games like Arena of Valor, Call of Duty: Mobile and Pokemon Unite to name a few. The gameplay of PUBG is not entirely different from other battle royale games and while it follows the same old formula, PUBG still comes with a distinctive element that makes the game extremely special.

In this game, 100 online players will be dropped off the plane and will parachute down to a remote island. Here, they will be asked to scout for materials and scavenge for weapons that they should skillfully use to eliminate other enemies. You can also operate various vehicles and use them for fortification or faster navigation. Similar to all battle royale games, the last man standing will be declared the winner. What really makes PUBG unique is its highly-realistic combat approach. It features realistic shooting mechanics with different recoil systems for each weapon. It also comes with a very large dynamic map to explore.


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Battle Royale App Games

Call of Duty: Mobile

A Call of Duty game for mobile? The anticipation for the release of Call of Duty: Mobile is truly overwhelming and with over 270 million downloads in the first year after its release, the game became one of the largest game launches in history. Developed by Timi Studios and published by Activation in 2019, Call of Duty: Mobile offers a vast of changes compared to its predecessors. The game offers a Multiplayer mode that pays homage to classic CoD games and a Battle Royale mode that takes you to an epic deathmatch battle. As you enter the Battle Royale campaign, you will have the option to either play the game alone or with a partner or with a squad.

Staying faithful in giving the real battle royale experience, Call of Duty: Mobile offers a very familiar mechanic while successfully incorporating new elements that are considerably classic to the Call of Duty franchise. Prior to the player’s deployment, they will be asked to pick their preferred class. Currently, there are 17 classes to choose from and each comes with a unique ability or attributes that players can take advantage of during the battle (only one type of class per squad or team). All 100 players will be deployed in a remote land where they will fight for their squad’s survival. While it allows you to play solo, Call of Duty: Mobile is best played with a squad.


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Battle Royale App Games

Garena Free Fire

Interestingly, before Garena added Call of Duty: Mobile into their plethora of published games, they already developed their own battle royale app. Garena Free Fire or simply Free Fire was developed by Garena in 2017 and quickly became a massive hit. Unlike the aforementioned battle royale games, Free Fire only allows a maximum of 50 players on the battlefield. All of them will be deployed on a remote map where they will be asked to scavenge for weapons and other valuable materials that they can use to maximize their chances of surviving.

While games like Fortnite and PUBG are both considerably CPU-intensive due to their hardcore visuals, the graphics for Garena Free Fire are notably lesser in quality which is a downside and an advantage at the same time. If you are looking for a visually stunning battle royale, Free Fire may not able to meet your expectation but if you are looking for an intense battle royale game that you can smoothly play even on a lower-end smartphone, this game is the right fit. Free Fire has a large gaming community that they even have an annual esports competition with up to a $2 million prize pool.


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Battle Royale App Games

Apex Legends Mobile

One of the newly added battle royale games for mobile is the highly anticipated Apex Legends. The game was originally published for higher gaming platforms like Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox but it was eventually ported and optimized for mobile platforms. It is also interesting to note that the game was developed by the same team behind the Titanfall series and the same brilliant minds behind the highly successful Call of Duty franchise. What quickly separates Apex Legends Mobile from all the battle royale games is its unique squad system mechanic. Teamwork plays a crucial role in winning this game.

The game features twenty squads of three players of different pre-made characters that are referred to as legends. Each legend features unique abilities that players can utilize to maximize their survival. Currently, there are 21 playable legends in the game with new characters being introduced every new season. All the squads will be deployed on a map where they have to fight for survival. Here, they can scavenge for weapons that are randomly scattered across the map while trying to survive the shrinking battle area. The last surviving squad wins the match. Interestingly, instead of skydiving onto the map, the players will spawn on a shop before entering the battlefield.


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Battle Royale App Games

Scarfall: The Royale Combat

Scarfall is another battle royale app game that is starting to make a buzz online. It is developed and published by XSquads, an India-based company that features a simplified yet still challenging battle royale format. The main objective is to survive the battlefield by successfully eliminating all the enemies and be the last man standing. Unlike other battle royale games, Scarfall only deploys a maximum of 40 players on the battlefield (via Classic Mode). It features the same battle royale mechanics where players will be fighting for their survival until only one of them remains alive.

Everything else is notably simplified. Weapons and armors are randomly scattered on the map and you can easily pick them up by simply passing through them. Shooting mechanics are also done in a very simple manner but what really makes this game unique are the respawn chances. The game allows you to respawn three times after getting killed during the ten-minute time frame. If you really want to experience the classic battle royale, you might consider playing the game in its Survival mode. Here, 100 players will fight for their survival without respawn chances to bring them back into the game. The game is also wonderfully optimized for mobile devices and it works well even for low-end smartphones.


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Battle Royale App Games

Pixel Gun 3D

If you love Minecraft and would love to experience a battle royale game, Pixel Gun 3D is perfectly crafted for you. Developed by Lightmap Studio, Pixel Gun 3D takes you to a Minecraft-inspired world where you have to use the best of your skills to survive. It is interesting to note that battle royale is not the main campaign offered by Pixel Gun 3D. The classic mode is a team deathmatch similar to the classic Counter Strike game where your objective is to help your team eliminate the opposing party and kill the greatest number of enemies within the given time frame.

The Battle Royale mode, on the other hand, can be unlocked once you have earned 45 XP points. In this mode, up to 100 players will be deployed on a remote island. They will start the battle with an empty inventory and they will be asked to scavenge for weapons to survive. Like all Battle Royale games, the battlefield will shrink from time to time and players must keep themselves within the safe zone. The match concludes when there is only one player remaining on the battlefield. The game also offers multiple equally engaging campaigns like Daily Challenges, Mini-Games, Free-Play, Event Mode, Raids, and Tournament.


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Battle Royale App Games

Grand Battle Royale

Similar to Pixel Gun 3D, Grand Battle Royale is another Minecraft-inspired battle royale game. Unlike Pixel Gun though, this game is presented with slightly different visuals and textures. The game is developed and published by Gamespire and it comes with simpler mechanics. As soon as you enter the battle royale mode, you will be prompted first to the waiting lobby. Here, the game will provide 90 seconds time period to wait for other players to arrive. All the players who made it during the given waiting period are the only players who will enter the battlefield.

Sticking to the classic battle royale gameplay, players will be deployed on an island with an empty inventory. Once landed, they will be asked to scavenge weapons that are randomly scattered on the map. Each player can equip a maximum of 5 weapons in the battle. In addition to that, the battlefield is also shrinking from time to time and the players must remain in the safe zone to survive. It is also interesting to note that you can switch from first-person to third-person perspective during the battle. Grand Battle Royale also comes with other equally engaging game modes which you can unlock upon reaching a certain level. These include the “Hide and Seek” mode, Infection (Zombie mode), Sniper Arena, Teamplay, and Gun Game.


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Battle Royale App Games

Knives Out

It is not the first time that NetEase entered the battle royale competition. Back in 2018, they launched an equally successful Rules of Survival game. It quickly became a close rival to games like PUBG and Free Fire. However, in June 2022, NetEase permanently shut down the game. Good thing, they replaced it with an equally impressive game. Knives Out is the newly added battle royale game in NetEase’s impressive game collection. The game generally follows the same formula. 100 players will be deployed on a remote island where they need to fight for their own survival.

Players will scout and scavenge for weapons and must eliminate every enemy they will encounter along the way. To top it all off, the battle zone will constantly shrink which makes the game even more intense and challenging. Another great element of this game is the player’s ability to operate various vehicles which they can effectively use to navigate the game’s huge map. Appearance-wise, Knives Out is also an absolute visual delight that treats you with decent visuals and animation. The game also highlights a great number of cool cosmetic items that can quickly separate you from other players.


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Battle Royale App Games

Cyber Hunter

Typically, battle royale games feature some military-inspired element. They often feature weaponry that is inspired by real guns and armor. Interestingly, Cyber Hunter delivers an entirely different approach. Also developed by Soul Fighter Studio and published by NetEase, Cyber Hunter takes you to a futuristic environment. Interestingly, battle royale is just one of the game’s multiple campaigns. Initially, the gamers will be asked to play the Team Arena mode before unlocking the rest of the campaigns. For the battle royale mode, 100 players will be deployed to the battlefield and fight for their survival.

In the entire course of the game, the players will be asked to scavenge weapons and establish an effective loadout to maximize their chances of surviving. The storm will also shrink the players’ battle zone which makes the game even more challenging. Just like any battle royale game, the last remaining player will win the match. Other campaigns offered by Cyber Hunter include Loot Lord, Daily Challenges, and event modes. It also comes with impressive character customization, gacha mechanics, and tons of available skins. Not to mention the game’s visually stunning graphics and well-polished animation.


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Battle royale games might follow the same format but the multiplayer and real-time strategy elements make this genre unpredictable and addictive. If you are up for a challenge and if you think you are skillful enough to become the last man standing, feel free to explore any of these Top Ten Battle Royale App games! Good luck and have fun!