Roblox has become an effective platform for many aspiring independent game developers to easily publish their games to a wide range of audiences. Ever since the platform was released in 2006, it has hosted a great number of successful game titles including the commercially successful Adopt Me by Uplift Games. This MMO virtual pet simulation game has been played more than 30 billion times and is considered to be one of the most successful Roblox titles up to date. Other notable game titles that have become equally successful from this platform include Brookhaven, Tower of Hell, Meep City, and more.

The popularity of Roblox drastically increased during the peak of the global pandemic. It also gave birth to some popular titles including the so-called “Rainbow Friends.” Created by Fragment Games, Rainbow Friends is one of those games that surprisingly become successful. Thanks to a great number of streamers who gave this game enough buzz to attract more audience. Gameplay-wise, Rainbow Friends is seemingly influenced by many horror games like Friday Nights at Freddy’s and MOB Games’ Poppy Play Time. In this game, 15 players will be prompted to a mysterious amusement park overrun by creepy colored monsters. It comes with different objectives per round and players will be asked to gather items that are randomly hidden on the map to avoid being caught and eaten by the monsters at the same time.

With more than 100 million visits ever since it was created in 2021, Rainbow Friend’s success is truly undeniable. Like any popular game, many developers attempted to either recreate the game or build a new app game that is inspired by Rainbow Friends’ well-loved characters. Listed below are the top ten apps that are inspired by Rainbow Friends. If you are an avid fan, these games are absolutely worth checking.


Rainbow Friends


1. Rainbow Craft: Hide and Seek

As the title clearly suggests, Rainbow Craft is based on two popular games; Rainbow Friends and Minecraft. Developed and published by Boss Level Studio, Rainbow Craft attempts to capture the intensity of the Rainbow Friends game while taking you to the very familiar Minecraft atmosphere. In this game, you either play as a seeker or you will be asked to hide. When playing the role of a seeker, your task is to locate all the other players on the given Minecraft-inspired map. The game takes you to a maze-like stage where you can navigate from a first perspective. You must be able to catch the required number of players in a given time to win the match.

If you are tasked to hide, you must actively move around the map and avoid being caught by the monster at all costs, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end, you are also encouraged to collect coins along the way. The virtual currency you earned from each match can be used to upgrade your attributes, allowing your character to become more efficient and effective. Appearance-wise, the game managed to capture both worlds. It gives you the signature texture of Minecraft while capturing some of the popular characters from Rainbow Friends, Poppy Play Time, Among Us, and Friday Nights at Freddy’s.


Download Rainbow Craft: Hide and Seek: Android / iOS


Rainbow Friends


2. Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D

There are many Rainbow Friends clones in the app market today but Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D is probably one of the best games you can find. The game is developed by XD Games and published by ABI Global LTD. If Rainbow Craft merges Rainbow Friends and Minecraft, Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D features elements inspired by Rainbow Friends and Among Us. It is also interesting to note that this game remained faithful to the original Rainbow Friends gameplay. The game comes with multiple campaigns with different objectives.

The first available mode for players is the “Find the Blocks” campaign and as the title connotes, the goal is to team up with other players to find all the blocks that are randomly scattered on the map and bring them to the save point while avoiding the Blue monster at the same time. Every time your team wins, you’ll earn a diamond. Each additional campaign requires 10 Diamonds to be unlocked. These include “Feed the Monster”, “Fix the Machine”, and “Light the Room” to name a few. What really makes Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D more special are the visually stunning graphics. It is an absolute visual delight that treats you with well-polished animation and gameplay. It is also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effect to make your gaming experience more engaging and fun.


Download Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D: Android


Rainbow Friends


3. Rainbow Monster Rope Game

With so many clones out there, it is quite a challenge to think of something unique while successfully incorporating Rainbow Friends elements. Zego Global Publishing, however, managed to come up with a unique approach by bringing Rainbow Monster Rope Game. The game takes your favorite Rainbow monsters into GTA-inspired gameplay and environment. There are two modes to choose from; GTA Mode and Mission Mode. GTA-Mode is more like a freestyle sandbox mode where you can freely explore and navigate the city. Using different abilities, you can destroy vehicles, and structures, kill pedestrians and police officers, and many more.

The Mission mode, on the other hand, takes you to a series of levels with different objectives to complete. Aside from the Blue Monster, you can also unlock other monsters as soon as you have earned enough visual cash. Appearance-wise, the Rainbow Monster Rope Game is an absolute visual delight that treats you with visually stunning 3D animation. It also takes you to a huge and interactive 3D map to explore. While the game has great potential, the only downside is the overwhelming number of popping ads. Some of these will pop up while you are on a mission which only interrupts your gameplay. Other than that, it is absolutely worth exploring.


Download Rainbow Monster Rope Game: Android


Rainbow Friends


4. Survivor in Rainbow Monster

Developed by DMobin and published by Great Arcade Games, Survivor in Rainbow Monster is another decent Rainbow Friends-inspired mobile game. Similar to Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D, the game is also a beautiful merge between Rainbow Friends game and the Among Us. The graphics are closely similar to the Among Us game but cleverly incorporated with Rainbow Friends elements. They also made notable tweaks to the popular monsters that provide gamers with an entirely new experience. The mechanics are also very simple and easily manageable yet still require players to exert the best of their eye and hand coordination and visual reflexes to maximize their chances of surviving.

The game offers multiple campaigns to explore. Each campaign comes with different objectives to complete. Most of which are inspired by the real Rainbow Friends game. These include Find the Blocks, Fix the Machine, and other PvP campaigns like Battle and Challenge mode. It also comes with a Skin Shop that allows you to customize your avatar. Most of the skins are inspired by various iconic game characters like Super Mario, The Joker, Steve of Minecraft, Huggy Waggy of Poppy Playtime, and even Santa Claus to name a few. You can also take advantage of daily bonuses and spin rewards to earn additional virtual cash and gems.


Download Survivor in Rainbow Monster: Android


Rainbow Friends


5. Rainbow Rangers

Rainbow Rangers is another Rainbow Friends-inspired app game developed by AdOne and published by WeMaster. Just like Rainbow Craft, Rainbow Rangers is another Hide and Seek game. As soon as the game starts, you will either be tasked to hide from the monsters who will constantly chase all players during the given time. The goal is to survive by constantly hiding or evading the monsters while collecting coins and boxes along the way. You might also be assigned as a seeker. As a seeker, you must be quick enough to locate all the players on the given map. The goal is to kill or catch the required number of gamers within the time limit, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you will lose the match.

Players also have the option to pick Hide or Seek by tapping the respective buttons before the game starts. The only catch here is that you have to watch a reward video to obtain the role you want to play. You can also watch reward videos in exchange for special abilities that allow your character to pass through walls or to get a drastic boost in speed. Players can also take advantage of various powerups that they can obtain during the game. Appearance-wise, Rainbow Rangers offers neat and visually engaging graphics. It comes with well-polished 3D animation accompanied by a good piece of music and audio effects.


Download Rainbow Rangers: Android


Rainbow Friends


6. Rainbow Monsters: Scooter Taxi

Developed by Moongames and published by Falcon Global, Rainbow Monsters: Scooter Taxi is a very hilarious take on the Rainbow Friends game. While the game features the popular Rainbow Friends monsters, the gameplay is way too far from the source material. Fun, simple, and surprisingly addictive! This is how you can perfectly describe Rainbow Monsters: Scooter Taxi. Your character in this game will be riding a hoverboard and your objective is to pick up as many characters along the way. The more you pick up characters, the higher the tower you make. To clear the level, you must reach the finish line. The higher the pile of characters, the higher the score you will get.

Take note that each level comes with a target score and you must be able to reach them to progress to the next level. The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. Not just the target score increases exponentially, but the number of obstacles will also drastically increase. Bumping into vehicles and other structures will only destroy the pile and the score will only go back to zero. Aside from the default hoverboard, you can also switch to other means of transport. You can use a scooter, a bus, a sports car, a taxi, and even a rocket! There is also an option to change characters. These include the Green Monster, Huggy Waggy, Mommy Long Legs, and all sorts of colorful avatars.


Download Rainbow Monsters: Scooter Taxi: Android


rainbow friends


7. Merge Monster: Rainbow Friends

From the same team that published Rainbow Monsters: Scooter Taxi comes another Rainbow Friends-inspired app game. Merge Monster: Rainbow Friends is a very unique merge puzzle game that takes you on a colorful adventure. The mechanics of the game are generally simple and easily manageable yet the players are encouraged to visualize the puzzle carefully to maximize their chances of winning. As soon as the game starts, players will be prompted to the battlefield. Each player is given a 3×5 playing grid where they can summon Rainbow monsters.

Just like most merge puzzles, players can merge two identical monsters to form a new and more powerful one. There are two types of monsters in this game; the melee monsters and the ranged ones. To win the game, you must destroy all the monsters owned and summoned by your opponent. Gems are very important to progress in this battle. You use it to buy and summon new monsters. The prices for each monster will also increase exponentially which makes the game a lot trickier. You can, however, take advantage of the reward videos to multiply your reward by 2 to 10 times higher. Appearance-wise, Merge Monster: Rainbow Friends is also an absolute visual delight that treats you with visually stunning 3D animation.


Download Merge Monster: Rainbow Friends: Android


Rainbow Friends


8. Flex Fight: Rainbow Friends

Flex Fight: Rainbow Friends is a fun, simple, and addictive multiplayer app game developed and published by Tazkan Games. It comes with very simple and straightforward mechanics but it is surprisingly tricky and hard to master.  The goal is simple, you move your character on a given map and eat as many foods as you can to grow bigger. To win the game, you must throw all the enemies outside the map. Be mindful that you can only lift the enemies if your weight is bigger than theirs. It is also important to mention that foods will only appear at a certain time interval and you must be quick enough to collect them before your enemies.

Players are encouraged to exert the best of their eye and hand coordination to maximize their chances of winning. Once they are caught, they only have limited time to escape, otherwise, they can throw you out off the map and lose. The coins you earn from each battle can be used to purchase new skins or boosters that allow you to start bigger or faster than your enemies. Appearance-wise, Flex Fight: Rainbow Friends features a neat and well-polished 3D animation. Additional details can be added to make it more engaging but other than that, the game is truly addictive and an excellent time killer.


Download Flex Fight: Rainbow Friends: Android


Rainbow friends


9. Origin Story

Developed by Dmobin and published by Great Arcade Game, is currently in an early access phase but it comes with well-crafted gameplay that managed to capture the Rainbow Friends and other game references like Among Us and Poppy Play Time. Generally, your main goal in this game is to complete your given tasks along with other players. You must be able to complete the challenge while successfully avoiding the Rainbow monsters. Otherwise, your game will come to a quick end. Multiple players will be prompted to a given map and your goal is to collect certain items within a given time frame. Failing to meet the requirement is not just your personal failure but the failure of the entire team. This makes “teamwork” the most important key to winning this game. comes with two game modes; Challenge and Battle. The Challenge mode is a cooperative campaign where all players will share the same goal. Most of the time, they will be asked to collect a certain number of objects within a given time frame while trying to evade the rainbow monsters. They can hide inside boxes or better yet take advantage of powerups to maximize their chances of surviving. The Battle mode, on the other hand, is more like a battle royale game. Here, players will be deployed in an arena and the goal is to kill all enemies in the field. The remaining player will win the match. While the game is inspired by Rainbow Friends, it is surprisingly unique on its own.


Download Origin Story: Android


Rainbow Friends


10. Rainbow Challenge

Imagine your favorite Rainbow Friends characters in an epic Squid Game setup. Well, Rainbow Challenge or the Blue Monster: Rainbow Survival (on PlayStore) is an excellent concept combining the two aforementioned source materials. In this game, you will be playing the role of a Rainbow Monster (or other skins inspired by various games like Among Us, The Baby in Yellow, and Poppy Playtime). The goal is to survive each challenge. These challenges are merely based on the iconic Squid Game challenges including the Red Light, Green Light survival game, the bridge game, and many others.

Currently, the game has 17 challenges that you can explore. Some of these require players to collect certain medals to be unlocked. Aside from Rainbow Friends, some of the game objectives are inspired by other popular video games such as Poppy Playtime and more. These are notably small yet replayable challenges, providing this game an excellent replay value and longevity. Appearance-wise, the game is also an absolute visual delight that treats you with visually stunning 3D animation. Whether you are a fan of Rainbow Friends or not, this game is definitely worth exploring.


Download Rainbow Challenge: Android

Rainbow Friends is indeed a surprising success. It comes with simple mechanics and simple yet catchy animation and is merely catered to kids. However, it captures the attention of many gamers, creating buzz about it and attracting and effectively convincing more audiences to play the game. If you love this game, you will definitely enjoy this Top Ten App Games that are Inspired by Rainbow Friends. Good luck and have fun!