From the same team behind Idle Defense and Stickman Master series comes a new and exciting fantasy RPG that will take you on an epic journey. Fate Fantasy is developed and published by Loongcheer Games which captures both nostalgic RPG and modern elements that are seamlessly optimized for mobile devices. In this game, you take control of your own squad of heroes and guide them as they travel across different places in an attempt to bring the world back to its former glory. Fate Fantasy is a tactical RPG that features an intense turn-based combat system that will put your skills and knowledge to a test. If you think you have what it takes to master this epic RPG, feel free to explore Fate Fantasy and see how far your journey will take you.


Fate Fantasy


Fate Fantasy Gameplay

The mechanics of fate fantasy RPG  are generally simple and easily manageable. The game quickly reminds you of the Langrisser franchise which was first launched in 1991 for multiple gaming platforms. It was a highly acclaimed game that eventually expanded into a well-established video game series. Fate Fantasy, on the other hand, comes with many similarities to Langrisser, especially in its combat system. Unlike many modern RPGs today, the game doesn’t have a character creation and class selection system. Instead, you have fixed characters that you can play along with other heroes that you wish to be part of your squad.

Interestingly, Fate Fantasy is a mixture of different gaming elements. Aside from being a tactical role-playing game, Fate Fantasy also features an Idle or incremental game system that allows you to earn rewards and loots even if you are not online or actively playing the game. The game also comes with a gacha system that allows you to unlock a great number of heroes with different skills and rarities.  As you progress, you will be able to unlock other equally engaging campaigns including its PvP and PvE modes.


A Nostalgic Turn-Based Battle

If you are tired of those RPGs that are utilizing a lot of automated features, Fate Fantasy remained faithful in providing a classic combat system. The battle, for instance, is not just about tapping skills or attack buttons. Once engaged in combat, it prompts you to an interactive battlefield where each hero can be moved to any of the available grids on the map. Each hero will vary in terms of skill coverage. Some heroes can attack enemies even from afar while others require a melee battle.

During your team’s turn, you can move or position your heroes strategically on the map to maximize your chances of winning. Each hero will have a chance to move or be placed on standby or attack nearby enemies. To clear each stage, the player will be asked to eliminate all the enemies. While all things can be performed manually, you still have the option to enable the Auto combat mode. Most of the battles are presented in a top-down perspective but also showcase 2D battle scenes from time to time.


Upgrades, Weaponry, and Gacha

Like most strategy games, you can also upgrade your heroes to make them more efficient in battles. You can do so by visiting the Hero page from the main menu. Upgrading a character will make a significant improvement to its attributes. Equipping your character will weapons and armor will also help you in maximizing your chances of winning. While all characters from your Hero page can be upgraded, not everyone can be deployed on the battlefield. Most battles only require a maximum of five players per combat so make sure to pick wisely. Winning a battle in this game will grant you rewards in the form of virtual currency, exp points, and other equally valuable resources that you can use for upgrading heroes.

Another great thing about Fate Fantasy is its gacha system. Like any gacha mechanics, you need to have either tickets or moon crystals to summon a new hero. Each hero will vary in terms of their rarity with SSR being the rarest of them all. It also comes with different banners and some of which are only offered within a limited time.


Reward System

Fate Fantasy comes with a generous reward system. There are many ways for players to earn additional virtual currency (gold), diamonds (premium), and many other resources. One of the easiest sources is the game’s idle element. As you visit the main map, you’ll find all your active heroes in action. They will continuously fight against a seemingly interminable number of enemies. A flying chest will accompany them to collect all the loot. Once ready, you can simply tap the chest to collect the reward. You can also take advantage of the daily login bonuses, as well as a bunch of Achievement and Mission rewards.


Fate Fantasy



Appearance-wise, Fate Fantasy is an absolute visual delight. It features beautiful anime-inspired character designs which can also be seen in some of Loongcheer’s older mobile games. The game is also accompanied by a wonderful piece of music to set you in a calming fantasy atmosphere. The game manages to capture classic and nostalgic vibes that can quickly remind you of some early tactical RPGs that we used to enjoy playing on our favorite consoles. While the game throws some retrospective vibe to it, it managed to incorporate modern RPG elements by adding a gacha system, a multiplayer Guild (PvE and PvP campaigns), and more.

Overall, Fate Fantasy is a decent Tactical RPG that offers both a compelling plot to explore and remarkable visuals to adore. Yes, it is formulaic and throws a lot of RPG cliches, but hey, there is something magical about this concept that never gets old and remains effective to gamers all the time. Have fun!


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