Diablo Immortal Roadmap

The time is nearly upon us. In just a few short days, one of the most anticipated app games of 2022 will be hitting phones (and PCs) around the world. And as if to hammer home just how popular they expect it to be, Blizzard has released a Diablo Immortal roadmap detailing the release schedule, how to download Diablo Immortal, how to enable cross-play functionality, and where to find support. So if you’re raring to hit the ground running upon release – then read on. 

The first (and perhaps most significant) thing to note is exactly when the title will be released on the Google Play or App Store where you are. Blizzard has scheduled for a 10am release PDT, meaning that anybody east of LA can expect to see it a little later. Or even the following day, if you’re in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Here’s when we’ll see Diablo Immortal release in different timezones:


  • PDT – 10am
  • EDT – 1pm
  • BRT – 2pm
  • BST – 6pm
  • CEST – 7pm
  • KST – 2am June 3rd
  • AEST – 3am June 3rd


If none of these timezones are applicable to you, then Blizzard also included a handy timezone converter for you to pinpoint exactly when you can expect it. 


Diablo Immortal Roadmap

Next on the Diablo Immortal roadmap, Blizzard details how to download the game. Which…is fairly straightforward to say the least. Just download it via Google Play or the App Store. Job done!

Then, for those who wish to play Diablo Immortal on both PC and mobile, Blizzard lays out how to enable cross-play. To do so, players must create a Battle.net account which can then be used to seamlessly flit between both platforms. Those who download the title on mobile initially can do so as a guest and then either log in or create an account on Battle.net to carry their progress over to PC. 

Finally, Blizzard have made it clear that they will be keeping a watchful eye on proceedings on launch day. As such, it has encouraged players to report any issues or bugs they might find by reaching out on the forums, the Blizzard CS Twitter account or the customer service portal.

After that, it’s all systems go. We already anticipate that the launch will be met with largely positive reviews – but watch this space as we get our own hands on it and let you know our experiences in the coming weeks.

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