While the concept of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games or simply MMORPG has been around since the late 70s, it was in the early 2000s when the genre found its new popularity. Thanks to the introduction of the Internet in all households during that decade, we were endowed with a great number of online RPGs. Big game titles like EverQuest and World of Warcraft paved the way for many other MMO games. During this time, a large number of South Korean MMORPGs also dominated the market. Well-established titles like Ragnarok and MapleStory both became successful franchises.

WeMade Entertainment also came into the picture in the early 2000s by bringing their epic Legend of Mir into the growing MMORPG competition. Despite the controversies and lawsuit battles they had in the past, WeMade devoted itself to improving the game. The game eventually expanded to multiple sequels and all of which are commercially successful, particularly in Asian countries like China. Interestingly, despite the rapid growth in numbers by new MMORPGs every day, WeMade found new success by putting The Legend of Mir 4 into the table.

Unlike typical MMORPGs, Mir 4 became a huge hit by incorporating NFT elements to it. Described as a AAA NFT game, Mir 4 managed to provide high-quality gameplay and impressive visuals while allowing the players to earn money while playing. In this game, players can mine Darksteel which can be exchanged for DRACO, a native cryptocurrency of the game.

Wonderfully, WeMade is finally venturing into the mobile platform to reach a wider audience. Diablo Immortal made an impressive transition and it seems like Mir M is taking the same approach. Mir M is the official mobile version of the series and is a direct sequel to the well-acclaimed Legend of Mir 4. Since the game is exclusively released for mobile, Mir 4 is optimized for the platform. It means that all the common mobile RPG elements are present in this game.



The Gameplay

Be mindful that the game is quite large so make sure that you have enough space on your phone storage to accommodate more than 4GB app game. The game welcomes you with impressive and almost console-grade cinematics. As soon as the game starts, you will be asked to select your preferred class. There are three options to choose from; Warrior, Taoist, and Sorcerer. The classes, by default, will vary in terms of their skills and attributes. Unlike its predecessors though, Mir M doesn’t have a character creation or customization mode. All classes are gender-locked and there is seemingly no option to change their appearance.

Once selected, the game prompts you to the Gingko Vally village where the journey will take place. Similar to all mobile RPGs today, the game heavily utilized a lot of automated features including Auto quest and pathfinding. It means that you no longer need to manually search for the location because your character can do it with limited interaction from you. Just tap the quest you want to accomplish from your Quest log and let the character do the rest of the job. Although, the game still permits players to turn off the automated features and manually explore the immersive world of Mir. You can use the mini-map to navigate. The map features legends to help you locate the available quests, NPCs, POIs, and even hostile mobs.

Players also have the option to activate Auto combat once engaged in battle. There is also an Auto Gathering feature so you do not have to manually pick up the drops and loots from battles. However, if you are looking for an authentic and old-school RPG battle experience, you can disable the automated features and use the tap-based buttons to execute attacks and skills. You also have slots for potions and other consumables.



Quests, Companions, and Mounts

It is safe to say that the game allows you to go back to the basics of RPG. The core objective of the game is to help your character grow by completing missions or quests. This means you might have to travel from one location to another, talk from one NPC to another, or kill a certain number of enemies and bosses to complete a quest. Doing so, allows you to earn rewards in the form of exp points, gold and other currency, weapons, armor, and more. Aside from the main quests, you can also accept Side quests to earn additional experience and unlock certain skills and knowledge.

As you progress, you will be able to unlock more features. The game has a companion system. As the term suggests, you will have one or more companions that can help you in your journey in different ways. Companions are obtained via a simple gacha system. The Mount system is also a big highlight of the game, allowing players to obtain a large variety of mounts. They can also upgrade these mounts to make them more efficient and effective. The game also comes with a Profession system where you can help your hero master certain skills like production, crafting, and enhancement.

The crafting system is also present in this game. This allows you to craft gear, weapons, armor, and potions as long as you have collected enough materials. Players can also take advantage of the Achievement system to earn more valuable rewards.



Play To Earn System

The big question here is whether the mobile version will also feature Cryptocurrency or not. The answer is a big YES! There are many possible ways to earn real money from this game. For Mir M, the DRACO is now referred to as DRONE. Players can earn money by selling or gaining DOGMA the game’s DIVINE staking program. You can also earn through using WEMIX, a global Blockchain gaming platform.

Appearance-wise, Mir M is an absolute visual delight. It treats players with some console-grade graphics, intricate detailing and character designs, superb cinematics and cutscenes, and more. However, the game comes with a fixed yet zoomable camera angle which is quite a downside of Mir 4’s design. Overall, Mir M is a great MMORPG offering both a nostalgic and modern gaming experience.

Download Mir M: Android / iOS