The Battle Cats is a winning formula that takes tower defense, strategy and cats, and smashes them all together in a fever dream of a game. The story sees players amass a team of weird and wonderful cats and unleash them upon a world of other cute animals as they strive for galactic domination. So it’s really no surprise that it recently hit 70 million downloads. 


To celebrate this milestone, The Battle Cats is bringing weeks of events and rewards for players to reap. 70 million is nothing to sniff at, so the celebratory goodies that can be redeemed are appropriately ample. 


Battle cats celebration


For instance, until 20th May, players can swipe the Dynasty Fest Rare Capsule set, which will bestow a collection of powerful Uber Rare heroes from seasonal sets. It will also feature the exclusive and unmissable Emperor Cat. Uber Rare Cats will also be available at an increased drop rate during this time.


Plus, a bunch of limited-edition maps will be available as part of The Battle Cats celebration. These include:


  • 70M Battle Cats Celebration Gifts Galore – provides a daily victory bonus of 20 Cat Food for the first stage clear.
  • Monthly Event All-Stars Grateful Gathering – total clear rewards of up to 30,000,000 XP.
  • March of Flames – a map with tough stages featuring plenty of Red enemies.
  • Deadly Carnival – face-off against a boss enemy onslaught.
  • Power up the foundations of your Cat Army during the Ticket Festival event between May 16th (11am) and May 30th (10:59am).
  • XP Festival Events for level-ups.
  • Builder’s Blitz events for materials to develop the Cat Base.


But that’s not all. During The Battle Cats celebration, players can earn daily rewards simply by logging in. These take the form of up to seven Rare Tickets and seven Normal Tickets which can be redeemed for new Cat Heroes. 


Basically, now is a great time to bolster that weird and wonderful cat army with some rare finds. So be sure to login between now and 6th June to rake in all you can. 


What do you think of The Battle Cats Celebration?