Simple, fun, and surprisingly addictive! This is how you can perfectly describe Mad Yeti’s Super Dash – Endless Run. While the endless runner game genre has been around since the early arcade machine era, it became massively popular on mobile platforms. Thanks to iconic titles like Temple Run and Subway Surfer which managed to utilize the mobile’s touchscreen technology that makes the gameplay relatively simple and fun to play with. Since then, there has been a great number of endless runners hitting the Play Store every day. Each features its own twist.

Super Dash is not an exemption at all. This game takes you to a futuristic and minimalistic atmosphere. Like most endless runners, your main objective in this game is to get the highest score possible by reaching the farthest distance while avoiding all obstacles that you will encounter along the way.


Super Dash – Endless Run Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are generally simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game starts, the players will be asked to select their preferred vehicle. All vehicles notably come with futuristic designs. After the car selection, simply hit the play button to start your journey. This will prompt you to a minimalistic racetrack. Super Dash features basic game controls and is the kind of game that can be played conveniently even using one hand. As the game starts, the vehicle will accelerate automatically. You can manipulate directions and move from one lane to another by swiping the screen left and right. Double tapping will activate the nitro boost which will give you additional speed for a short period.

Be mindful that you will encounter broken paths along the way. In such a case, you must swipe up the screen to levitate and swipe down to land. Just make sure to land safely on the next platform, otherwise, falling into the void will end your run immediately. Aside from the challenging course that must be surpassed, the player must avoid red blocks that are randomly scattered along the way. You can evade it by flying over them or you can break them by dashing through them. You are also encouraged to collect green gems along the way. These are the game’s standard currency that enables you to upgrade your vehicle or better yet buy a new one.


Super Dash - Endless Run


The Real Challenge

Endless runner games can be repetitive. While the map itself is procedurally generated, you might encounter the same atmosphere over and over as you progress. Despite the apparent simplicity, the highlight of the game is the gameplay itself. The main challenge of the game is the increasing speed. The longer you progress, the greater the running speed will increase, making Super Dash more exciting and engaging to explore.

To maximize the chances of surviving, the players are encouraged to exert the best of their visual reflexes and to show off their impressive eye and hand coordination. If the vehicle is destroyed, the game provides options for players to recover. Players can either resurrect by paying Star(s) or by watching a reward video. The Stars, however, will exponentially increase, so make sure to consume them wisely. If you choose to give up, the game will go back from the very beginning.

Upgrading Vehicles

After each attempt, the game will put you back to the Main Menu which also gives you access to the Garage and in-game Shop. Upgrades are very minimal and most of which are for cosmetics purposes. Currently, the game offers eight exclusive vehicles that are uniquely designed. These include Zyrus (default vehicle), Blade, Novaris, Viper, Shark, Spartan, Astoria Rove, and Pharoah. Each vehicle comes with different skins. It is interesting to note that some skins come with improved and tuned performance. The upgrade requires either the Gem (standard) or the Stars (premium) currency.

The In-game shop, on the other hand, offers mystery boxes where you can get a chance to win a new vehicle or additional hyperdrives (nitro boosts). You can also get Gems and Stars in exchange for real money. There’s also a level-up system in the game which can be achieved by accomplishing 3 sub-goals per level.


Super Dash - Endless Run


The Verdict

Appearance-wise, Super Dash – Endless Run remains to be visually appealing despite its minimalistic environment. It has neat 3D visuals which are accompanied by well-fitting soundtracks. The multiplayer element of the game can only be achieved via the Leaderboard system, allowing you to compete with other players in its Daily and All-time score charts, giving Super Dash – Endless Run decent replay value and longevity. If you are aiming for a simple game and a perfect time-killer that works well even without an Internet connection, Super Dash is definitely a great fit.


Download: Super Dash – Endless Run: Android / iOS