Whether its romantic films, best comedy movies or action movies – there is always something for everyone. There is a great number of films today that are entirely based on successful video games. Video games being adapted into full-length films is not a new concept at all. One of the great examples is the Resident Evil films by Paul Anderson that are based on the iconic horror-survival video game of the same name. It expanded into 6 films and was eventually rebooted. We also got other big titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, Silent Hill, Monster Hunter, and the upcoming Uncharted film starring Tom Holland. These are all based on successful video games but have you ever heard of a movie based on a successful app game?


Seeing your favorite app game coming into life on a big screen is probably a bit of a stretch but it is still a possibility. So far, the only app game that managed to reach such a milestone is Rovio’s Angry Birds which was adapted into two full-length animated films and an animated tv series. Candy Crush Saga also slightly made an appearance via The Emoji Movie in 2017. If both of these successful app games made it into the big screen then there is a great selection of app games today that are absolutely worth adapting mainly because of their very compelling plot.


Today, we are listing down ten of the most interesting app games that should be adapted into films or tv series.


Temple Run

Temple Run by Imangi Studios is a successful app game that brought the endless running genre back into the mainstream. Although the game did not provide enough emphasis to its story and all its interesting characters, the treasure heist concept that took place in a Mayan-inspired setting will quickly remind of Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider. In this game, your character will run endlessly in an attempt to survive from a gigantic creature called Cuchank that constantly chases you from behind. You must avoid all the obstacles that you will encounter along the way and collect coins to earn points.


Why it should be adapted into film? Temple Run is a well-acclaimed app game that has huge fan-based. The fact that they did not focus much on the story will make a film adaptation more refreshing to the audience. Why is the treasure so important and why it is being guarded by huge creatures? Seeing Guy Dangerous and Scarlett Fox being portrayed by big stars is definitely something to thrill about.


Sky: Children of Light

Sky: Children of Light is an indie adventure game that was initially released for iOS and later for Android. What really sets this well-acclaimed game apart is the visually stunning world that players can explore. Here, you take control of a kid who will explore a once prosperous kingdom using a cape that gives him the ability to fly. The game takes you to seven unique realms and each comes with a different theme being represented as a stage of life. As you progress in this game, you will encounter so-called “spirits” that allow you to unlock items and “children of light” that will boost your flying ability. The game is also known for its ambient music score that provides both magical and enigmatic experiences.


Why it should be adapted into film? The game itself is filled with mystery and it would be nice to see them being unfolded on the big screen. To top it all, it would be awesome to see how these beautiful realms are translated into a film using some amazing CGI.




Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a successful strategy app game by Supercell. In this game, you take the role of the village chief. Your mission is to build a stronghold using the resources that you can obtain by attacking other players’ villages. Multiplayer is one of its core features where players can conjoin to create clans (with up to 50 people) and engage in epic Clan Wars. The success of this game eventually expanded to spin-offs like Clash Royale and three other Supercell games.


Why it should be adapted into film? Personally, I can see this game more as an animated series than a full-length film. The Clash of Clans is known for its adorable characters and it would be nice to see them wonderfully translated into a colorful animation. They can also incorporate the series with a bunch of funny slapstick humor that the mobile game is also known for.



Among Us

Among Us by Innersloth is one of those app games that experienced a surprise success. It shares the same fate with games like Flappy Bird, 2048, and Temple Run. Interestingly, it was already published in 2018 but received a massive influx of popularity in 2020. In this game, you will be taken into a space-themed setting where players look like colorful armless cartoon astronauts. You can either play the game as one of the crewmates or the impostor. The goal of the Crewmates is to either identify the impostor or complete their tasks around the map. The impostor, on the other hand, must sabotage the mission by secretly killing other players.


Why it should be adapted into film? Similar to the Clash of Clans, Among Us will work great as an animated series. Combining colorful animation with humor is a perfect formula to make this adaptation work successfully. Not to mention the mystery-solving plot that you can incorporate with this sci-fi animation. Imagine each episode is a different crime to solve! Count me in! After all, the game is inspired by The Thing movie!



Into the Dead

Unlike the first Into the Dead by PikPok, Into the Dead 2 is far more interesting. The sequel provided more depth into the story and introduced us to different interesting characters. Here, you play the role of James who finds himself trapped in a zombie-infested area. Like any horror-survival game, your goal is to keep your character alive and to eliminate every zombie you encounter along the way. From time to time, you communicate with your sister Helen and your daughter Maggie as they both tried to survive the outbreak. Aside from the visually stunning graphics, the game is also incorporated with impressive cut scenes that make you feel like you are playing a video game on a higher gaming console.


Why it should be adapted into a film? Horror survival is always a great subject for a movie. It never gets old as long as you manage to bring some gruesome action along with a compelling plot. A dad trying his best to survive to meet his daughter is definitely a great plot to explore. In addition to that, Into the Dead is a very catchy title for a film!



Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is another successful horror survival app game. Developed by Madfinger Games, Dead Trigger takes you on an action-packed first-person shooter adventure. The game takes you to a post-apocalyptic setting where a plague of an unknown source has killed billions of people and turned them into zombies. Here, you play Kyle who met a group of survivors led by Julian who created a colony known as New Hope. As the story progresses, you eventually discovered that the plague was planned by a wealthy group. The success of the first Dead Trigger game resulted into another equally successful sequel.


Why it should be adapted into a film? Much like what they did with The House of the Dead, this app game has great material that could translate well into a big screen. You can never go wrong with those intense zombie-killing spree moments. On top of that, Dead Trigger is another catchy and easy-to-remember title for a zombie film.




The House of Da Vinci

The House of Da Vinci is a 3D puzzle adventure game that takes you back in time. Here, you play the role of Giacomo, the apprentice to the Renaissance genius, Leonardo da Vinci. Apparently, Da Vinci suddenly disappeared and you must go on a quest to search for the truth behind your master’s mysterious disappearance. Using Da Vinci’s invention, you will also find a way to travel back in time to put all the puzzles together. Aside from the immensely beautiful graphics, the game allows you to explore a series of mind-twisting puzzles that will put your skills and knowledge to a test.


Why it should be adapted into a film? Da Vinci? Time-travel? Puzzles? Well, I guess these are enough materials to come up with a nice mystery movie. This would be an interesting fictional interpretation of Da Vinci incorporated with some time-traveling fantasy and some Sherlock Holmes elements to it.





Mindcell by Ray Spark is a third-person adventure game that takes you to a futuristic setting. Here, you play the role of a man who is sentenced to become material for scientific experiments. In search of a way out, he must recall what happened to him and how he got in such situation. Mindcell is an absolute visual delight that takes you to an immersive 3D world. It also provides some nostalgic Syphon Filter vibes to it. If you are up for some action-packed adventure, this app game is surely a perfect fit.


Why it should be adapted into a film? A Sci-Fi action is always an interesting subject. With proper execution, Mindcell could have a huge potential and who knows, it could grow into a franchise too? All it needs is well-polished cinematography with smooth CGI and a well-written screenplay and this could be an instant hit!




Iron Blade

Developed by Gameloft, the same team behind Asphalt and Modern Combat, Iron Blade takes you to a Medieval-inspired action-adventure. Although the game is designed for mobile, it provides graphics and gameplay that are similar to those you play on higher gaming consoles. The game takes you to breathtaking real-world locations and an exciting dungeon crawling adventure. As an MMORPG, the game is done and played in a fast-paced manner but still managed to input amazing plots to explore. It has all the RPG elements we used to enjoy which makes this game a massive hit.


Why it should be adapted into a film? Medieval is quite a tricky subject for a movie or a series. It is either a hit or a miss. The Game of Thrones, for instance, is a good example of a successful Medieval-inspired series and Iron Blade could share the same fate if it is properly executed.




Florence is a puzzle and visual novel about a girl named Florence Yeoh. Her life is stuck on the same routine until she meets Krish, a guy who changed everything about how she sees the world. Like most visual novel games, this is an interactive story with various possible endings depending on the choices you made. It also involves puzzles and point-and-click challenges too. It is also interesting to mention that this game is created by the same artist behind Monument Valley, another successful app game.


Why it should be adapted into a film? Visual novels are not new when it comes to movie adaptation. There are many graphic novels that are wonderfully translated into big-screen including Marry Me, Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, Diary of a Teenage Girl, and more. Florence has a great potential of becoming a nice romantic film.