TapTap Presents took place over the weekend, and suffice to say it was a doozy. The showcase contained 24 highlights which included new upcoming app games, new ports, and incoming updates to some of the biggest titles on the platform.

There is a lot to cover – so here’s a short summary of everything that was revealed…

  • Torchlight Infinite unveiled a new trailer for the anticipated mobile ARPG, which is due to release this October. 
  • Story-rich, beautiful, anime-style, open-world RPG Wuthering Waves showcased a new gameplay trailer that looks like it will give Genshin Impact a run for its money. 
  • Hero shooter T3 Arena announced its upcoming season, “Lights On”, alongside its new hero, YAA.
  • 60-player battle royale NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is releasing a mobile port.
  • Anime Captain Tsubasa: Ace is coming to mobile in the form of a competitive soccer game.
  • Animal Crossing-like casual sim Heartopia is coming soon, with pre-registration only available on TapTap.
  • A retro turn-based tactical RPG Sword of Convallaria: For This World of Peace is yet another anime-style upcoming app game. 
  • Smash Bros-like brawler Flash Party announced a collaboration with Tarara.
  • Indrasoft revealed the turn-based strategy game ANNULUS which combines medieval warfare with Lovecraftian lore.
  • Yet another turn-based RPG in yet another anime-style world was unveiled with Etheria: Restart.
  • Ambitious spacefaring sandbox Project Stars was revealed, looking like a mobile No Man’s Sky.
  • Koi Remake lets players unwind as a curious koi fish exploring a vast lake and solving puzzles, available now. 
  • Action/adventure RPG ANNO: Mutationem combines 2D and 3D graphics in a mesmerizing cyberpunk setting with a beta due this winter.
  • BarbaQ 2 was announced with a beta due to arrive in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines this August. 
  • What’s that? You want more anime? Well, the upcoming action ‘aetherpunk’ title, Crystal of Atlan might scratch that itch. 
  • Neon Abyss: Infinite brings the roguelike 2D platformer to mobile devices, coming soon.
  • Strategy mobile idle game, Eternal Evolution, is set to launch in November.
  • Unhappy Raccoon is an action roguelike replete with anthropomorphic heroes that will bring oodles of appeal to a certain subculture.
  • Go!Go!Muffin is a cutesy idle fantasy RPG rendered in, you guessed it, an anime artstyle. 
  • For something a little different, Spark Creative Editor is a toolkit for game developers to create their own app games.
  • Yaeger: Hunter is a monster-hunting RPG similar to, well, Monster Hunter. An open beta is set for Q4.
  • Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is set to receive some big updates including a new hero class.
  • Steam’s most popular battle sim, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) is soon to receive a mobile port. 
  • Finally, the OG Genshin Impact revealed a preview of its newest area, Sumeru.


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