Subway Surfers Competition


In the age of RPGs and character creation, embedding ourselves into our favourite games is something of a gaming staple. But trying to get our cheekbone structure just right on a 3D model that will eventually end up looking nothing like us anyway (admit it) is a far cry from having yourself inserted as an official playable character. But SYBO Games are about to make that dream a reality for one lucky fan.


Endless runner champion, Subway Surfers, is celebrating ten whole years on the app gaming scene with a pretty monumental event. With more than three billion downloads under its belt, it’s safe to say that it has garnered a fair few superfans over the years. And from now until June 5th, those superfans may well find themselves officially inserted into the game as an official character.


Entering the Subway Surfers competition is easy, provided you have a TikTok, Twitter or Instagram account and are aged 18 or over. If that is the case, then participants must simply use whichever medium they’d prefer (image, text or video) to tell everybody what it is that makes them (you) super. Which might seem like a bit of an ego trip but you are trying to insert yourself into a hugely popular video game, after all.


Subway surfers competition


After that, participants need to tag their entry with the hashtags #SuperRunners and #SubwaySurfers10Years to officially enter the Subway Surfers competition. The SYBO team will then decide a winner and announce their choice on June 17th after getting in touch through the official Subway Surfers account. 


From there, the winner will work with SYBO and their artists to create a character that is based entirely on them. The new character will then be unveiled in an upcoming World Tour and introduced via a future update. 


It’s difficult to overstate just how popular Subway Surfers is. Its recent milestone of 3 billion app downloads is no real surprise as it is still Google Play’s most downloaded game, and the most downloaded endless runner game on the App Store


Suffice it to say, then, that this Subway Surfers competition is pretty consequential. So be sure to check out the official competition page if you want to enter yourself. 


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