When it comes to fighting games, it is impossible not to include Capcom’s Street Fighter. Although the first fighting video game was introduced in 1976 through Heavyweight Champ game by Sega, Street Fighter changed the landscape not just by popularizing the genre but also by featuring unique elements such as special attacks and more. It is undeniable that Street Fighter was a massive success which eventually expanded to a giant franchise with multiple sequels, spinoffs, and cross-overs. This also makes Street Fighter one of Capcom’s biggest game titles.

Street Fighter also holds the record of being the highest-grossing fighting game of all time. Despite the huge success, Street Fighter never officially ventured into mobile platforms. Due to the growing demand for mobile games, many giant game-developing companies are building a version of their games that is optimized for mobile devices. Blizzard, for instance, managed to successfully bring their Diablo franchise into mobile via Diablo Immortal with overwhelmingly positive responses from critics. The same thing goes with other titles like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Tomb Raider, and more.

It is not surprising to see that Capcom is heading in the same direction with its plethora of popular game titles. Capcom in collaboration with Crunchyroll Games recently announced an upcoming Street Fighter game that is exclusively developed for mobile devices. It should be noted that this is not the first attempt for Capcom to bring the SF title to mobile. They recently launched a mobile version of Street Fighter IV Champion Edition but it was merely an emulated version of the console game and it performed underwhelmingly.

Street Fighter: Duel is the newest addition to the popular franchise. It is developed by TOPJOY (China-based Developer) which was first released exclusively in China. The global version, however, is set to be released this month (February) with the help of Crunchyroll Games, a publisher known for its anime-inspired mobile games. Unlike its predecessors, Street Fighter: Duel will not feature the game’s signature fighting mechanics. It is said to be a Role-Playing game (RPG) that will highlight some of the well-loved Street Fighter characters in an all-new storyline.


Street Fighter


The Gameplay

Gameplay-wise, a player will manage a team of three fighters. It comes with a single-player Story-mode (the main campaign) that is filled with visually striking cutscenes. If you are a big fan of the franchise, you will definitely find this mobile game absolutely fascinating. The game will feature more than 40 colorful characters from different Street Fighter video games. These include staple fighters like Ken, Ryu, Chun-li, Akuma, Cammy, M. Bison, E. Honda, Dhalsim, Guile, and many more. The game also features unlockable skins that will give fighters a new look. To top it all off, players can equip fighters with armor to make them more efficient and effective in battle.

Just like the classic Street Fighter fashion, the game also introduces combo and special attacks which are executed through combinations of tap-based buttons. Aside from the main campaign, the game comes with many equally challenging and fun-to-explore modes. There will be New Challenges, Events, Missions, and a bunch of PvE and PvP modes for players to enjoy. In addition to that, Street Fighter: Duel is seemingly giving highlights to a great number of multiplayer elements. There is a Guild System that allows you to either create your own alliance or join an existing one to embrace lots of perks and rewards.

Appearance-wise, the game is notably a visual delight that treats gamers with remarkable graphics and animations. The game offers console-grade graphics with a bunch of beautifully presented cutscenes, special attacks, and combos. Not to mention that the game comes with a compelling plot and will not just focus merely on combats.

Street Fighter


Although the game is now available in selected regions, the global version of Street Fighter: Duel is not yet officially released. It was announced that the game will be launched globally by the end of February 2023. Street Fighter fans, however, can take advantage of the ongoing Pre-registration on Crunchyroll’s official webpage. Those who pre-register can grab some rewards like cash (virtual currency), gems, and even a rare character box.

Street Fighter already established a great reputation and it is safe to say that it is the king of all fighting games. Knowing that this is the first mobile RPG of the franchise and considering that Capcom is officially involved in the development, we have high hopes that this new Street Fighter game has huge potential of becoming a massive hit.


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