Want to Know When Front Mission 2089 Borderscape is coming?


A day is probably not enough if we talk about all the successful video game franchises by Square Enix from the well-loved RPGs like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts to some action-packed games like Tomb Raider and Chrono series. Another notable tactical RPG produced by Square Enix is the Front Mission series which has been around since 1995. While the success of the franchise is not as overwhelming as the aforementioned game titles, Front Mission managed to build its own name, expanding to various installments, spin-offs and has spawned numerous products in various media outside of video games including a successful manga series, novel adaptations and even a toy line.


Almost ten years after the attempted reboot via the Front Mission Evolved, Square Enix released Left Alive in 2019. Unlike its predecessors, the game features new gaming elements and makes it the first survival game genre in the Front Mission series.   Interestingly, the fans of the series will have another reason to rejoice because Square Enix is about to release a new Front Mission game that will be exclusive to mobile devices.


Entitled Front Mission 2089 Borderscape, the game is developed by BlackJack Studio (a subsidiary of Zlongame) which is the same team behind the successful Langrisser Mobile. A cinematic concept trailer was released a few days ago to give gamers an idea of what to expect from this highly anticipated mobile version of the franchise. Similar to other Front Mission games, Front Mission 2089: Borderscape takes you to a futuristic dystopian warfare.


In this world, society is secretly puppeteered by a large federation composed of various countries, and constant regional conflicts have become the destructive norm. The stories about humanoid weapons and their pilots will unfold through battles intertwined with blood and tears.”


Front Mission 2089 Borderscape


As the title connotes, the game will take place in the year 2089, before the Second Huffman Conflict. Although it is not yet clear if the game will share the same plot as the 2005 Front Mission game that shares the same name. The concept trailer, however, features an entirely different plot. Interestingly, the trailer takes us to two different scenarios. The first one features a female protagonist who is seemingly on a mission to find her long-lost sister while the second part of the trailer highlights a male character in first-person perspective that can be seen operating a “wanzer”, the signature mecha robot in the Front Mission series.


The trailer also briefly shows a discussion between Square Enix Division director Kouichirou Sakamoto and Toshiro Tsuchida of GCRAFT development company, revealing that the game will take place in a very familiar place – the Huffman Island. It will also involve the two opposing factions in the series; the OCU (Oceania Cooperative Union) and the USN (United States of the New Continent).


There are no details about the core gameplay for Front Mission 2089 Borderscape. It is not clear whether the mobile game will remain faithful to the classic Front Mission combat system or it will offer an entirely different gameplay since the game will be optimized for mobile devices. There are also speculations that Zlongame will incorporate some Langrisser elements to it including a gacha system.


In the meantime, while we all wait for the game’s official release date, Front Mission 2089: Borderscape is now open for pre-registration. The game is set to be released for Android and iOS devices. You can also follow the official Front Mission social media accounts for more updates: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram.

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Get ready for Front Mission 2089 Borderscape!