Ever since the Seven Mortal Sins anime was released in 2017, it became a massive hit and eventually expanded to another anime spin-off the following year. The animation and the plot of this anime already showed the huge potential of becoming a role-playing game someday. Not to be confused with The Seven Deadly Sins by Nakaba Suzuki and its Netmarble’s mobile game adaptation, Seven Mortal Sins (aka Sin: The 7 Deadly Sins) is an entirely different franchise.


Following the short pre-registration campaign last month, USERJOY Technology, the team behind Kingdom Heroes, finally launched the official mobile game of the popular animated series entitled Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY. The game is now available globally and is free to download for both Android and iOS devices. Given that the anime is known for its sexy theme and the number of characters involved, no better game genre perfectly matches this anime than a gacha-style RPG and that’s exactly what we are getting from Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY.


Seven Mortal Sins


The Plot

Interestingly, Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY is not a “loosely based” spin-off from the anime but more like an actual sequel to both Seven Mortal Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues animated series. The game follows the story of Lucifer after she managed to defeat all the seven demons of deadly sins. However, they found out that Belial the Vainglory, the demon lord of Vanity, had an underhand dealing with the Heaven and planned to help God create a new world.


To protect the world from being destroyed, Lucifer partnered with the other sins and faced her old comrade, Michael the Archangel of Faith, on the battlefield. In this game, Maria Totsuka was abducted by Lord Belial and introduced us to a so-called third faction that will serve as the new set of villains. Now, Lucifer and her team must find a way to rescue Maria and protect the world from yet another approaching catastrophe.


The Gameplay

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY is done and played in a classic gacha RPG fashion where you will switch between a visual novel that allows the main story to progress and the mission phase that features a classic turn-based combat system. Completing each mission allows you to earn rewards that can be in the form of fragments (shards) or “Awaker Scroll” which you will use to summon a new companion or better known as Cast. The game features more than 40 different characters to explore and they will vary in terms of their respective classes, star levels, and types. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and you must form your team strategically to make them more efficient in the battle.


Interestingly, Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY comes with both PvE and PvP campaigns. There are 4 story modes that you can play to farm your characters and gather more scrolls and unlock new companions. Take note that this is a gacha system so using the scrolls will not always guarantee a rare cast. You can, however, take advantage of the Diamonds (premium currency) to unlock more heroes.


Aside from the main campaign, you can also explore Daily Dungeons, Kizuna Quests, and other Limited Events. The multiplayer elements, on the other hand, can be found via the Arena battle. This includes the so-called Limbus Arena where you are pitted against another online player in a tournament-style battle, the Monster Brawl, and the Grand Colosseum.


Seven Mortal Sins


The Graphics and Animation

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY features two different animations. The story mode features the original character designs by the same popular original artists in Japan. During the game development, the team behind this mobile game invited famous Japanese artists Pixiv and Twitter to create character settings and drawings. These are the same anime-style designs that Seven Mortal Sins fans are very familiar with. As you enter this mode, you will come across some scenarios where you have to decide for the character similar to how a visual novel works.


Here, dialogue options can be chosen by the players in the storylines and the characters will give different interesting reactions according to their personality settings. It also features a unique “System of the Sin” Karma system that allows you to open and interact with the hidden stories of your characters!


Engaging in the battle, however, takes you to a different animation. This will take you to a visually stunning semi-3D battlefield. It features your favorite heroes in an adorable 3D Chibi version of themselves. This is also accompanied by cinematic cutscenes whenever they execute their special skills. It is also important to mention that the voice actors behind most of the characters in this game are the same original voice actors from the animated series. These include Yumi Hara,Yōko Hikasa,Megumi Toda,Yui Ogura, and more.


Currently, Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download the app game for free. You can also access their so-called “Sexy Plus” content by downloading the APK directly from their site.


Download Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY: Android / iOS/ APK Download


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