Supercell recently unveiled three major titles that will be added to their franchise. First of them is the Clash Quest that takes you to a turn-based puzzle RPG that combines elements from both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The Clash Mini, on the other hand, was initially launched as beta in selected countries last year while Clash Heroes is still under development. Clash Mini had a successful global launch few months ago and things are getting more exciting as they recently introduced a brand-new season that offers a vast of wonderful changes.


To give you an idea, Clash Mini is a strategic board game that took place in the growing Clash universe. Here, players will position the miniature version of their favorite characters in the battlefield along with their chosen hero and watch them engage into an epic battle. Similar to early Clash titles, Clash Mini also highlights an auto-battle combat system. You can summon the so-called “Mini” onto the board game if you have enough elixir (which automatically regenerates over time). As you progress, you can upgrade your minis to make them more efficient in the battle. Each mini will vary in terms of their abilities, strength, agility, and stamina and they will fight automatically alongside your hero.


The player who wins three matches will win the game. As you visit your main dashboard, you’ll get access to your Deck (Collection) where you can upgrade Heroes and Minis by collecting enough shards. Clash Mini is also available in different campaigns including Rumble and Duel for Casual and Ranked Modes. You can also take advantage of its Quest System to earn more rewards. This is also a way to earn Carrots, a special currency-like item that you can consume for Season pass.


What really makes Clash Mini more exciting is its Season Pass system similar to games like Fortnite. In Clash Mini, the so-called Mini Pass is sort of an expansion that gives users additional content. This is where they rollout a series of cosmetic changes, new heroes, new minis, new maps, and more.


This month, Clash Mini introduced us to its new splashy Season 2 that offers a vast of amazing changes. The new season will take us to a colorful and tropical-inspired theme and will introduce us to some exciting heroes and minis. Prior to its major update, the game made a series of balance changes for their heroes and minis.


One of the newest features for the second season is the “Star Exhange”. As the term connotes, this feature allows players to exchange their mini stars for hero fragments, crystal coins, gold, and even new minis. If you agree to exchange, all your minis in your mini collection will be brought back to 0 Stars and you have to start the season from fresh, upgrading them once again. It is important to mention that Star Exchange is only a one-time offer so you have to decide whether you choose to exchange or to skip.


Rank Rewards are also introduced in Season 2 which gives top players from Season 1 a nice perk. Here, everyone will receive a set of rewards based on the players’ highest reached league in the previous season. From Apprentice to Legendary, you can expect to receive rewards as soon as you enter the Season 2 Mini Pass.


Clash mini



The new Season will also introduce us to four new Minis including the Swordsman, Fisherman, Golden Giant, and Witch. Each features their own set of skills and attributes. Season 2 Pass holders will also get a chance to acquire the newest hero – the Wave Master that comes with a special ability to ride waves and disorient opponents on the field.


To complement the Tropical theme, the new season will also welcome us with new sent of maps/ battle board. The so-called Shipwreck Battle board will not just feature a colorful underwater theme adorned with corals and giant tentacles but it also features a special Sea shell. By placing a hero or a mini on top of the sea shell, the character will be bounced off the opposite side of the board that gives you more opportunity to attack opponents. Shipwreck-inspired skins are also made available for Season 2.


The new update also introduces the multiplayer Clan system which is available for both Season Pass and non-season pass holders. This allows you join raids with other players or better yet create a clan of your own and invite other members. It also comes with a chat system that allows you to interact with other players.


While the main game itself is already adorable and enjoyable, purchasing Season Pass allows you to unlock more engaging elements to make your mini battles more epic and entertaining. Clash Mini is available for Free for both Android and iOS devices.


Are you a fan of Clash Mini?