It is quite rare to find a game that is fun, educational, and at the same time, spreads meaningful awareness. Beecarbonize is a card game developed and published by Charles Games that takes you on a very unique adventure. Described as an “Environmental card strategy game”, the core objective of this game is to save the world and humanity from the grave danger caused by inevitable climate change. Take note that this is not some kind of fantasy game that requires you to explore your wildest imagination but a thought-provoking game that takes players to a distant future to save the earth from a major catastrophe.




Beecarbonize Gameplay

Simple yet surprisingly challenging and hard to master. I guess this is how you can perfectly describe Beecarbonize. The mechanics of the game are generally simple yet it might take several attempts before you can master the game. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to the game board that is divided into four sectors; industry, ecosystems, people, and science. Each sector produces different resources that could either help or harm you in the process. Above each sector is a long panel indicating the emission. You must prevent the emission from reaching the end of the meter bar, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start back from the very beginning.

Each sector also produces three different currencies that are represented by tokens. Most of these also produce emissions but other cards can also be used to lower them. Located in the upper right corner are slots for various events. These events are crucial and should be mitigated as soon as possible. Failing to solve the events will harm your progress or worse, it could end the game immediately. To solve or mitigate these events, you must have enough currency or resources available.

Saving Mother Earth from Catastrophe

The main goal is to save the earth from falling apart. To do so, you must pay attention to the “cause and effect” of your actions. For instance, upgrading and adding more cards to your “industry” sector will help you generate plenty of resources but it also adds a large percentage of emissions. To counter this effect, you must pay attention to your Ecosystem sector to minimize the emissions made by other sectors.

The events are the most critical part of the game. A player might encounter a maximum of six events at a time. The duration for each event will vary. Some will last for a very short period of time while others will keep on repeating the effects until they are mitigated. Successfully mitigating these events will grant rewards in many forms. Some of these will lessen the emissions while others will provide additional resources and currencies. The game also reminds you if the event is reaching its “tipping point” and you must do immediate action before the effects will take place.





Multiple Endings

What makes the game even more fascinating is that despite the notable complexity, the game comes offers multiple endings to explore. Will you be able to save humanity? Will you be able to save the world and put it back to its former glory? Everything will depend on your actions. Beecarbonize comes with 120 uniquely crafted cards to unlock. These cards represent inventions, laws, social advancements, and industries that are all based on or inspired by real-life events. Every time you unveiled a new card, it will immediately reflect on your Encyclopedia, giving the game impressive longevity and decent replay value.

Appearance-wise, Beecarbonize is an absolute visual delight. It treats you with nice visuals which are also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effects to set the right mood for the game. All the details, events, and scenarios featured in this app game are well-thought and well-researched. These are merely based on facts and real-life environmental issues, particularly climate change.

It is indeed a very entertaining card game but at the same time, it is notably educational. To top it all off, the game is more than just an app to spread awareness, it is exclusively designed for a great cause. Beecarbonize is developed in cooperation with the People In Need NGO as part of their 1PlanetForAll Project which aims to raise awareness about climate change and educate people on the things we can do to save the earth from this critical environmental issue.

It is a great game that you can confidently add to your device. Best of all, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices for free. Good luck and have fun!

Download Beecarbonize: Android / iOS