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For the past year, legendary MMORPG RuneScape has been celebrating its 20th birthday. Which might seem a little excessive, but given its legendary status we’re happy to let it slide. Especially since RuneScape app gamers are invited.


Part of these celebrations have included a year-long story line involving the supremely powerful Elder Gods and their efforts to consume the entire universe. And as of right now, this epic narrative is coming to a tumultuous end.


Runescape app


The Elder God Wars: Extinction will see players attempt to fend off a cataclysmic attempt by the Elder Gods to retrieve the Elder God Eggs currently housed in Senntisten. Until now, the gods’ attempts to commandeer these eldritch assets have been quelled by the plucky adventurers of Gielinor with the help of some of RuneScape’s most iconic characters. But it all comes down to this final face-off in ‘Extinction’.


The last stand will take place in Senntisten itself, with the gods throwing everything they have at their mission. It is up to the player to traverse the breadth of Gielinor, gathering allies and preparing for battle. But first – some prerequisite quests must be completed. These include:


  • Desperate Measures
  • City of Senntisten
  • Eye of Het II


Three more quests are also recommended for those interested in soaking up the lore that has been a year in the making. These include:


  • Sliske’s Endgame
  • One of a Kind
  • Sins of the Father


One important note: Elder God Wars: Extinction is the first Grandmaster quest in a year. Meaning only the best of the best have any hope of attaining victory. For their efforts however, successful heroes will receive:


  • 4 x Quest Points
  • 4 x 175k XP Lamps
  • A new high-level skilling location
  • Access to high-tier resource-limited rates in six skills: Fletching, Hunter, Herblore, Crafting, Construction and Fishing.


“Elder God Wars: Extinction is the epic conclusion to our 20th anniversary celebrations,” said Product Director Matt Casey. “Players can expect familiar faces and enemies as they journey across Gielinor as this concluding chapter in the Elder God Wars saga unfolds. Of course, when one chapter ends, another begins and the whole team is excited for players to see what happens next and where we take RuneScape’s story from here.”


The RuneScape app game is available to download for free on Android and iOS and is playable cross-platform. And for all the information of the epic final chapter, check out the official website.


Runescape app


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