Have you ever heard people say that your destiny is in your own hands? As the gaming industry’s mass migration to mobile continues, that’s looking more literal than ever. Because if a certain rumor is to be believed, we will soon bear witness to a Destiny app game, set to follow in the footsteps of the many other AAA IPs that are making the jump to mobile platforms.

For the uninitiated, Destiny is a free-to-play multiplayer FPS from Bungie, the devs behind the seminal Halo franchise. Unlike most online FPS games, however, Destiny incorporates more RPG and MMO elements, with the ability to level up characters (AKA Guardians) and complete quests in a shared world alongside other players.

It integrates both PvP and PvE into a story that sees Guardians attempt to protect the last safe city on Earth. And suffice to say, it is a real fan-favorite. Much like Apex Legends, whose own success on mobile platforms will no doubt be turning the heads of many console and PC-based developers. 

The rumors of a Destiny app game first emerged from The Game Post, who report that a source familiar with the plans of Chinese tech company NetEase has disclosed work on a Destiny app game, which has already been in development for over two years. If true, then we might see a big reveal imminently. 


destiny app game


These rumors aren’t without merit either. Fans have been speculating over a Destiny app game since some relevant job listings were posted on Bungie’s careers website in September 2021. On top of that, a job listing for a Senior Mobile Platforms Engineer in April all but confirms Bungie’s mobile aspirations. And with Destiny being Bungie’s flagship title, it’s really only a matter of time before a mobile edition is released. 

The Game Post’s source does clarify, however, that the app game will be a standalone project unrelated to the events of Destiny 2. Which suggests that we won’t necessarily be seeing an Apex Legends Mobile style app game essentially functioning as a mobile port of the original. 

As we said, a Destiny app game is practically a certainty at this point. But whether or not that title is revealed in the coming weeks remains to be seen. 


Destiny App Game Is Coming