Dungeon of Gods

Fantasy and action are not really a new theme for Super Planet. The game studio has released a great number of role-playing games that centers on the same concept. Dungeon of Gods is the newest addition to their growing collection but instead of giving you a classic RPG approach, the game takes you on a unique rouge-like adventure. Described as an Assault Action RPG, this game takes players to an endless battle where you play the role of a Demigod and you fight against an interminable number of enemies including those with God-like powers.


The Gameplay

While it does sound like a hardcore RPG, the mechanics for Dungeon of Gods is surprisingly simple and requires lesser actions. Instead of dealing with a bunch of tap-based buttons to execute different attacks, this game will only feature a single set of skills that are performed automatically by simply guiding your character in the right direction. You are provided with a virtual joypad that you can use to navigate around the 3D dungeon. An assault arrow will appear at a certain distance from an enemy to indicate that your character is ready to attack. Simply release or remove your finger from the screen and let your hero perform the assault.


The trickiest part of the game is that you have the same life bar for the entire chapter. It means that the remaining health points that you have from the first stage will remain unchanged as you progress to the next one. If the character gets killed, the player will have no other option but to start the entire chapter back from the very beginning. This, however, provides you the opportunity to upgrade your hero and make it more efficient on the battlefield. The gameplay actually reminds us of the new Tomb Raider Reloaded app game.


Dungeon of Gods


Choose the Right Skill

Similar to Tomb Raider Reloaded, Dungeon of Gods also comes with a unique skill system. Every time you earned a new level, you will be asked to pick one of the three randomly generated skills. These skills will vary depending on their effect so you better pick carefully to maximize your chances of survival. Some skills can boost your attack rate and range while others can partially revive your health. There are also unique skills that you can take advantage of.


Upgrades will also play a huge role in this game. You can upgrade your weapon, gear, and accessories using the coins you collected from the dungeon. Doing so will dramatically increase your attributes including your Assault Attack, Melee Attack, HP, and DEF points. You can also unlock new costumes and relics to make your character look more appealing.


Challenge the Dungeons

Aside from the main campaign, Dungeon of Gods also offer more challenging modes to explore. These additional dungeons give you a perfect place to grind specific resources and collect more rewards. The Dark Tower is composed of 10 floors and each comes with 30 powerful enemies to beat. Item Dungeon, as the name suggests, will take you to boss-filled dungeons where you can obtain various special items. The Rune Dungeon, on the other hand, requires you to defeat enemies in all phases and acquire runes to upgrade your relics while Material Dungeon allows you to obtain materials for your shield.


Another noteworthy highlight of Dungeon of Gods is the graphics. It treats you with visually stunning animation that is accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effects. It provides you with a nostalgic dungeon crawling experience while giving you some new and mobile-friendly gaming elements that make Dungeon of Gods more engaging and fun to explore. It also provides a decent replay value and impressive longevity.


If you are up for some epic Hack and Slash adventure, feel free to explore Dungeon of Gods and see how far your combat skills can take you. Currently, the game is available for free for both Android and iOS devices. Have fun!


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Dungeon of Gods