When it comes to farming simulation, we always think of cute and fast-paced mobile games. Games like Harvest Moon and FarmVille managed to change the landscape of this type of casual gaming and inspired many farming simulation app games today. While most of these farm simulation games are formulaic, there are a few titles that provide us with a unique approach and gave us a new farm simulation experience. Roots of Tomorrow is a new farm simulation developed and published by GAMABILIS and unlike most farming games that we love, the game took a realistic approach where your progress depends on the choices you make.


roots of tomorrow


The Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are quite complex compared to your typical farming simulation games. Instead of quick progress, the game is utilizing real scientific data about agroecology or sustainable agriculture. It means that this game is more than just planting, harvesting, and selling crops to the marketplace. Generally, your main objective in this game is to achieve the so-called agroecological transition of your farm within 10 years. Depending on the choices you make, there are many paths you can take to achieve this goal.

As soon as the game begins, you will be asked to select your preferred region. The game setting will take place in France and there are four regions to choose from: Normandy, Brittany, Grand Est, and Region Sud. It is interesting to note that each region offers different types of farming. For instance, Normandy will focus on dairy cattle farming while Britanny will emphasize pig farming. Grand Est is all about cattle while Region Sud is about sheep farming. Each region also comes with specific types of crops that you can grow.

The game also starts by selecting your farmer. Currently, there are four types of farmers to choose from and each comes with its own special abilities. The character Leonard is a former banker that allows you to start the game with bigger starting money while Sami is a trader that allows you to get a 5% discount on all products in the market. Anne, on the other hand, is a former researcher that allows you to expedite all searches while Elena allows you to get, at least, a 10% discount on the purchase of new plots of land.


roots of tomorrow


A Complex and Detailed Farming Simulation

Unlike a typical farm simulation game, Roots of Tomorrow will simulate real data. It will not focus on doing trades but to achieve sustainable agriculture. Take note that the objectives will vary depending on the region you picked. For instance, if you choose Normandy, you start your journey by managing a barn while picking Britanny region will start with farrowing houses for pigs. Along with the livestock, you will also be asked to grow crops on your very spacious land. The management system will vary depending on the type of livestock you are dealing with. All the products and items that belong to you can be seen and managed in your Inventory. These include all livestock, crops, seeds, equipment, buildings, and land.

Research, on the other hand, is an important part of this game. It allows you to unlock new things for your farm and it also helps you achieve your goal to obtain sustainable agriculture. The more research you make, the more advanced your farm will become. This will pave the way to new technology, and new techniques for breeding or cultivation. Whatever progress you pick will certainly change your path.

The game will also involve multiple tasks that must be completed in a timely manner. To make you more efficient and effective, you can assign someone to complete these tasks. Each farmer can be trained to improve their attributes and to help them become more productive. Just be mindful though that every time you increase your workforce, your finances will also be affected by the changes.

When it comes to planting, there are different types of crops to grow depending on your chosen region. Unlike the typical farm simulation though, players should pay attention to the seasons and should learn when is the right time to sow the seeds, otherwise, it will lead to some weed management issues and other negative impacts on yield.


Obtaining a Sustainable Agriculture

Your progress will depend on the choices you made throughout the game. You might lose the game if your overall score is too low. You can track your progress through your scoreboard. Here, you can see various gauges to indicate your current progress. These include your environmental score, economic, and social score. You must always keep an eye on all these metrics and be aware of the areas that need more focus to reach your goal effectively.

Aside from managing your team, you should also monitor your finances. Here, you’ll be provided with a detailed chart showcasing your cash flow every year. If there are some unforeseen shortcomings, you are also allowed to apply for loans. You can also apply for various insurance to prevent you from any devastating losses due to unexpected circumstances.

Roots of Tomorrow may not be the kind of farm simulation game for everyone but it delivers a very unique approach. By giving gamers a realistic farming experience, Roots of Tomorrow quickly separates itself from your typical casual games. Appearance-wise, the game notably provides a wonderful cinematic introduction and also treats you with neat 3D visuals with an environment that changes dynamically every season. If you are looking for a new farm simulation gaming experience, feel free to explore Roots of Tomorrow and see how far you can go! Good luck and have fun!


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