Rhythm-Based ‘Catch-Em-Up’ Catchee

A cutesy new app game from Laser Dog has landed today. And from what we’ve seen so far, we may have to update our list of the best app game soundtracks. Catchee is a top-tier title for fans of arcade games, flashy yet endearing animations and the kind of backing track that you’ll end up singing for hours after playing.


Laser Dog is a British app game developer composed of just two people. Their repertoire is a respectable one, with them being responsible for some fan-favorite titles including high-octane ‘smash sport’ PKTBALL and speed run platformer HoPiKo, in which players are tasked with saving all of gaming. Luckily, the stakes within their latest title, Catchee, aren’t nearly as extreme. The same can’t be said for the good vibes, however.


Catchee is an incredibly aptly-named app game whose main mission involves catching objects in various containers. Use the popcorn bucket to catch popcorn, the bowl to catch food and the toilet to catch…well, you get the idea. Regardless of the receptacles contents, however, one of the main selling points of this unique arcade game is its infectious soundtrack which the two developers themselves are responsible for making in its entirety.




Laser Dog have touted this ‘catch-em-up’ as their happiest and funnest game yet, offering an almost sickly sweet artstyle accompanied by a soundtrack that players can build upon based on their catch rate. Rhythm game mechanics will see players tapping along to the music, catching ‘catchees’ and progressing to more fast-paced rounds.


The game is designed with casual players in mind. But rhythm game aficionados and more hardcore players will find ample challenge in the later rounds. Which they’ll need to overcome if they wish to hear more of that catchy music, with each new round unlocking more and more tracks.


Catchee is a free-to-play title available on iOS as of this morning and Android later this afternoon. Real-world money can be spent on in-game currency to net some new songs and items, though players can also opt-in to ads in order to generate the currency for free.