Although Longcheer Game is relatively new to the market, they have already developed and published big game titles, including a long list of Idle RPGs. Raziel Rebirth is their newest offering in collaboration with IndraSoft. Interestingly, back in 2019, Indrasoft launched the first Raziel game – the Raziel: Dungeon Arena through Tencent Games. It became a wide success and was praised due to its flawless gameplay and incredible graphics. However, three years after its release, Tencent ceased its operation for Raziel due to some conflicts of agreement with Indrasoft, leaving its active players extremely disappointed.

Luckily, Raziel is making a huge comeback with the help of its new publisher – Longcheer Games, the same team behind Girls Evo, Pixel verse, Ellrland, and Tale of Sword to name a few. Now named Raziel Rebirth, the game will bring players to the same Dark fantasy universe that they all adored. Raziel Rebirth captures everything from its predecessor and is also incorporated with many other new features to improve the player’s overall experience.


raziel rebirth


Raziel ReBirth Gameplay

The mechanics for Raziel Rebirth are generally simple and manageable yet unlike the modern RPGs on mobile, this game will be played in a classic ARPG fashion. It means that the game will not heavily rely on autoplay or auto-combat mechanics and will rather focus on manual control. Unlike modern RPGs that are optimized for mobile devices, Raziel Rebirth requires you to grind to earn money and experience which you will later use to upgrade skills and character attributes, making your hero more efficient in the battle.

Raziel Rebirth features an isometric map similar to mainstream games like Diablo Immortal and Mir M. You will be tasked to navigate the 3D world manually using the virtual joypad. Enemies will also arrive and spawn in random locations and will attack heroes once provoked or triggered. It also means that the player will engage in combat anytime and anywhere they want as long as there are active enemies around. Attack and Skills can be executed using the tap-based buttons. While some of the skills can automatically shoot nearby enemies, some skills require you to manually aim for your target.


Choose your Hero, Choose Your Story

As soon as the game begins, you will be asked to select your preferred hero. There are three characters to choose from and each comes with its own story. These include the Ice Princess named Alina, a mage-like hero with long-range skills; a Ranger named Vilsack who is armed with a powerful bow; and a Beastmaster named Rock, a warrior-like hero armed with huge axes and melee skills. Despite the differences in terms of their background story and skill sets, all heroes will follow the same path.

In the entire course of the game, players will be able to upgrade their skills to make them more effective in the battle and to maximize their chances of surviving. In addition to that, you can also equip your hero with gears and weapons to effectively increase their attributes.


Complete Epic Quests

Similar to most role-playing games, Raziel Rebirth is also quest-based. Each quest will take you to a certain map where you will be asked to defeat certain boss monsters. Once defeated, a portal will emerge, allowing you to go back to the city. Here, you can interact with various NPCs to sell the items you have looted from the mission, upgrade your hero’s skills, or buy consumables and weapons. The city is also a sanctuary that protects you from any form of danger. It is also the place where you take missions or quests or join various events.

The game also comes with a Pet and Mercenary system which allows you to summon creatures to accompany you in your journey. It is also interesting to note that players have the option not to leave the map to defeat the remaining and seemingly endless horde of enemies to grind for more experience and to quickly gain a new level. This also allows you to quickly unlock new skills and features of the game.

If you do not like to play the game alone, you can also take advantage of the game’s multiplayer elements. As you explore the vast world of Raziel Rebirth, you will encounter other players whom you can invite to join you in your journey. It comes with a party system that allows you to invite companions as you explore various dungeons and hunt for various powerful bosses to defeat.


raziel rebirth


A Real Free to Play RPG

Another great thing about Raziel Rebirth is the fact that it doesn’t offer a Play-to-win system. The game is absolutely free, and it comes with no hidden agenda. It means that you can play the game and embrace its full features without even spending any money just to get an advantage over other players. The microtransaction in the game only involves buying cosmetic items or special edition skins that will make your hero more epic and visually appealing but other than that, you can enjoy the game without spending a buck.

Appearance-wise, Raziel Rebirth is an absolute visual delight. It comes with amazing graphics, impressive voiceovers, and well-fitting music that sets the right enigmatic atmosphere. Those who enjoyed the first Raziel game will surely have a great reason to celebrate.


Download Raziel Rebirth: Android