Puzzle Adventure App Game Lets You Solve Mysteries

Mystery and Puzzles always blend well together. However, it is quite rare to see a story-driven puzzle game that will not just test your puzzle-solving skills but will also embark you on a very compelling story and adventure. From the team behind the well-acclaimed Diggy’s Adventure (a logic maze game) comes another epic puzzle game. Pixel Federation Games recently released Puzzle Adventure for both Android and iOS devices. It is a mystery app game that merges both puzzles and mystery. While the title of this game sounds too generic, the game itself is surprisingly good and unique.


The Story

Puzzle Adventure follows a story of an orphan who just turned 18. Before he leaves the orphanage, he suddenly received a letter from his uncle Mort. Here, he met a girl named Keisi, the lovely assistant of Professor Mort who happens to be a Paranormal detective. This is where your journey begins. Together with your Uncle Mort and Keisi, you will be solving a series of puzzles, unravel spooky mysteries, escape scary monsters, and solve murders and crimes.  Think of it as a wonderful merge between Scooby-Doo and Tomb Raider (Check Tomb Raider Reloaded).


Puzzle Adventure


The Gameplay

The mechanics for Puzzle Adventure is generally simple and easily manageable. Players will be prompted to a beautiful 3D map. The game comes with a tap-based navigation system where you can freely move the character by tapping any location on the given map. The objectives will also vary per location. Some areas require you to find the exit portal to progress while others require you to collect artifacts to complete the mission. Interestingly, you will encounter different kinds of puzzles along the way. There will be certain kinds of mechanisms that you must interact with, there are some supernatural creatures you need to communicate with and many other mysteries to solve.


You might also encounter some Sokoban-inspired challenges as you progress. One of the trickiest parts of this game is the energy system. Every action you make will consume a certain amount of energy and while the energy regenerates automatically in a given time, this will limit the actions you can make within the day.


Upgrades, Rewards, and In-Game Shop

Like many app games, Puzzle Adventure comes with an Upgrade system. Every time you visit your camp, you get a chance to upgrade both your laboratory and your greenhouse. The Laboratory allows you to craft items from the materials you collected from your quests. This allows you to earn additional energy instantly. The greenhouse, on the other hand, allows you to collect supernatural plants to help you boost your regeneration speed. There is also a museum that displays all the artifacts you collected from your quests and a Daily Reward board where you can get bonuses.



Puzzle Adventure


The Gems are the premium currency for Puzzle Adventure which you can obtain from various reward systems or via the in-game shop. You can instantly convert these gems into energy. Interestingly, the advertisements for this game come in the form of reward videos so you don’t expect them to pop up randomly while you play.


3D Graphics

Probably the best highlight of Puzzle Adventure is the 3D graphics. Generally, the game is an absolute visual delight that treats you with beautiful 3D visuals. It is also accompanied by cinematic cutscenes that make the story even more compelling and fun to explore. This game certainly has great potential as it offers a lot of areas to explore while providing you with a decent amount of challenge.


If you love puzzles and you enjoy solving mysteries and crimes, this is definitely an app game for you. Currently, Puzzle Adventure is available for free for both Android and iOS devices. Good luck and have fun!


Download Puzzle Adventure: Android / iOS