Purrchess – everything you wanted to know and more !

The game chess has been around since the early 15th century and is technically considered one of the oldest games to ever exist in history. Whether you are a grandmaster or just an avid chess player, you should know that winning this game requires effective strategic skills. Interestingly, while the game can now be played on many different gaming platforms, the gameplay for chess carries the same old formula. Here, two players will compete against each other on a classic 8×8-grid chessboard. Each player has 16 chess pieces which include a king, a queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, and 8 pawns. The goal is to “checkmate” the opponent’s king.

Those who have been playing this game should know the drill. Each piece has different movement patterns and the players should visualize the chessboard carefully before making their next turns, otherwise, they might end up losing the game. When online chess was introduced in the 90s, developers adapted the same classic format, featuring the same chessboard and set pieces. Many developers attempted to replicate the classic game into the mobile platform, maintaining its original design for an authentic and nostalgic experience.

PurrChess by AppGuru Technology, however, was quite a game changer. Instead of sticking to the game’s classic design, the game inputted feline-inspired elements into it, transforming your typical chess into a new level of overloading cuteness. While the game didn’t change the mechanics, the new design and cute animations provided a new flavor to this all-time classic board game.




The Gameplay

The mechanics for PurrChess are generally simple and manageable. If you have experienced playing the classic chess game, then you should know the drill. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to a 3D chessboard. The first thing that will instantly catch your attention is the cat-inspired set piece. These are not just stationary pieces but moving ones. They even have this witty animation if the opponent is about to checkmate your king. Gameplay-wise, the same rules are being applied to PurrChess.

Players will be prompted to a visually stunning 3D chessboard with an 8×8 grid. Each player will have the same set piece including a cat king, a queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, and 8 adorable kitty pawns. Like a classic chess game, each type of piece has a different moving pattern. A king that moves one square in any direction, a rook that can move horizontally or vertically, a bishop that moves diagonally, a queen that combines the rook and bishop’s moving pattern, and a knight that moves to any closest square that is not on the same rank or file, and pawns that move one or two squares.

If you are not familiar with the moving patterns, the game comes with a guide. By simply tapping the piece, it will show you all the possible movements that you can do. If the opponent is one move away to checkmate your king, the game will send a warning by putting a red exclamation point to your king piece which is also accompanied by a cat scream to indicate that you should make an immediate action. This feature, however, can be disabled in the settings if you want the game to be more challenging.




AI and Real-time Online Opponent

PurrChess comes into two equally challenging modes. You have the option to play the Single player mode and compete with an AI or better yet play the game online where you can compete with a randomly generated real-time online opponent or challenge a friend. When playing against AI, players will have an option to set their preferred level of difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard). They can also choose their preferred set (White, Black, or random).

When playing against a Real-time opponent, the game will randomly search for an online opponent for you to compete with. You can also invite and challenge a friend. There is a search bar that allows you manually search for a friend. You can also add players to your friend list and challenge them in the future.

Unlock More Themes

By default, the first theme that you unlock in this game is the Persian Skin and the Sky Chessboard. The rest of the themes can be unlocked if you have earned enough “purr coins”. The premium currency can be obtained in multiple ways. You can earn some from winning a match, via daily login bonuses, and through the in-game shop. You can unlock skin and board themes separately, or better yet purchase a bundle to unlock them both.

Some of the skins include Calico, Dessert, Fairy, Marmalade, and Ragdoll to name a few. Boards, on the other hand, include beautiful themes like Daydream, Dream, Forest, Fern, Tangerine, Amethyst, and more.

If you are a certified cat person and if you are an avid chess player, PurrChess is definitely a great addition to your device. While it remains faithful to the classic chess game that we all grew up with, PurrChess managed to provide a different flavor by putting adorable felines on the board! It is visually stunning and is also accompanied by a piece of well-fitting music and audio effects that makes this game even more engaging. If you are up for a new chess experience, feel free to explore PurrChess and see what else this fun game has to offer. Good luck!


Download PurrChess: Android