PUBG Mobile’s PMWI 2022

One of the greatest mobile esports tournaments, the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI), is returning for 2022. Even better than that, it is looking like the biggest one yet. And even better still – this could mean a huge sum of cash raised for humanitarian charities who no doubt have their work cut out for them right now. 


PMWI 2022 was announced via the official PUBG Mobile Esports social media accounts, though with woefully little information on the finer details. We were, however, told to stay tuned for ‘an exciting announcement in June’, and that Sony Xperia will be this year’s sponsor. Though that isn’t too surprising given that Xperia is PUBG Mobile’s official smartphone partner. 


Last year’s event was held in July, so it’s probably safe to assume that PMWI 2022 will follow suit. It was also split into two regions, East and West, with the East comprising Esports teams from South East Asia, South Asia, Korea, Japan, Russia & the Middle East and the West comprising teams from Europe, Middle East, Africa & the Americas. Both events awarded a prize pool of $3.16m which was distributed equally between East and West. 


PMWI 2022


PMWI typically sees teams competing in a total of 20 matches over the course of four days, with each day featuring a total of five matches. Last year’s event saw each team get $5,000 each for their troubles, with a charity prize distribution being doled out depending on their position. Suffice to say, with $3.16m to work with, the charity payout was particularly substantial. 


This charity prize money was then given to charities of the teams’ choosing, which last year included such organizations as UNICEF, Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, Direct Relief and International Medical Corps. And with the war in Ukraine still ongoing, we can probably expect to see hefty donations headed their way in some capacity, be it directly or via a humanitarian charity. 


Needless to say, this is good news all round. PMWI fans the world over are now waiting with bated breath to see who this year’s participants will be. So if that is you, be sure to stay in the loop by keeping an eye on the PUBG Mobile esports social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube