New Harry Potter App Game

The wizarding world is showing no signs of slowing. A new Harry Potter app game entitled Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is opening up some pre-registration perks. And it looks like we might have to update our list of the best app card games to play in 2022.


If a collectible card wizarding dueling game isn’t your cup of butterbeer, then don’t fret, there looks to be plenty more Harry Potter app games where this one came from. Those that like the idea of battling fellow wizards and magical monsters through the power of card collection, however, might be eager to pre-register for the new Harry Potter app game. As prospective players from the Americas, Europe and Oceania can get their hands on two exclusive cards ahead of its release.


The pre-registration perks work as a tie-in to the latest Harry Potter movie, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. As such, the Fantastic Beasts Card Pack, comprising the Niffler and Baby Manticore Summon Cards, can be acquired simply by registering one’s interest on Google Play. We’re still waiting on more information when it comes to its inevitable App Store release, however.


New Harry Potter App Game


Summon Cards in the new Harry Potter app game can be used to call a magical beast, artifact or effect to the player during a scuffle to aid in various manners. The Niffler, for instance, is a mole-like creature which makes its home underground and has a penchant for all things shiny. This translates to an in-game source of magic points for the summoning witch or wizard as the Niffler shares its pilfered goods.


The Baby Manticore, meanwhile, is an aggressive crustacean whose violent streak starts early in life. This Summon, therefore, will attack with a view to overwhelm as a small army of Baby Manticores swarm the enemy. Nasty way to go.


Harry Potter: Magic Awakened was created courtesy of Warner Bros. Games and NetEase, who have established the label Portkey Games. This label is intended to specifically churn out Harry Potter video games on multiple platforms. So you can bet your bottom Galleon that there’s plenty more where this new Harry Potter app game came from.


More information on Magic Awakened can be found on the official website.



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