Pre-Register for Viking Mobile Game Vikingard

Like a longship embarking on a saga to the west, developers are still riding the wave of popularity being enjoyed by the Vikings. Chinese PC and mobile game developer NetEase Games is no exception, as they recently announced pre-registration for their new Viking mobile game, Vikingard.


NetEase is the company responsible for the not-so-meagre task of developing the likes of Diablo Immortal (alongside Blizzard Entertainment) and Harry Potter: Magic Awakened (alongside WBGames) for iOS and Android. But their latest title, Vikingard, is an original IP made in partnership with Clicktouch Technology that will allow players to live out their best Viking life.



viking mobile game


The casual sim RPG will see players assume the role of chief and heir to the Fharun Tribe, tasked with amassing an army of Viking warriors and seeking glory through battle, exploration and leadership. A fleshed-out cast of characters feature in an engaging narrative as players seek to push westward at the dawning of a new age.


The violent expansion west will see players embroiled in combat as they seek to subdue their enemies. Which is not too surprising for a Viking  mobile game. Gathering a group of mighty hersirs comprising Viking warriors and formidable Valkyries will be key to this objective. These artistically rendered heroes can be levelled up and optimised throughout the game, even entering leaderboards based on their overall skill.


Viking Mobile Game


However, social elements including romances that may result in heirs, the ability to adopt pets, and partaking in Viking themed minigames in the Mead Hall with players across the world offer plenty more activities than the constant appeasement of war-god Odin.

Pre-registering for Vikingard will allow players to keep on top of all new information, including when it will be available to download. And, of course, there will be ample pre-registration plunder in the form of in-game rewards.

Depending on how many prospective players pre-register, a slew of milestone rewards will also be rolled out ahead of the final release, including an Exclusive Avatar Border. But the full list, including regular chances to win prizes, will be announced via the official Facebook page.


If this sounds like its for you, then be sure to pre-register for Vikings Mobile Game via Google Play or the App Store.