Pre-Order the Total War: Medieval II

Legendary strategy game, Total War: Medieval II is marching towards iOS and Android. Which not only marks the second time that Feral Interactive has made the Total War mobile jump, but bodes well for series fans if the glowing reviews of Rome: Total War are anything to go by. Meanwhile, console gamers are still left wondering if they’ll ever get a look in.


Total War Medieval allows armchair generals to carry out their epic battlefield fantasies, as players command legions of troops from across history in real-time battles, whilst practicing politics in turn-based strategy segments that task players with acquiring regional hegemony.


Feral Interactive are already known for delivering such titles as Tropico, Company of Heroes, and XCOM 2 Collection on iOS and Android. So we can be sure that we are in good hands for this next Total War mobile installment.




Medieval II is one of the most iconic titles of the Total War franchise. It incorporates three continents during the tumultuous middle ages and the friction between the great kingdoms of the time. Players can deploy troops, diplomacy and subterfuge en route to global supremacy, all while managing an empire that can sprawl from Western Europe to North Africa and the Middle East.


The Total War mobile port promises ‘no compromise’, introducing the key features of the original title to the mobile screen. These will include:

  • 17 playable factions including England, the Byzantines, the Moors, and Venice – each tasked with wresting global superiority from their neighbors and altering the course of history.
  • Huge real-time battles on a small screen, each featuring iconic units from the time period wielding authentic medieval weaponry.
  • Improved settlement management, additional agents to conduct state affairs and more sophisticated political mechanics with which to forge alliances or destabilise enemies.
  • A sprawling map that covers the multiple countries of the “Old World”, and even those of the “New World”, over the course of four chaotic centuries.
  • A new and intuitive UI with refined touch controls to deftly maneuver embattled troops.


Medieval II is set to release on Thursday 7th April and is priced at $14.99 / £12.99 / €14,99. Pre-orders are open for iOS players, while Android players can register their interest via the Google Play Store.