Pirate Ship Simulator


Ahoy! Embark yourself in an epic adventure with Abandon Ship, a comprehensive pirate-inspired game by Fireblade Software. This pirate ship simulator game was first launched as a PC game and now, Abandon Ship is finally ported to mobile devices and allows us to experience how it feels like to be a captain of your own ship. Abandon Ship is more than just a pirate ship simulation as it takes you back to the Age of Sail period and provides players with realistic situations. The main goal of this game is to navigate the seas, manage your crew, search for valuable treasure, and conquer other pirate ships through effective tactics and strategy. If you think you have what it takes to become the next pirate king, feel free to explore Abandon Ship and see how far you can go.


Pirate Ship Simulator


The Gameplay

The mechanics for Abandon Ship are very simple yet you might need to be very familiar with all the tap-based buttons on the screen and their respective functions to make your entire pirate crew more efficient in every combat. As soon as the game starts, you will be prompted immediately to a detailed tutorial before you can actually explore the main campaign. Abandon Ship can be played in five levels of difficulty ranging from Casual to Hardcore. There is even an Iron Captain Mode where players are not allowed to create manual saves and they will lose all their progress as soon as they get killed. It is also interesting to note that this game features some nostalgic text-based adventure elements that will put your decision-making skills to a test.

To start the main campaign, you will be asked to unlock or choose three of the five playable characters that will be added to your starting crew. Each character has its own specialty that you can take advantage of. For instance, if you picked the Sailor, it allows you to repair any damage on your ship relatively faster than anyone. The Navigator, on the other hand, grants a bonus to performing ship maneuvers while the Surgeon can heal the crew outside of the Sick Bay. As soon as the crew aboard the ship, the journey to the deadly sea will begin. Every action can be done by tapping the crew member or the item. You can command your crew to repair damages, operate artilleries, heal members, or maneuver the helm.

Epic Combat

To complete a level in the main campaign, the player must navigate the map and clear all the events or deal with the enemies that can be in the form of another pirate ship or some monstrous creatures underneath the water like the infamous Kraken. This will engage players in epic head-to-head combat. Take note that all commands are manually executed and players are highly encouraged to establish the most effective strategy to maximize their winnings. Be mindful that this is not a turn-based battle but a real-time strategy. You should know which crew should operate which weapon or what kind of task they can effectively do during and after the epic battle.

Abandon Ship has multiple types of weapons and each has a distinct tactical niche. Deck Guns, for instance, are effective long-range weapons for sniping distant targets while Broadside cannons are great at dealing damage mid-range. If the ship sustained too much damage, it will greatly affect the fate of your crew. Always keep an eye on whatever damage your ship has and assign the right crew member to fix it before it’s too late. The most effective way to win the battle is by sinking the opposing ship. This can be done by bombarding it with weapons until the hull is completely destroyed or when the water fills up the ship. If skillful enough, you can also move the ship close to the target ship and let your crew eliminate the opponents by jumping onto the opposing ship.

As you navigate the world map, you will encounter many Points of Interest. Some of which allow you to discover and hire additional members while others will embark you in another epic combat. From time to time, you will also encounter the monstrous Kraken where you can either fight or flee. You can also collect treasure and other resources as you progress.


Pirate Ship Simulator


Full Version of Abandon Ship

Although you can download the game from Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free, you can only access the demo version of Abandon Ship. The demo version only allows you to explore a portion of its main campaign. You need to purchase the game to access not just the main campaign but also all the other Downloadable content including the rest of the modes. These include the Freeplay mode where the world is completely unlocked and you can explore the map however you wish. You can also download special content like Cult Campaign, Haunted Seas, Combat Campaigns, or better yet purchase the Gold Edition to unlock them all.

Overall, Abandon Ship takes you on an epic journey and is a great pirate ship simulator. It is an absolute visual delight that treats you with beautiful visuals and highly compelling stories to explore. If you are fascinated with pirates and their epic tales, this is definitely the right game for you.


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