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Sword Art Online is a popular light novel series that has turned into something of a multimedia behemoth. The series has been turned into a manga, an anime series, three movies and, of course, a tonne of games. The latest of which is a Sword Art Online app game that was just announced by Bandai Namco during a celebratory live-stream.


It’s really no surprise that Sword Art Online (SAO) ventured into the digital sphere. Its whole plot spans virtual reality worlds from MMORPGs to FPSs. And a new real-world SAO app game was all but inevitable.


The live-stream celebrations were in aid of the SAO anime’s tenth anniversary taking place this year. As such, the newest SAO app game – entitled Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown – is also being released this year to commemorate this milestone.


Details on the sword art online venture are scant, with no specific date announced beyond the promise of release this year. However, a teaser excerpt from the official website unveils a little of what to expect.


Sword Art Online


The title will involve an in-game game called Cross Edge which harbors a mysterious player that attacks out of nowhere, causing victims to lose a portion of their memories. And their shady sense of style evokes memories of the long standing series antagonists: Laughing Coffin.


Laughing Coffin are a guild of serial murderers whose main MO is to kill players in-game and in “real life”. And it looks as though they – or at least one of them – will be reprising their nefarious role in this latest video game venture.


Along with the announcement came a trailer showcasing the last ten years of SAO but little else, instead calling on players to ‘take up your swords’ because ‘the time has come’. Delightfully vague.


However, what we do know is that pre-registration is now open, and will of course be dishing out some milestone rewards. These include:

  • 200,000: [Will to Fight] Asuna x 1
  • 300,000: Coloring Brush x 3
  • 400,000: [Will to Fight] Evolution Crystal x 20
  • 500,000: Premium Ticket x 5


Granted these items may mean nothing to us right now, but we’re sure they’re bound to be useful when the game releases.


To keep abreast of any incoming updates on the latest SAO app game, be sure to check out the official website, where you can also pre-register.


Are you looking forward to the new Sword Art Online App Game?