Seven Knights 2 Update

When it comes to rolling out updates, fantasy RPG Seven Knights 2 could rival even the most proactive games like Genshin Impact. In just a few months, Netmarble’s long-awaited sequel to Seven Knights has blitzed through its main story, unveiling 12 chapters and new characters since its release in early November. And now the thirteenth chapter – which marks the conclusion of this epic main story – is upon us.


Seven Knights 2 takes place 20 years after the original Seven Knights. It follows the Daybreak Mercenaries as they embark on a quest to find Rudy, the last remaining member of the legendary Seven Knights. Players can collect a cavalcade of charismatic heroes through gacha mechanics as they progress through a rich and cinematic storyline. And now, that story is coming to a head.


Chapter 13 sees the Daybreak Mercenaries finally discover the fates of the mysterious Phiné and Rudy, the Knight of Light. The latest Seven Knights 2 update is told through characteristically mesmerising cutscenes and gameplay. It may mark the end of one season – but you can safely bet that there are more tales to be told.


It’s no surprise that this is one hefty update given the context. As usual, the Seven Knights 2 update introduces two new characters. These comprise the Legendary+ Hero Lord of Destruction Evan – a single-target DPS – and the Legendary Hero Nestra’s Incarnation Shane – an AOE fighter. Both highly anticipated additions are accompanied by their respective Pets along with Legendary Daybreak Thunder Dragon Lene and Legendary Vindictive Blade Aquila.


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The new eight-player raid, Bad Blood, tasks players with protecting Phiné from Catastrophe – only it’s not as straightforward as dishing out damage to the aggressor. Instead, victory is attained by restoring Phiné’s health to 100%, with players being unable to attack Catastrophe directly. Needless to say, allowing his health to drop to 0% will result in failure.


A new Exclusive Equipment System has also been added, with three items being included right off the bat. This system allows specific heroes to gain exclusive attributes when wearing their Exclusive Equipment – which currently comprises items for Ultimate Guardian Rudy, Ice Tyrant Spike, and Nestra’s Disciple Cheng Chen. Exclusive Equipment can be crafted upon collecting Purification Shards from the Bad Blood raid.


A full rundown of the Seven Knights 2 update can be viewed via the official community page. And those that have yet to dive into the rich story can do so for free via the Play Store or App Store, though you’ll have to catch up on the events leading to this poignant final chapter.


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