New Runescape Quest


As the epic Elder God Wars arc comes to an end, Runescape looks to be doubling down on the supernatural factor with their latest chapter: Twilight of the Gods. Things are looking a little precarious for those supposedly all-powerful beings.

Developer Jagex recently announced the new Runescape quest as one that will bridge the gap between the recent events of the Elder God Wars and the oncoming boss battle with Zamorak, Lord of Chaos, this summer. The new Runescape quest is live now for members only. 

The quest will feature a ton of lore as players aim to collect rewards that will be integral in the climactic battle with Zamorak. Players can expect to figure out Zamorak’s grand ambitions and how to put a halt to them, while tying up loose ends in the form of demon subplots and a return to the Dungeon of Disorder. 


New runescape quest


Players will find themselves allying with some unlikely characters, plumbing the depths of the Asylum in a wartorn Senntisten, and adopting a disguise as a Zamorakian cultist as they try to unearth Zamorak’s secrets. And players should be sure to grab all the loot they can because they’re going to need it for the showdown with Zanorak on Julu 4, 2022.  

In order to undertake the Twilight of the Gods quest, players must first ensure that they meet the required skill levels (80 Divination & 60 Thieving), have completed the quests Extinction and Broken Home, and have completed the Eyes in their Stars Archaeology mystery. Players will also need to ensure that they have met Naressa in Stenntisten.

Runescape is a legendary MMORPG that began as a browser game in 2001 – making it one of the oldest and most beloved titles in the MMO genre. Since then it has evolved in many ways – which included becoming a bonafide app game in 2018 that can be downloaded and played for free via Google Play and the App Store.

For all the info on the latest chapter, including all the sweet loot that’s up for grabs, be sure to swing by the official website

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