New MU Online Mobile

A brand new MU Online Mobile title is in bound. And based on what we know so far, fans of the franchise will be pleased to see familiar mechanics with a new twist. And the good news for players in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao is that they don’t have long to wait before they can play.


《奇蹟MU:大天使》- otherwise known as MU Archangel 2 – is the newest release from Webzen, who are perhaps most famous for their highly successful Korean MMORPG IP, MU Online.


This mobile rendition of the fan-favorite franchise is much the same, with familiar characters (Dark Knight, Dark Wizard and Elf), guilds, boss monsters and dungeons returning to the new MU Online Mobile title. However, where it diverts is with a brand new group character growth system.


This new system allows players to play with the three original characters/classes at once. This will open up more than 50 combinations of skills, each with their own uses on the battlefield. It is up to the player to decide which combination is right for the task at hand on the fly. That should make for some rewarding scenarios as players pull off the perfect move in the midst of the high-energy battles that MU is known for.


New MU Online


As for when we can play, MU fans based in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao are able to get their hands on the new  MU Online title as of 28th April. Other prospective players, however, can at least pre-register for the customary slew of rewards as we await its release in other countries across the world.


Fans can choose to pre-register for New MU Online via the official website, Google Play or the App Store to receive some in-game bonus items and an exclusive event title upon its release. Additionally, Webzen has recently teamed up with digital content payment system ‘MyCard’ to provide users with up 1,000 MyCard points being dished out to randomly selected participants who pre-register for the release.


Information on a global release for New MU Online is yet to be announced, however Webzen suggests following the official Facebook page and getting involved with the tight-knit community to stay in the loop.


New MU Onlin


We will post more information as it becomes available to