Mobile One Punch Man RPG – what you need to know !

One of the most popular and recognizable anime characters, Saitama (AKA “One Punch Man”), is making his way to mobile once more. And as superfans eagerly await the release of the closed beta of the mobile One Punch Man RPG, there’s now a chance to stock up on some pre-registration rewards. 

For the uninitiated, One Punch Man is an anime that tells the story of a man who decided to become a hero for fun. After three years of training, Saitama builds enough strength to be able to defeat any enemy with but a simple punch. So One Punch Man – The Strongest is a pretty simple yet very apt name for the officially licensed app game spinoff. 

The mobile One Punch Man RPG allows players to relive the anime’s story beat by beat (literally) as they pummel their way through enemies in turn-based combat. A host of familiar characters will join Saitama on his journey, or come up against the wrath of his one fist. The original Japanese cast including Makoto Furukawa, Kaito Ishikawa, Yuki Kaji, Aoi Yuki, and more, will provide the voices. 


Moonton’s New Mobile One Punch Man RPG Pre-Registrations


Despite Saitama’s exceptional capabilities, experimenting with different lineups of heroes and utilizing their skills effectively will be necessary in order to secure victory against the distinctive lineup of villains and save the world. The title will also feature a variety of stages from the show and game modes including multiplayer and PvE. 

Prospective players can pre-register now, with multiple milestone rewards in store – some of which are pretty hefty to say the least. While multiple quantities of coins, gems, and XP await at lower milestones, a bonafide PlayStation 5 constitutes the top prize at 1 million registrations, with the added caveat of having to join the community to enter the draw.


Mobile One Punch Man RPG


One Punch Man – The Strongest will enter closed beta on August 18th, 2022.


Upon release, it will be free to play via the App Store and Google Play, with in-app purchases on offer. 


Are you excited to play Mobile One Punch Man RPG?